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Age from Twenty to Thirty

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How do we young women change in appearance from twenty years old to thirty? This is one of the few questions I’ve been thinking about. Now, I’d like to share with you some of my observations here.

For most of us, the obvious thing we notice is that some little wrinkles begin to appear on the outer corner of our eyes and beside our mouth after about twenty five years old. And have you noticed that when we are approaching thirty, the voice and the way we speak are somehow different in a subtle way from what we used to be at twenty? The cause may be is that at a younger age we had little social experience but full of illusions, dreams and fantasies in mind, while when we graduated from school at around twenty four and plunged ourselves into the vast sea of society, we began to learn to face the reality and make some changes, giving up the childish ideas and thinking and speaking in a more “grown up” way, which sometimes even make us “act as an elder”, and not so “green as grass”. As a result, we look indeed older in appearance.

Then, the eyes, which own the title of “the window of the mind”, also give out different information as our mind become different from before. The change may be different from person to person: one who learnt to cheat on others for profits may have dishonest in her eyes; while one who learnt to be a good teacher may have intelligence and love in her eyes.

The next is the changes in our figure. When at College or University, most of us were in relatively good shape, being tall and slim, for we were young and always do some sports like running and playing basketball with classmates to keep fit. However, from the very moment we leave school for work, we have become busy with all kinds of things: finding a job and consequently having a lot of everyday work to do, looking for an appropriate person to love and get married, experiencing the deceiving from the society, the breaking up from the loved one, the burden from the work and the family and ultimately, the deep loneliness from the inner heart. We have no time to take exercises, and even when we have, we couldn’t find a friend who has time to come with us, and even when the friend has, she may not be the one we really want, the dear hearty friend who had once companied us for our happiest school hours. And the once hearty friend maybe is now busing in another city with her own work, family and earthly cares. When we all have time in statutory public holidays, we always get together for classmate parties. As a result, some of the once handsome boys begin to gain weight and have a beer belly, and correspondingly, some of the once slim girls begin to grow a little plump.

These are the aging changes during twenty to thirty in girls I’ve observed. Every imperceptible change makes up for the difference between a twenty-year-old girl and a thirty-year-old woman. And all the subtle changes come from the changing of our age, social status, living and working environment and mood, etc.


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