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One day work in European Parliament Strasbourg [video]

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In April,2012, I journeyed to European Parliament (Strasbourg, France) to do a series of interviews with members of the European Parliament as a part of my coursework. I only stayed there for one day but everything was impressive to me as I’ve never been to any Parliament before.

It spend half hour to take us to the Parliament building from the hotel where we lived. We got off the coach, looked from a distance, a semicircle shape building made of all glasses locates down to the other side of a bridge. And there is a small river in front of the building, Just when we walked to the entrance of the Parliament, there were two groups of people demonstrating while singing and drumming, they holding a long banner with ‘anti-capitalism’on it. Well, it seems the political and economic system is always a topic over all the world.

Once we walked through the entrance to the main building, the high and unright building surrounding me, I immediately thought of thousands of European meeting held inside, lots of international issues were discussed here, this feeling quickly brought me into the serious moment, oh we will meet MEPs soon!! This an exciting moment that I have expecting on the journey.

We were leaded the way to the newsroom where journalists and newsman from different countries liaise and deliver latest news there. It seems a long way to the newsroom, cannot remember how many meeting rooms we walked past. In the newsroom everyone looked busy busy and busy. Phone calls, discussions, watching the argument in the lower house.Just then a staff passed us a thick book with all the MEPs details on it including names, titles, contacts and departments. We will use these information to find the right person for the interview. It was surprised me that how straight and easy to get those MEPs’ contacts, but my teacher told me that just what the MEPs do,they will be happy to response to the questions from outside and they like to discuss issues that all people concern.

As i assumed, it is not easy to make an appointment with those MEPs even there is no lunch time to them. Finally Richard Howitt who works for the labor party for east England agreed to accept the interview. So we quickly picked up the equipment and walked to the appointed room to meet him. He is very kind and talkative person and this is very good for my interview. The question that I asked him is about multiculturalism in England. He gave me very details about the history of multiculturalism in England and also talked about racial discrimination, he quite clearly point out that as multiculturalism is a trend in England, the situation must have significant change in the future. He says England welcome students coming from different countries share opinions in this open field.

And finally his answering footage was used in my video for dissertation.

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