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This is an important lesson I learned recently: Never jump to any conclusion to anything that I dont even have a basic understanding. Some opinions are just speculations.


In my first job, I once asked a British guy in my workplace why there were so many students going abroad to study business courses. In my opinion,then what was to come in their future life seemed pretty obvious. Since there were multitudes of students studying those courses, they would find it too competitive in the business world to secure a job in that field. And business seemed to be very impractical as well as abstract. So my conclusion then and there was Whats the point of studying business?


I remember that British guys response clearly even today. He signed and then rolled his eyes at me. I was thinking :  Gee, that is really rude. He later explained that was because business courses are actually very important. But I was still perplexed.


Now, I totally get why he acted like that. Higher education is never and should never only be about finding a decent job. More important things that higher education has taught us are to be open-minded and far-sighted, to learn things independently, to always be curious about this world and to be willing to learn different things.


I changed my attitude towards business courses because of two small things.


I developed an almost unstoppable love toward Sushi in Australia probably because that was the only food I could find on campus which was similar to the staple food in China. After returning to China, I would still go to have Sushi now and then.


One day, I found this small Sushi store close to my workplace and later became a regular customer there. Soon I found the work efficiency of that store seemed painfully slow. Due to that, customers including me had to cancel the orders sometimes considering the strictly limited lunch time. This triggered me. I simply couldnt understand why they didnt prepare some ready-to-be-served Sushi beforehand, like the Sushi bar I visited in Australia.


If they want to guarantee the quality, I dont think the sushi made two or three hours before being delivered would taste much worse than the ones just made before being sent straight away to their customers. If they were confused about the number of certain flavor they needed to prepare, wouldnt keeping a record of what is ordered solve that problem? After one month or two, they should be able to see a pattern which shows the average number of each flavor being ordered every day. This should give them some ideas how many boxes of sushi of each flavor they can prepare in advance so that to improve the work efficiency and then get more orders ready in order to reap more profit.


This incident ignited my passion towards business courses as they seemed to be quite useful in daily life after all. (As a matter of fact, I kind of regretted of not being more attentive to the subject on research I took when studying for my master degree.)

Another story I would love to share here is an ordinary one as well. During the last spring, I noticed that there was always a female vendor selling mango on my way to the nearby restaurants where I usually go for lunch. Every time I passed by, I found that few people would go there to buy mango. Even though I frantically love mango, I just cant bring myself to buy it and make an awkward performance in front of my colleges by eating it. The picture that the mango juice floods my hands and gets dripped everywhere is enough to talk myself out of the decision of buying it.  


But, the other day, there were obvious changes. Quite a few people surrounded the vendor wanting to buy her mango. This was mainly because the vendor peeled off the mango diced it and then sealed it in a disposable plastic bowl. She also offered free service of peeling the mango for customers if they can afford to wait or if they find the sealed box of mango a bit expensive. In addition, she offered opportunities to passers-by to try out diced mango for free. Therefore, her customers increased significantly. No wonder why she was wearing a big smile all the time.


I have pondered over this for some time. If selling diced mango can be to some extent successful, she can probably try to sell diced dragon fruit, peeled grapefruit, diced rock melon and water melon. They can be pretty popular as well. Of course, she can even sell mix-box of fruits which seem to enjoy great popularity among young people who value healthy diet and time.


There are some other things that worth trying. She can try to make fruit juice with one flavor or mixed flavor. Milkshake made from fresh fruit and milk can be a choice. (I am not sure whether this should be called milkshake.) Fruit salad mixed with yogurt and ice cream can be another option. Opportunities for DIY can be offered to customers so that they can design their own fruit juice or milkshake with unique flavor.


With more and more people attaching importance to health, having a balanced as well as healthy diet seems to be the top priority to many people these days. So these products can be quite popular among people That said, there are still many other factors that should be taken into consideration if this is to work. We have to consider budget, target customer, marketing etc. Therefore, a lot of research should be done before turning these ideas into reality.


Now you see business opportunities abound in daily life. Of course, my ideas may be too old-fashioned and not creative enough. But at least these thoughts make me realize in the business world there are always small things you can do to better your business. And of course being far-sighted and be able to realise the connections between different things are of great significance.


These are the stories Id like to share with you. Business courses may be more and academic than these stories, but I believe learning those courses can further open my mind and help me see more business opportunities out of our ordinary life. Even if I cant see those profitable opportunities, isnt it nice to have a better understanding of things we have always taken for granted.


Business courses after all can be as interesting as any course.   

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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Reply Report 499793270 2016-7-21 11:31
are you still studying abroad?
Reply Report Min1989 2016-7-21 11:52
499793270: are you still studying abroad?
No, I have been back for two years.
Reply Report 499793270 2016-7-21 14:01
ok, you are returnee now.

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    It is actually emotionally and mentally healthy to have nursing homes for old people in residential areas, and makes it easy for families to visit their elderly relations regularly.
    Death happens to everyone and it is stupid to hide it away. Death is not bad luck - it will happen to you and me.
    In some European countries there are homes for the elderly next to kindergartens, and everyone benefits from interacting with each other on a daily basis.
    The elderly benefit from interacting with children and keeps them mentally alert, whereas the young learn about death as a normal part of life.

    For a country that supposedly 'respects' their elders, China has a very superstitious attitude to death and dying.
    where i am from, the elderly are allowed and supported by family and state) to be independent and in their own homes.
    Where medical treatment is needed, residential homes allow the elderly appropriate facilities in towns and cities while their families can visit easily and local residents can interact with them.
    In addition, local communities benefit from being able to interact with these residents and the residents can still be part of a local community, not hidden away as something to be ashamed of or 'taboo'.

    Shame on China for such medieval superstitious attitudes regarding death.
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