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A Form Of Chemical Madness---------From A Almostdoctor

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It is really a special year for me  as an intern studying in West China Hospital.
Thanks  to  internship ,i have experienced many first time in my life:my first time to live  independently in chengdu, sichuan province which is far away from my hometown,changzhou,jiangsu province,even though i couldn't understand sichuan language,to taste original sichuan cuisine ,to travel with friend  to enjoy the beauty of snow-capped mountains,et al.And finally ,i've learned how to speak with an sichuan accent, been accustomed to eating spicy sichuan food especially its characteristic Fondue,and most importantly,i've  figured out what exactly a doctor in future i want to be. 
To intern in hospital is totally different from studying in medical school as before,we start to contact patients instead of facing boring textbooks,and we are asked to do a lot of things like taking history and then writing medical charts,  changing patients' dressing in time and taking out stitches if needed,   even including working as a servant when your superiors aske something sometimes,and it is common for us interns to get off work at 8 o'clock PM.While there are some moments to make you feel proud even though you were  an almostdoctor then,some just to make you doubt yourself.The most wonderful thing during internership is to meet many talented professors as they were so excellent in dealing with complicated cases which are mostly rare whether in textbooks or other hospitals.And their charming style keep spurring  you to dream to be as a great doctor as they are.
I used to be a sloppy medical student who was not willing to be a doctor,and indulged myself in varies things except learning ,if you knew me at that time ,you might impressed by my madness,and that was what i call it real youth,but now ,i've changed a lot,coz i know what person i wanna be in future and what a wonderful thing it is to be a kick ass doctor to help patients out of despire.According to the up to date intensive relationship between patients and doctors,it urge us young doctors to do something to reverse it.And i know it won't be easy but it is worth to try,right?
It is near to end of internship ,which means  i have to leave this city,what makes me feel a little bit hesitant to close this chapter of my life and go back to nanjing to continue my further study.youth is a form of chemical madness and every youngster have  right to dream fantasy dreams.

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