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I am looking for internships

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Well, when you see this title, please do not misunderstand it as a job searching notice, I wish you could actually. LOL. I have been scanning many job-hunting websites for almost half months in Shanghai, but guess what, no satisfying results yet. "I am looking for internships" is my everyday reply to my friends. What's wrong with us, the graduating students? 

I strongly believe I can labor hard as every work man does, undoubtedly . Then, I have a bachelor degree, of course eveyone does. And next, it is my self-introduction,I am...I come from... my strength...I am fond of...because...blah blah blah...which seems a piece of cake. Can some HR officer see any difference from this? Only annoyance left. I can not deny that it does have some intern for me, which I would call it as an odd job, or only short time labor force filling, are you kidding me? I am prepared to have a formal intern, I want to be involved in your company, and I want to.... Can you be serious? No jokes pls. I do not want be that kind of telemarketing, it is not because telemarketing is not good enough, just caz it doesn't fit me. Please be nice to the graduating students, the only need is equal chance, no cheating. I am afraid some day they will be disappointed to this so-called glorious world, which is not the full-of-dreams world imagined in university. 

I really have no choice but to wait, wait one day, two days... Someone told me to calm down, but how? Are you satisfied with your job or intern or even life? Or are you looking forward to job-hopping? Finally, I realize I am just nobody who can not embrace so many hopes due to cruel reality which I have turned up my nose at it before. Now, I kind of admit it, no, I will not. I will contine to keep my head up. 

Do not scorn graduating students, even thought they do not  have such worldly experience as you want, at least they hold pure dreams in their mind, and fantasize its realization. However this society tells you to put your dreams aside which only will block you.  Damn so young so naive!

It is not that I demand too much, you may think in this way, or I am not that down-to-earth girl, it is only because I imagine this beautiful world too much. Really? I try to comfort myself in this way.

Pls feel free to talk and give this poor little girl some advice! whatever you are a student, or a teacher or a white collar....

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Reply Report josee1016 2015-10-20 10:04
Yes, I can't agree with you any more. Our society is so cruel for those graduating students. When I participated the Campus Career Recruitments, there are so many harsh requirements waiting for me. Three or four rounds of tests are so normal, including online test, writting test and one or two face-to-face interviews. This is so torturing, but this is realization for the graduating students among the job market. Anyway I hope you have a bright future and be accustomed to the cruel society.
Reply Report lisiyuan 2015-11-19 17:58
I can't agree with you any more,it is true that what the interviewer care for is that if you can make profits for them instantly.How pity it is.As a freshman,I have felt pressure about it.

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  • Can girls take the initiative to chase boys 2017-3-24 20:38

    It is a change that most females want but not able to do so. You are courageous to face it yourself but not alone. Just that your similar counterparts are not nearby you. One distinctive aspect is that you gave your opinion loud and clear, while your classmates surpressed theirs. Perhaps, even the males did. It was not something that your western sisters were bequeathed upon since birth. They struggled for equality. Finally, they reached and received it with pride.

  • There is a four letter word called----EXAM 2017-1-18 11:44

    Student life is good life without Examination!

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