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The society would become paradise.

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Last evening I watched parts of the CCTV program on chinese food production at the meantime I had to take care of old mother and the stove. Agaiin about the meat market, I think our government should make some policy to encourage old farmers to feed more cattles with crops stalks as they did before. As I know a lot of villagers speed much time on playing cards or fishing who have enough energy and experience to raise beasts for pleasure instead. In neighboring village a retired worker buys-keeps-and-sells bulls as career whose extra income is quite admirable specially for this year. 
Chinese people should not expect all the meat comes from large-scale breeding farm. Our country ought to make full use of the rural human resources and natural feeding materials. 
If all things in a green green way, the society would become paradise. 

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  • How to deal with foreign textbooks in China 2020-1-21 17:25

    Chinese people can read many other things outside their textbooks, and textbooks are the books in a school many students do not read at all. Many stduents at the end of the term stillkeep good and clean textbooks in their dorm. They can be sent to rural boys and grils again.

  • How to deal with foreign textbooks in China 2020-1-9 16:14

    sulagu: I also do not think China should continue to use English text books.  Education to a nation is a matter of sovereignty.  To use foreign text book woul ...
    Thank you for the constructive comment. The note goes in simple words that is easy for kids to understand as a good text! I wish all articles in the textbooks are written this way by native writers. In fact those original foreign texts are not fit Chinese students due to the ‘strange’ contents which are far beyond students' comprehension. Kids enjoy the ‘domestic’ English articles which are closer to their own life. So that is ideal if Chinese educators produce powerful teaching materials those are a piece of cake for schooling.

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