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Stride out new journey, achive great new success again

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       The 10th CPC committee of Henan province has been successfully inaugurated, which marked the new ideology and the new strategy of the governance of the country established by the CPC central committee headed by the General Secretary Xin jinping, and that it sparks the strong strength and blossoming the splendid light in the central region. Every carder and personnel of our company will be consciously exerted by the core spirit of General Secretary Xi jinping's speaking to equip with our head, to the guidance of our practice and stepping up our work without fail to the heartfelt expectation of our General Secretary.
        First, Due diligent to our work, Scientifically and strategically for the development.
Power  supply is of important basic infrastructure of national economy. The modernization level of power should has to be upgraded so as to strongly bracing up the development of our social economy. An important responsibility and committment of power sector has  been shouldered by the all-round victory in moderately prosperous society and to more highlight the central region. During the period of upgrading management, pressing ahead for the position one after another, and promoting the development of "The Three Modernization", the period of transition of power mechanism reform pushed ahead by the country when we have to grab tightly within our overall gamut. the period of overcome the obstacles in taking great efforts to propel the escalation of the power grid at company of provincial level and the period of transition of developing "The Three Modernization" ushered by the mode of connotation development, with more efforts in inner practice , more concentrate on escalating the efficiency, more aware on creating the excellence and emulating the first spirit, and speeding up the realization of "The Three Modernization" in our corporation.
      Second, Practise the principle, continuously improving the people's wellbeing
The root of party is buried into the people, and the cause of the party is for the people. The battle of lift out of the poverty is the first project of the people's wellbeing. Our company will proactively implement the arrangement of work of the provincial committee and the pronvincial government, putting the power industrial advantages into full paly, creating the model of targeted helping poverty with power characteristics, and overall trumpeting the battle of lift out of poverty. We will be continuously upgrade the quality of power supply and the capacity of power security, reliability and conductively. Escalate the standards of helping poverty technology, eliminate the weakness of power supply and ensure the advanced level as the central region achieved accordingly, and meet the need of power usage by the all-round victory in moderately prosperous society.
     Third, Never forget the heart before, overall governing the party strictly.
"To making the progress in China, The key point is at the party." To rule the party before rule the country, to rule the party has to be strictly." The 18th sixth national congress successfully closed recently which shows us the resolution of CPC spare no efforts to promoting the overall ruling the party strictly. With the practice demonstration, if you want to win the sound development environment, the key point is to strategic developing with scientific attitude, and propelling the development with fanatic momentum. The transition of the development pattern of our corporation and grid, that derives from the implementation of overall ruling party strictly, comes from the loyalty practice in "Three Hard Three Honest", origins from the successful practice in "Propel the development with party development", intensify party development for economic and social development."
      Forth, encourage pressing ahead, solemnly rectify the atmosphere of the party and ruled by the law.
The conduction of development is eternally on the way. We will resolutely carrying out the need of various statutory ordinances in several standard rules of about inner party political life under the new trend and the supervision statute of inner party of CPC. With "Two responsibility" as "Bull nose", having  a responsibility with courage and explorative innovation , with the oversight accountability system as a "kill weapon", stare at the knot, solemnly punished by the law, with the institution rules as the "border line", honestly practice with commitment, intensify the execution. And Strict in the party inner political life, strengthen in the supervision of inner party, persistently in rectifying atmosphere of the party and punished by the law, staunched in the prevention of corruption and misbehaviors and making progress to consolidate the sound political ecology of the rightness and clearness atmosphere, worship the honest and loyalty, committed and undertaking, abide by the law and rules. By the all-round victory in moderately prosperous society and to more highlight the central region, we are the new point of the history by striding out steadily pace. By the all-round victory in moderately prosperous society and to more highlight the central region. we are achieved a great success by striding out new journey.

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thanks for sharing here, we have highlighted your blog.
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the Communist Party of China

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  • It 's not an incidental problem. 2019-8-25 17:21

    Your topic is serious and sensitive on politics. I think the external elements (from abroad) should be responsible for the crisis which may have existed for a long time! It is common knowledge that in the globe-village not all people are kind-hearted:A small group of evil men always enjoy making troubles for others! As Chairman Mao taught  us:‘We should never forget class-struggling in any case!’
    I wish the situation will improve by itself! Our government have enough wisdom  to deal with kinds of complicated matters!

  • Assistance to Tibet 2019-8-16 23:16

    It is obvious you use a translating machine to do the working, this is a report of your work written to your boss. But it is OK because after that you will get promotion in ranking and salary, that is for sure. I am often puzzled why people have to live in that area and that they can live elsewhere.

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