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What is 四方?

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What is '四方' in the end?

Ancient Chinese thought the ground shaped like a huge square with four right angles in which center was the Middle Kingdom.  四 means 'four' and 方 refers to ‘direction’. So 四方 should represent ‘the whole society even world’! 
We have noticed that:Deeply influenced by the traditional national cultural President Xi is a good example to explain the famous saying '好男儿志在四方!" who believes China can not be well developed if without the cooperation with other countries and all people in the globe-village can share the same sweet fruits harvested under the same Sun!The wise leader‘s heart is always beating for all citizens on the horizon line of the Earth whose chest can hold up the Pacific Ocean that I imagine! That is why China is getting more open to the outside and more countries are ready to work with us for construction. The world welcomes the bullet-train from China and feel terrible when seeing the American warships patroling around as ‘police'!

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I wish you could collect some Chinese radicals that makes simple to recognize Chinese character.

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