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Career Life in a Fortune 500

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In December, I wrote an article named “When a Fortune 500 crashes with Chinese culture”, describing “company bureaucracy”. Many readers commented it and gave me many good advices, and I would like to thank all of you for reading my article. Meanwhile, I am very sorry that my article conveyed something that is not positive. And in this article, I would like to give a brief introduction to the career life in a Fortune 500.


Promotion opportunity is always a great lure to many candidates who are looking for a career. There would be many chances to get promotion in a multinational company. Most foreign companies have an advanced management system, especially well-arranged personnel management system. So it is possible for you to get a higher level in the same department, or apply other positions in other departments. Our company has established many entities in China, which belong to the same group. Then positions in other entities are also for your choice. Human Resource department would send emails, containing job vacancies in all entities, from time to time for internal staff. If you are going to change your job, just pay special attention to the information. If you don’t want to work in the same business, you certainly can go to others as you wish. And working experience here would be very helpful for your future career.


The working environment is fantastic. The atmosphere in foreign companies is much livelier than that in Chinese organizations. All employees, from CEO to interns, can express their own opinions freely. And the bosses would never be a serious monster, but smile and show their kindness to everyone. You can even have jokes with CEO, CFO or other vice presidents. People can have a little talk during working time, as long as this does not affect your work. The bosses would never criticize you because of this. In the office, fruits, candies and snacks are always available, and you can enjoy them whenever you see, without considering who the owner is. For me, I love the holiday decorations very much. Christmas decorating starts from earlier December. Then Santa Clause, snowman, deer, wreaths, gifts wrapped in green and red as well as Charismas trees can be seen very where. After January 1 holiday, the office building is moved from west to east, with Chinese zodiacs, paper-cuts and other Chinese traditional things occupying the working place.


The official language in the working environment is English. So no matter what your position is, you must have the ability to speak and write in English. Since there are many foreign employees working here, all staff involved in the meetings should communicate in English. And all emails should be written in English, because one your emails may be forwarded to any other colleagues who happen to be foreigners. And it would be very strange if your emails are in Chinese. Therefore, it is very important to be competent in this official language.


Zodiac Monkey in the office


To improve working ability and enhance staff’s comprehensive quality, the company provides various kinds of training for every employee each year. The training includes not only skills (e.g. management ability, time management etc.) that would benefit your career life, but also those are useful you in your daily life (e.g. psychologicalhealthknowledge).


Christmas wreath on the office entrance gate


In spare time, employees here can take part in a lot of activities. You can be a member in any sports club, and then have the possibility of participating club matches. You can invite your family members to Family Day, and your children to Baby Day, if possible, to show them the working place of their parents. The company often sponsors competitions, movies, sports events and many other activities, so that employees here would have access to stars and enjoy free movies or concerts. Since this is an auto company, many test-drives are arranged for the staff. You then have the opportunity to drive with handsome racing drivers and drive the most outstanding cars or even roadsters, which is very cool.


Decorations in the office


Life in a multinational company is challenging and exciting. You have the opportunity to work with the most distinguished persons, and also you are facing very big pressure. Meanwhile, you can gain a lot during the working. It is true that “Opportunity and challenges both exists.”

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