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My Lovely, Handsome and Versatile Boyfriend

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Maybe “lovely” is not the right word for a Kids Adult, who is full grown but not so old mentally, but my boyfriend is really cute, and I’d rather call him “big boy” or “man child” than “man”, for he is really a boy in front of me, and in leisure time he likes watching comics such as “Crayon Shin-chan” and “Naruto”. He likes acting cute and autodyne selfie at the same time, and then, a few minutes later, you would find his cute face on photos of WeChat Moments, and another few minutes later, you would find the photos were favored and commented by others. He also likes to imitate cartoon characters to make me happy when I’m unhappy. However, his capacity for imitating is not limited in cartoon characters, the way celebrity JinXing saying “Perfect” and the sound of mobile phone’s system prompt are of his favorite and best. For example, when we are chatting on the phone and if he feels that I’m setting a “trap” for him, or if he “smells a rat”, he would clear his throat and imitate saying “Sorry, the number you dialed is out of service, please dial it later” and I would catch it and go on with “Pig, pig, pig, pig, pig....” where should have been “beep, beep, beep, beep, beep....”

Maybe I could also use the word “handsome” to describe my boyfriend. God have given him a star’s face and a gentleman’s heart, with a tall stature of 186cm and a good shape. What’s more, he has being insisting in exercises every day to shape abdominal muscles. But in my eyes, the really most handsome thing of him is his good character. He would never show off what he have or complain about what he doesn’t have; he would never want to be one of the “NEET group” though sometimes earns very little money; he could always forgive my minor mistakes and apologize to me even it’s my mistake; he can always make the rightest choice for me, and tell me what should be done when I don’t know how to deal with some problems; and the most important is that he is so kind, just like a big boy.

Maybe “versatile” is the word I need most to represent such an attractive young man to you. Yes, versatile! He is gifted in many aspects. The first is singing. He is a genuine “karaoke master”, believe me. Once I took him to my friends’ gathering in one of the city’s KTVs only to introduce him to them, and I planned to sing only one or two songs and leave earlier for another plan. What surprised me is that he treated them with fruit juice and fruits, and sing many songs as if it’s his solo concert. The second is language. He can speak Japanese, Korean and many Chinese dialects, though still needs learning. When he sang a Korean song perfectly, my little partners and I were all stunned. The third is drawing. He likes drawing, especially drawing the cartoon characters, and most of his graduation thesis was completed with pictures. The fourth is guitar. I never knew that he could play guitar until the day I find there’s a faulty guitar in his house. He played it after my repeated request, and really not bad, so that I recorded a short view for him. The last I have to mention is cooking. He could cook since he was ten, while I still couldn’t even ten years later!

Maybe I must stop here now, for I’m afraid you would be envious or even jealous of me. A little narcissistic, yeah? Maybe.

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