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No! The first part of the title is not written in Cyrillic script!
It stands for Cynical Calculating Corrupted Politics.

It seems that it no longer matters exactly WHAT a candidate or politician says or suggests or means. It is all about posturing, calculating how it will affect their access to power. A certain, ambiguous or plainly oxymoronic language is supposedly a requirement to stay in the political arena. Anyone suggesting anything in plain, simple unambiguous language is immediately vilified as an 'extremist'. All statements are supposed to be based on a 'rational', but cynical, corrupt calculation of how it will affect someone's chances of getting into power or pushing someone out of power. There is hardly any effort devoted to actually understanding and debating a policy. The personalities are attacked, smeared, vilified, demonized and that is all that happens, hoping to sway people by carefully stoked emotional reactions.

Consider the issue of legally admitting people into a country. Germany's Angela Merkel announced that they would like to take in over a million refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict on humanitarian grounds among others. Of course, it does not mean they will randomly admit anyone claiming to be a refugee. It is a tedious process of verifying individual claims, but it is done everyday around the world. She was condemned for this all around in the USA and Europe for apparently posing a great danger to Europe. The attacks in Paris were used to make a case and force Merkel to change her policy.

When Donald Trump suggested putting on hold Muslim entry to the USA, it was logically the opposite view of Merkel at the very core and it was condemned outright. It was speculated, nay, asserted, how Trump would be dumped by his party and how he might run as an independent and not be able to still win and that it would help Hillary Clinton!! So, he must be secretly working on her behalf. There is still no effort made to actually debate the implications of Donald Trump's statements. Sure, I don't agree with his suggestions, but I can sit down and calmly give my reasons. We should sit and listen calmly to Donald Trump's reasons. Then people make up their minds and vote in a supposed democracy. No one questions why the political system in the USA truly cannot give a third party candidate a fair chance. Why not people simply vote they way they want and see who comes out on top?

But there is a huge circus from a conniving media, all the way to Europe where only a few days ago they were vociferously against Merkel's policies.

It seems there is no place for real values, ideas, discussion, calm debate and decision making in politics USA style. It has spread around to other parts of the world too.

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