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My story at The 45th World Artistic Gymnastics Championships

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The 45th World Artistic Gymnastics Championships was held in Nanning between 10.3-10.12, making it the biggest sporting event of this city. Luckily enough, I had the chance to devote myself in serving this competition as a volunteer, experiencing everything of it. So I decide to write down something in case I miss the time which can make me smile for a very long while.

(I was in the venue.)

In early April this year, I enrolled myself in the volunteering job of the competition. Succeeding passing the interview, I attended a series of trainings including manners, normal points of oral speaking and some knowledge about the situation in Guangxi district, which can help us serve the game better.



Time flies, the game was coming, we volunteers started to go on a path to fighting.

(We were ready!)

The main job of the group I was in was to assist the media and set up a comfortable environment for them. So we had to get up before everything waked, catching the bus and arriving to the venue before the media came. Besides, we needed to leave after most of them left at night. As a consequence, when we came back to school, it was almost 12 a.m.

(We were sticking the introduction onto the desk.)

(Some books and newspapers for media.)

(We set out before everything waked.)

(Early morning, bus was ready.)

(We left the venue at nearly 12 a.m.)

Fortunately, the food and entertainment there are not bad, which really help bear us up.



(We were enjoying our leisure time.)

(We were enjoying our leisure time.)

Individually, at first two days of the competition, my task was to sit by the entrance of the media zone to avoid those who didn’t belong to media getting in the area. Owing to the link of the venue to the media zone, many people passed by, and thus beautiful things happened.

(My workspace at the first two days.)

(Tired, fell asleep. :P)

David, an official commentator of FIG, was the first foreign friend I made during the game.  Seeing him enter the zone to fetch the snacks frequently, I started to think that he must be a glutton! So when he passed again, I gave him some milk candies called “White Rabbit”, the childhood memory for most Chinese in some way. He was so gratified with the candy that every time he passed, he would asked in a naughty way, “Do you have more sweets?” Furthermore, he began to ask me to help him buy more. In exchange, he tried to get some bananas for me (Volunteers can not take any snack and food for the staffs).

(White Rabbit candy.)

(The banana given by David.)

(David and I.)

I was really impressed by his addiction to the ”Chinese childhood memory”, so when the competition was over, I gave him a bag of the candy as kind of a souvenir. In return, he sent me a ball-pen and a badge which represent the next artistic gymnastics championships.

(The souvenir sent by David.)

John, a studious guy from US, impressed me by his multi-language. The first time I saw him, I was just about to say hello in English to him, but he was one-up opening his mouth: “nihao”. It was that hard to describe how astonished I was in words when I heard the fluent Chinese coming out from him. He told me that he had committed himself to the international competition for many times, and except Chinese, he could also speak French and Russian. He was trying to “perfect” his Chinese by talking to others, hoping that he could speak Chinese as well as we Chinese speak English. So every time he passed by the area, I taught him some simple words such as “new night ka fei”, which means coffee with milk, “sia wu hao”, which means good afternoon, etc. Now he manages to say in Chinese to others “I can speak Chinese” without our help. What a wonderful progress!

At the end of the competition, we exchanged our emails, promising to keep in touch.

(We took a selfie with John.)

Luis, a man serves for some Brazilian TV, often smiled and said “Holla” or something in his language (not English) to me when he passed by. Despite failing to understand what he meant, I was still willing to communicate with him. Sometimes I would play some tricks on him: when I didn’t get him, I would randomly say something like “Guala guala, bala bala” with my thumb up. He knew I was joking, but he never lost his temper, laughing with me together. So magnanimous a guy, wasn’t he?

(I was helping Luis fill out the form.)

(Luis and I.)

I have helped him fill out some forms in Chinese for several times maybe for submitting an expense account or something. At last, he sent me a T-shirt, which did give me a big surprise. I really appreciate for making such a kind friend.

(The T-shirt sent by Luis.)

There was an interesting Russian reporter attempting to teach me to speak Russian in different occasions whenever she met me. With her help, I now know how to say “good morning”, “good afternoon”, “good evening”, “thank you” and so on in Russian. I was to send her some souvenir regarding her as my Russian teacher. However, she didn’t show up in the end. What’s worse, I didn’t even get her name and take any photo with her.


I think it might be some regret for me not appreciating her face to face. I mean, I will miss her anyway.


In addition to meeting the media, I had many opportunities to meet the celebrities as well. Each time I encountered the famous people, I would take advantage of it. Therefore, my identity card was full of celebrities’ signatures, which pleased me very much.

(The identity card was full of celebrities’ signatures. )

(The Ukrainian woman who sang in the opening ceremony with Li Ning.)

(He Kexin)

(Teng Haibin)

(Zhang Nan)

(Liu Yang)


(Zhang Chenglong)

(Cheng Ran)

(Lin Chaopan)

(Little player: Shang Chunsong)

(Zou Kai)

(Svetlana Khorkina)

When it came to the finals, everything went thrilling. I then could get in the venue to watch the game on shifts. Seeing many people stick the little flag-paster onto their faces to pump up the athletes, I tried to provide the sellers outside the venue with food and beverage for bartering some patriotic stuff, and it did work. I reckoned that most of the sellers must have remembered such a “nationholic”!

 (The one who sold patriotic stuff.)

Undoubtedly, when China won the game, I was one of the thousand who jumped high off the ground!

(The Chinese men team took the crown.)

(Cheerful audience.)



The 45th World Artistic Gymnastics Championships is over, very nice to meet everyone during the competition. Maybe in the future I won’t have chance to meet those kind friend anymore, but who knows? The happy memory with them has already become one-of-a-kind gift in my life, which I will cherish forever.


Thank the game, thank everyone I met, farewell!

(At the gate of VMC.)

Some other photos:

(Our volunteer team with some foreign athletes.)

(Our volunteer team.)

(Our volunteer team.)

(My partners and I.)

(Ukrainian woman took a selfie with us.)

(3 Australian boys.)

(A Brazilian judge.)

(A player.)

(The girl guided the Russian team into venue.)

(A Ukrainian lady sent me a notebook when a Ukrainian player took the crown.)

(a FIG staff who worked for news service.)

(BBC staff.)

(BBC anchors.)

(BBC staff.)

(Brazilian TV staff.)

(Russian players.)

(BBC was taping the program.)

(CCTV was taping the program.)

(The studio of CCTV)

(Brazilian TV was taping the program.)

(Press release center)

(Volunteers were having their meals.)

(We came before media came.)

(After the competition.)

(Chinese player in the game.)

(One of the programs in opening ceremony.)

(One of the programs in opening ceremony.)

(One of the programs in opening ceremony.)

(One of the programs in opening ceremony.)

(One of the programs in opening ceremony.)

(Overall scene of the venue.)

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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