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Open Letter to One PG One

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What’s up, PG,

You nearly were a G to reckon with, but sadly, you are but one PG with an ‘I’ missing from the middle.

I hear you were caught championing drugs and misogyny? I hear you are now being shunned because of the lyrics you spewed when you were less than wise – life is a female dog, matey.

I do not like hip hop, I am a reggae man, you might know it, it has roots in Jamaica but is one of the big genres under the black music umbrella.

Black. This word. This is the word I am writing you about, myself being a black guy.

After you touted uninspiring lifestyles, got caught and got called out, you should just have apologized like any wrong doer does, but you had to blame ‘black music.’

Black music.

To an uneducated auntie in Sichuan or an impressionable youth in Harbin your apology sounded like this: if you listen to black music, you will do drugs and you will curse and demean women.

 The semiotics of your apology are grave, man.

You made your name by doing black music, your life is (now was?) about black music, you of all people should know how your apology sounds.

It is like a guy who slaps a woman in England and blames his violence on Chinese martial arts culture. While Kungfu can be used to harm others, it does not make it harmful and most importantly, it does not make Chinese culture evil.

Diagnosis: Mr. PG One, you have been weighed and found wanting - you are a low-class thug, not versed in in media literacy, a culture appropriator and not a real hip hop dealer.

You seemed like you had love for the art, it turns out, if your apology is anything to go by, you are just another racist charlatan who is ironically attracted to a culture of the very people he loathes.

Rap is like any culture out there, like say Hollywood movies. Some movies from Hollywood have gore and violence and come with ill themes but some have very good lessons for us all. If you cannot differentiate this and think we all should go on a violent rampage just because we saw Rambo kick ass in his movies, then we are Pigs, or is it spelled PG?

Don’t poison the well, you seem like the type of guy who would still sing about drugs even if we gave you a classical music beat. Rap has been used by others to rally youths and carry messages to them, it is a powerful force in making the youths listen.

Some of us have listened only to black music all our lives, never have we ever thought it cool to do drugs, or make the habit public if we ever had one.

Black music means all music by black people. it is okay to point out specific rotten parts of a culture, but don’t try to overgeneralize and paint the whole race of almost a billion people as purveyors of negativity.

You pooped at the rap party, man. You should have won the guest speaker part at the Idiot’s Convention, not Rap of China.

Have a good day in your cold, lonely corner.


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Reply Report HailChina! 2018-3-5 23:21
Why can't white people sing rap songs anyway? Don't you like Vanilla Ice?
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-3-6 00:02
China should stop being so liberal. This guy is saying that it is cultural appropriation for a non-black to sing a rap song so rap must be black music. He clearly means rap/hip hop music. And there is a big long wiki page about misogyny in rap music - it is a thing and we all know it. The Chinese rapper is not being racist unless you are a liberal that is trying to be offended.
Reply Report mutafire 2018-3-8 13:17
HailChina!: China should stop being so liberal. This guy is saying that it is cultural appropriation for a non-black to sing a rap song so rap must be black music ...
You are ignoring the argument, and it is that no one can blame someone for their own insurrections. The rapper is using old shortcuts to appear holy by shifting blame to the blacks that society fears badly.
Reply Report HailChina! 2018-3-8 13:32
mutafire: You are ignoring the argument, and it is that no one can blame someone for their own insurrections. The rapper is using old shortcuts to appear holy b ...
Does society fear black people? Anyway - what I think is that he was wrong to call rap 'black music'. I do not consider rap to be black music and I do not blame any negative aspect of rap culture on so-called 'black people" or give full credit to any positive aspects of rap culture to so-called 'black' people. I do not see all black people as being the same or all white people as being the same. Rap may have started with 'African-Americans' but Africans are nor African-American and neither are black Jamacians. More white Americans have contributed to rap and hip hop culture than Africans or Jamaicans. It would be more correct to call rap music American than black. So what I think is that yea the Chinese rapper should take responsibility for his lyrics and he should call rap music rap music not black music. But you are as racist as he is agreeing that rap music is black music. Is basketball a white sport because white Americans invented it? Are blacks that play basketball playing a white man's game and guilty of cultural appropriation? Are you guilty of cultural appropriation for taking a Chinese name? You are being silly. And racist. We can all do whatever we like, contribute to whatever we choose.

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