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We do a parent shouldn't expose your children to randomly rubbishy jump-out commercial advertisement and a considerable variety of so-called taping mental intelligent games by which your smart cell phone or i-pad provided as a pacifier as long as the children are quiet. The very danger of doing your smart cell phone lies in the fact that the children takes no initiative. He makes no choice and exercises no judgement and creativity. and We do know that your small cell phone is a great time waster. It makes the viewer completely passive because everything  is presented to you without any effort on your part. It is to blame for the fact that children takes longer to learn to read these days and barely see the point at all of acquiring the skill. It takes up too much of their time. They no longer have enough time for their hobbies, entertaining activities, and other outside amusement like sports, walking, reading, playing around, face to face talking and tourism. All the civillised pleasures belongs to the past. Now all their most of free time occupied by the finger-actived smart screen. The whole generations are growing up addicted to this kind of smart cell phone function. Food is left uneaten, homework undone and sleep is lost. Apparently, The smart cell phone is factually a kind of universal pacifier. and It also becomes a standard practice for mother or father to keep their children quiet, when they need their children calm down to keep silence around. With the facts approved, the more you heed your smart cell phone frequentlly, the lazier you become. It  passes on to our children the corrupting values of a corrupt society. Many instances prove that addicted into your cell phone has done a lot of harm to the relationship between your family members. From the perspective of an adults, we should play a positive role, avoid the circumstance which we often neglectiing the necessary and more important things like love emotion exchange, outside playing around, work or study emotionaly and physically promoted each other, etc. So, we ought to be alerted by the deficiency of the smart cell phone now. It's time to change our wrongly behavior, it's time to shift this kind of pernicious accustomed deed, and turning back the positive power role manipulated by the humans.

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Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it in our blog homepage.

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  • It 's not an incidental problem. 2019-8-25 17:21

    Your topic is serious and sensitive on politics. I think the external elements (from abroad) should be responsible for the crisis which may have existed for a long time! It is common knowledge that in the globe-village not all people are kind-hearted:A small group of evil men always enjoy making troubles for others! As Chairman Mao taught  us:‘We should never forget class-struggling in any case!’
    I wish the situation will improve by itself! Our government have enough wisdom  to deal with kinds of complicated matters!

  • Assistance to Tibet 2019-8-16 23:16

    It is obvious you use a translating machine to do the working, this is a report of your work written to your boss. But it is OK because after that you will get promotion in ranking and salary, that is for sure. I am often puzzled why people have to live in that area and that they can live elsewhere.

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