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South China Sea Claims Need Rethinking

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Firstly, the violence against Chinese nationals in Vietnam is wanton and will only hurt Vietnam in the long run; there are always better ways of dealing with conflict than taking up arms or employing terror.

With that said, the issue of China and its South China Sea claims needs sober minds.

Whatever happened back in history, whatever military might one might have, just by looking at the border that China draws on the South China Sea map, it is easy to see it as outrageous.

The same for Vietnam’s…

I mean, someone would swim from Brunei or Malaysia or the Philippines into ‘Chinese’ or ‘Vietnamese’ territory before someone from China or Vietnam gets there using a speed boat and that is a sign of a skewed border claim.

The U-Shaped mass that China claims in the South China Sea is just too much, and I really cannot get how Chinese folks look at that and still say with a straight face that the waters are theirs.

And with China rising, people have said that its rise will not be peaceful and the placing of the rig in the disputed waters is a sign that the rise is not going to be a calm one. But its best China learns from Spiderman’s uncle – with great power comes great responsibility.

There is the Philippines in the mix, the US would love to hit at China and China trampling on the Philippines would just be the entry for the CIA and Co are baying for.

Why can’t China focus on the economy, ease up on nationalism and make some money and delay these conflicts for future generations to deal with? Surely, there are people in China that have seen war and its best to get a breather in between the past and the next.

Looking at the map… its seems the whole border thingy is about oil…China should avoid becoming the Asian USA which can bully and delete anyone standing in its quest for oil, China should pick a better, civilized model of rising and shame the Colonialist and imperialist West.

Asia is getting rich, if it fights a war it will go back to poverty and all the businesses will go to Africa and Latin America… where sanity is fast coming back it is up to bodies like ASEAN to take steps now or they can wait or fan the conflict and wait for war.

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