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What is "domain clarity"?

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Meetings parametrized by Robert's Rules have a meta-meeting at the beginning. During the meta-meeting, we discuss changes to and acceptance of the meeting agenda.


An example of domain clarification is also found in financial management during the project evaluation phase while managers consider a possible project's real potential for adding value in the future without causing the host entities to be always bereft of the present living only for a pipe dream, or worse, losing everything due to lack of risk mitigation. The legal system is adapting to support financial management heuristics for displacing some risk upon individual entity accountabilities; such adaptation changes the ethic in financial management of needing to know all the details via skepticism first, as that has proven to be a formidable opportunity cost. At the extreme of genuine innocence, were any investment to lose R.O.I., that would be the legal accountability of the recipient of the investment; historically, the burden of risk has been disproportionately placed [by the legal system] upon the wealth generators in financial management.


Domain clarity is also a habitual initial step in mathematical problem solving where division by zero [kin to ultra-leveraging] is the most familiar culprit of anything gone wrong. For example, suppose we are asked to discuss, or maybe even to debate, the function g(t) of time. The meta-evaluation implements full risk removal of any domain gaps such as division by zero, dimension collapse, false dimension restriction, false steps, or false questions. For example, no student debate society would seriously waste resources upon the topic of whether g(t) = 1/t is imaginary or positive or negative when t = 0, although the satirical apparently can discuss anything eternally. Continuity at such asymptotes in unrepairable in two dimensions although adding the third dimension makes the solution of a pendulum swing from negative infinity to positive infinity (along the vertical axis) plausible. The problem then is to evaluate the period T sensibly, since T = sqrt (2 infinity / local gravity ).


Debate societies have been increasing people's abilities to express opinions and to form effective reasoning, as is critically important in business, education, and also, many areas of national service. However, we generally do not debate anything since the quality and sensibility of the topic matter. So we implement domain clarity first, and then, we converse or debate upon sensible, high quality ranges of interesting topics.






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  • Education Methods 2020-1-7 20:25

    Then, IF you are the Secretary General of the United Nations, how do you tell the young students of the world what is going on in our world and, how to do is the right way

  • Education Methods 2020-1-5 01:54

    snowipine: Punishment strictly following the rules is always the last resort , usually we don't this way, but if here is no other wayout, how to do ?  I guess.
    Thanks for your comment, Snowpine. In schools and in prisons, we shouldn't feel trapped into punishments as persuasion or as motivation. We should be able to use rewards systems. What inspired my blog entry is thinking about the failed terrorist reform efforts, like Gitmo, and why they fail. Negativity doesn't cause improvements and secrecy just makes it worse, but rewards systems may work. It's unclear though since terrorists are different from students and normal prisoners.

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