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how to be a good GF?

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i always believe that i will be a perfect girlfriend before i met the one.however, when i met the boy, i did not do my GF job is odd and i don't know seems that i did not know how to take care of him and show my love to him. so i am trying to figure out how to be a good GF?
first, stop being selfish and think more for him. the more you think for ur BF, the more you will show ur love to him, with words or behaviors before u know it. For example, he said his birthday is not important and don't need to wast time on it for him. then pls don't take it serously. you have to do something to surprise him cos it is his birthday and u love him and u want him to be happy on that day and following days, right?
sencond, learn to communicate with him. people have differnt personality and there must be variety of ways of doing things and sometimes misunderstanding and quarrels will come and make you and ur BF feel tired about u and ur relationship. but it was just a moment or just u thought it in ur ways.  so before u lose ur temple to ur BF, pls try not to speak anything to him and make urself calm and then tell him about ur thinking, happy things or not. and if he listened to u, ur anger will be disappear once the misunderstanding was solved by his explain.
third,treat his family well and be grateful to them. his family brings a good BF to u and u have to be grateful to his family and expecially his parents. ur gratitude is way of love to him, indirectly. if ur quareel with his family or fight with his family, he will not feel good about u or stand by ur side, unless he dislike his try not to complain about his family in front of him. u have to learn to accept his family and show ur care to his family . the more u do, the more love ur will gain from ur BF side.

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-5-15 09:51
There are two ways that two people can amass nice goods and enjoy pleasures. In one, each is selfish, spends their money on the things they want and spends time doing what they want, showing little for the other person's feelings. In the other, each person shows their care for the special other person, buys that person gifts and arranges pleasures that that person likes. In that model both have much happiness and more so because the other person shows that they love and care.
Reply Report wheatbaby 2014-5-15 23:50
haha , ur summary is classic.
Reply Report seanboyce88 2014-5-16 01:09
Just remember, being a gf should never be a job!
Reply Report wheatbaby 2014-5-16 19:01
seanboyce88: Just remember, being a gf should never be a job!
being a gf is a class that i have to study.people are not born to know how to love after all.

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