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my bittersweet love stories

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I was a simple-minded girl who expects true love all the time. and i had a lot of imagination about my MR.right. he must be very goodlooking, tall ,gentle and adorable and kind to me :)
It was a sunny day and I met him in front of KFC. the first eyes on him, i had a tongue tie and was deeply attracted by his nice face and gentle smile.And the first time we went to had lunch and i was very nervous and did not know how to behave elegantly in front of him even i eagerly want to. and i noticed that the waitress giggling at my behavior but she was kind. :)
He was such an attractive guy that i almost forgot the time. and he was very kind to me and without laughing at me when i forgot to put the straw into juice and drank it directly. hehe.
after lunch, we took a walk, he was gentle and without touching my little hands and we talked and talked and talked. we were very close but he did not touch my hand until the moment we stopped in a wood.he held my hands and told me that he likes me very much. and he felt very good about me. and he asked me if i could be his girlfriend. I was very surprised but kept silent and pretend that i heard nothing and asked him to say that again. and yes he took it seriously and said that again with serious face. i replied nothing but i nodded again and again. his hug was very warming but unexpectably, he kissed me. It was my first kiss. kiss of love is very sweet. very much.
i think it might be many girls feeling about first love.  but many first lovers did not work out in the end.
what about he and I? our stories? i thought our stories would be stopped after we had a big quarrel and i did not contact him for a month. But he took it serously and thought i left him forever and he was introduced to another girl. when hearing this, i was heartbroken but i could do nothing.he is such a good guy but i almost missed him. 
and he was indifferent to me when i met him again and i knew that his heart was broken by me and he hate me from then on.
and until now, there is no stories anymore?
not really. fate and life seem to make joke on he and me. and after several months of torture, i can not bear it anymore. and then i went to him and tell him about my true feeling about him and say sorry. and i tried to want him back to me by everything i can do. and thank god, he still loves me in his heart even he show indifference to me. and then we got together again.
and then it was like a new life to me. i learnt to love him and care about him and now we are in love with each other again.
it is like a movie but yes that is our stories.
now i know how to be tolerant and understanding and gentle to our love.
to many people, there are some problems bewteen their love out of various reasion. and finally they say goodbye to each other is a pity and if they can be calm and think more for each other, they will gain more on the road of love.
i wish people can have love and happiness with a right way before they loose it.

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-5-15 09:57
Sometimes you have to not be with a person you care about to really understand how much you care about them.  happy you are back together ..take care of the relationship.
Reply Report wheatbaby 2014-5-15 23:45
yes. thank you for ur kindness. i will take good care of our relationship. :)

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