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Policewoman in NW China's Xinjiang Excels in Tracking Down Fugitives

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Policewoman in NW China's Xinjiang Excels in Tracking down Furtives
Hai Wei (C) []


A policewoman in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has achieved remarkable results in the past 21 years.

Hai Wei, 45, played guard for the Xinjiang Women's Basketball Team for 10 years. After retiring in 1997, she became a policewoman of the railway public security bureau in the city of Urumqi.

Beginning to focus on tracking down fugitives in 2007, she has captured 709 fugitives wanted by the public security authority.

After working at the city's South Railway Station police station, Hai was first designated to investigate drug smuggling. Soon, she was assigned to posts in charge of national security, fighting drug smuggling, and capturing fugitives.

In the third year of her work, China launched the first nationwide special campaign for rounding up criminals wanted on public security authority's internal website. In March 2005, the Ministry of Public Security issued a document to establish a long-term mechanism for the pursuit of fugitives. Capturing these fugitives has become a part of the daily work for the police officers.

Since 2007, Hai and her colleagues have been on constant duty at the station to check on their desktop computer the identity of people, sometimes without taking a break at noon.

After several years, Hai has developed her own routine, which was widely recognized by her colleagues and promoted in the investigation. However, Hai hit the bottleneck of her career a few years later.

In 2013, she participated in a symposium at which officers of the national railway public security system share their experiences. The event greatly inspired her.

She said that the traditional method of investigation has not been able to harvest the anticipated results. Thus, to conquer the negative emotions of some police officers, Hai decided to break with convention.

Hai proposed an idea to fight online and established an online combat studio according to what she learned at the seminar.

According to Hai, generally, she would first find out the list of fugitives related to Xinjiang from the public security intranet. She then use the information platform to search for the traces of fugitives, analyze relevant clues such as related persons, and finally lock down the activity area of the fugitives, and then conduct investigations on the ground before the actual capture taking place.

According to Yang Hui, political commissar of the South Railway Station police station, Hai is good at finding valuable clues from trivial details. In recent years, she has undertaken 70 percent, sometimes 80 percent, of the capture mission.

"I don't have a particularly ambitious aim. I just want to set a good example for my daughter that I am worthy of my salary and I am worthy of this profession," said Hai.

In this June, Hai was awarded the honorary title of National Public Security System Second Hero Model and Guardian of the People's Railway by the Ministry of Public Security and China Railway Corporation respectively for her outstanding performance in the pursuit of fugitives. The Urumqi Railway Public Security Bureau called on all police officers to learn from her.


Policewoman in NW China's Xinjiang Excels in Tracking down Furtives
Hai Wei (C) []


(Source: Translated and edited by Women of China)

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