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Indian Versus Western Adult Outlook

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*Was discussing with my uncle from the USA today.*

The adults in developed Western countries have mostly long invested in creating a system of honesty, meritocracy, organization, basic necessities of water, food, shelter, rule of law and individual freedom and choice, in which their children and future generations can get fairness, opportunities to rise economically almost without limits and a good life doing something that they are passionate about. They often used to 'push' their children out of their homes around 18 to given them a chance to develop independence and resilience, not because they loved them any less or did not care. They had such faith in the system that it could both take care of their children and grand children even if estranged and treat them fairly. This is true long-term vision. 

It is this system which is the magnet for the millions who migrate or want to migrate to from other lesser developed countries. This is in typical contrast to Indian parents and adults who have traditionally looked after and support their own children and family directly and invested less in developing a viable system like the West. 

I note that the Western system has been developed over about a 2-3 centuries, firstly for their native people and opened up progressively to immigrants from '3rd world' countries over the past 50 years or so.

We are among the those who have made our homes here now. We need to contribute to building up and keeping the system for the future even if we did not contribute to building it before we were here. I note sadly that this system too has been corrupted, even while it is being constantly added to. There are large sections of people who are the victims of this corruption - in debt, in cycles of generational welfare, bringing in the wrong kind of people who exploit, corrupt and destroy the system and make it more like the places they left behind. The Millennial generation is definitely the one to experience the cumulative effects of the corruption and decay of a beautiful meritocracy that encouraged hard, honest work and rewarded it.

I fear for the system. I welcome efforts such as President Trump's to look out for the best interests of his country and try to reverse some of the trends and reverse corruption. I think it is crucial that such succeed around the world, in each country doing its part within itself.

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