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Should We Build A Factory To Emancipate Women?

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Hi, male, do you enjoy the happiness with female?

But I cannot feel the happiness as a female, after knowing what behind the courtship is and what my inevitable destiny is.

When you aftertaste the sex with a woman and when you feel the joy of fatherhood, can you really understand the things women suffer?

I admit I have feminism. But these days I am really afraid of my future and thinking of female’s fate.

After reading one of hottest topics on the forum and seeing some pictures about delivery, I decided to write my fears down here to see whether someone could help me.

Women have suffered thousands years of polygyny. But does abolishing that system really mean women have stopped to suffer from men? You can easily find various discriminations about women. But here I just want to focus on the most incomprehensible thing for me.

I suggest you first search pictures or videos of natural birth and C-section and then the effects of putting a ring into the womb, which is a common way to control birth in China. Many women in China are forced to do this immediately after giving birth to their first child because of the family control policy. But do you know the pain of delivery and the humiliation of being ligatured. Why always women?


In today’s world, we human have created too many advanced things or automatic machines. But why the labor is still undergone by women? I personally think this is the most urgent thing that should be modernized. Children should be produced in a civilized and advanced way to avoid the danger in the process and the humiliation suffered by women. Although in every Mother’s Day, you may be drowned by the best wishes or showy gifts to mothers. But I really question that women in the world have gained the real respect and benefits as mothers.

Yes, I also enjoy the happiness in my relationship and believe many women enjoy the motherhood, being a mother is very great. But I cannot forget my fears. I can compete with men in study and career, I can do manual labor no less than men and I can pay any price to avoid being surpassed by men in anything. Except one thing, I have no courage to avoid the destiny to marry and have a baby. Even I accept and find an agreed husband and I will never have the courage to say this to my parents. In their mind, this process belongs to a normal woman. But why I cannot get rid of this fear and why cannot make a decision for myself? I always feel that I am sitting in a car that is rushing to a cliff, but I can do nothing but watch the horrible end.

Some friends say I’m a womenman. But I also want to be a little woman relying on a strong man despite the disappointing reality. 


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