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To survive in the city, all the sensory organs should be well masked. And this is particularly true in Xiasha the place where I live. At nightfall if only I am in the room, I will shut the window, for the nauseating stink of burned garbage, food spoilage, vehicle exhaust and industry waste gas, the particular air of urban life, is precisely reaching the uttermost. I thought this cost of physical health is a must pay so that one may enjoy the expediency of city life. But in fact, the price was much higher than we could imagine. And what I saw, smelt, heard, drank, touched and felt in Guilin that boasts the best scenery in the world strengthened this idea.


It was a long and tiring journey, but it all paid when the voyage across the Lijiang River finally started. The yacht was drifting into a chorus of water, sunshine and wind. Beneath the surface, waterweed shadows swayed on the varicolored cobbles, which were home to many crabs and shrimps. Floating on the clear liquid water were sporadically distributed ships painting the limpid surface with white trials. The view of crystal green mountains grown from the clear waters in the distance was now appearing and now disappearing in the mist and wind. Standing at the head of the yacht, in the cool drizzle and gentle breeze, I lost myself in the awe and beauty of Lijiang River but hesitated to enjoy as long-period living in the city had weakened my ability to appreciate it. Fortunately, the locals gave me enlightenment on how to unmask my long repressed nature.


Definitely, they and their life constituted of an unalienable part of the picture of Lijiang River. They were old couples taking a walk after an early dinner along the bank, family having a happy time on the beach. Or, they could even be me and my friends, the visitors from a distant and strange land, marveling at the scenery. The fragrance of fresh drizzle spurred me to take deep breathes without any holding back or caution. The touches of gentle breeze relax every inch of my skin. The bright colors of waters, mountains and sky lighten my eyes, so strained and bored by crowds and traffic. The sensation from this original and primitive beauty impressed me. And the knowledge that I was always a part of Mother Nature moved me.

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  • Chinese marriage, family still first 2014-9-14 17:52

    seneca: Love is, as the Communists decreed, a "bourgeois" thing - not worthy of communist subjects. It is good to know that Communism in China has m ...
    I think those who cheat are not necessarily the moneybags. Those who involve in an extramarital affair may also be the ordinary people. Monogamy is actually imported goods for Chinese because we had a long history of polygamy as routine even for the dirt poor people who marry the child bribe. Some criticize that polygamy is the nature of Chinese males as they would rather choose to have mistresses than have a legitimate divorce. Love the new and loathe the old is actually the nature of humankind even for women the most advocates of monogamy. And that's why we need a marriage out of both love and utilitarianism. Love is delicate flower requiring fertile soil. The beauty of flower and stability of ground make a happy marriage.

  • Chinese marriage, family still first 2014-9-12 13:27

    Love is, as the Communists decreed, a "bourgeois" thing - not worthy of communist subjects. It is good to know that Communism in China has made women more equal with men in that a man can now only marry one. But marriages contracted out of pure love are the West's ideal, and such ideals spread easily in societies so inexperienced in romance as the Chinese. It is typically the women who wish to be seen in a white bridesgown and to do their ceremony in a church; Chinese males are absolutely passive and oblige without much enthusiasm, but oblige they often do.

    Neither marriages out of love nor the utilitarian marriages of convenience favoured by the Chinese hold the promise of everlasting bliss: we in the West divorce too frequently, and in China, the wealthy men almost invariably maintain mistresses and second wives as if polygamy had never been abolished. They may not divorce - but then they cheat, and often they cheat with their legitimate wife's tacit acknowledgement. Once the woman is past her child-bearing age she will not want to be alone and on her own, and the man might not wish to lose face.

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