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After Failing Post Graduate Exam

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The scores for 2017 entrance exam for Master’s Degree were released yesterday, and unfortunately I failed the test. First I feel very bad. I worked a lot to prepare for this exam, after all. However, this is the reality that I must accept.

Then I began to think about the reasons. I realized that I did not work hard enough. In the past year, I kept thinking that there were still much time, and told myself to take it easy. When I wanted to play games or watch movies, I hinted myself that watching these videos could be good for my study. I also overestimate my intelligence quotient, which is actually much lower. Day after day, I kept finding excuses. No pains, no gains. I did not pay enough efforts, so failure is also not a surprise. No one can easily get success, because nothing is deserved, and we must try to gain it.

My friend told me I am great enough, for I was not a full time student, but an employee in a multi-national company. Preparing for the exam while you are still working is not an easy thing. I had to complete all tasks at daytime and study at night. Most of the time, I fell asleep with books still in my hands. Even on holidays, my colleagues kept calling me for business stuff.

But still I can’t forgive myself. Going to college to finish my post graduate study majoring my favorite courses is always my dream, but I just can’t make it. Not because I don't have the ability, but I did not work hard enough. I could have worked harder, without watching movies, shopping, or hiking in the forests. And I should also have concentrated more on the books when studying, without daydreaming. But I did not.

No matter how regretful, I have to face the reality. But a lesson should be learnt from this. “You have a dream, you got to protect it” no matter how much effort you have to pay.

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Reply Report voice_cd 2017-2-17 08:37
Keep holding on girl!
Reply Report irisshao823 2017-2-17 10:18
Thanks :)
Reply Report Kevinfly 2017-2-17 10:39
At least you have that idea and you worked for it. It is hard for people who already have work in company to prepare for such exam. As I know, there is other chances if you'd like to choose another university with low acceptance score. You can try it.
Reply Report irisshao823 2017-2-17 23:29
Kevinfly: At least you have that idea and you worked for it. It is hard for people who already have work in company to prepare for such exam. As I know, there i ...
thanks for your suggestion and kindness.
Reply Report RKSmith 2017-2-20 21:27
Try again.

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