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Shenzhen Airport

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I really enjoy being in Shenzhen Airport. The first time I was in Shenzhen Airport with enough time to relax, I felt captivated by this pretty pattern in the floor,

The hexagonal lights with straighedge shadows are an effect from the holes in the ceiling reflected in the floor.


So one day, I decided to spend very much of a day in the airport walking around, thinking about space, and taking photos. Here is the view from Starbucks.

 Notice we see light from the holes in the ceiling through the holes in the black decoration around Starbucks, and also, see the yellow and blue light bounce a little way away from its cause.


The next two photos are rotated ninety degrees in opposite directions to see the 3D effect.


The symmetry seems convincing.



The gap offset from center in the blue and white advertisement is caused by the way light reflects in the floor. The reflection seems to exclude a little of the base where the two images meet, and the two parts together (unlit) make the illusion of a gap, in contrast with the real gap behind the advertisement. The reflection isn't supposed to exclude any. Maybe the semblance of an exclusion is from unaligned gaps: the semblance unaligned with the real.


Here is the ceiling oriented correctly,


Inside this wonderous lightshow at Shenzhen Airport are live plants, including this Angel Leaf Begonia,


I grew up with an Angel Leaf Begonia. As I grew through childhood, I watched it grow. during its first year alone with me in 1990, it bloomed! It's previous bloom was in 1983, my mother let me know, which I had missed since I wasn't paying enough attention to it then. When I graduated from Dalhousie University in 1994 and relocated to Vancouver, Canada, for graduate studies with the Borweins in mathematics, I could not take with me the plants I had nurtured. Gretchen Smith of the Chase Building in Dalhousie University let me give my plants to the math (and computing science) department, so the plants can live. Subsequent visits showed the professors felt inspired to make a whole indoor garden in the area, including growing tomatoes and eggplants inside the department of mathematics. The huge Angel Leaf Begonia of my childhood is among the many plants adopted by my professors.



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Reply Report SEARU 2015-3-12 20:36
Magic things as if we were in dream!----------(MY feeling about the first five photos.)
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2015-3-13 08:37
SEARU: Magic things as if we were in dream!----------(MY feeling about the first five photos.)
In an airport like this, one might even hope for a flight delay!   
Reply Report TedM 2015-3-15 10:29
I greatly admire and appreciate the old and the most modern Chinese architecture. I have always loved to take photos of the wonderful pictures, and the colourful dragons on old buildings. Likewise, the bridges, new railway stations and airports here are spectacular as well as functional. Even some new housing blocks look beautiful.... although endlessly repeated over many kilometres.

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