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Vistiing Peking U. and Tsinghua U. this fall...Any idea's of good spots to see ?

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Hey Everyone, 

Thanks for taking the time to read this...
I'm coming to Shandong in the fall on a personal matter, (My Dad's last wishes were to have his ashes scattered there in the town of Longshan, so I have to fullfill that) , but plan on seeing Bejjing and some sights around there. 
Peking U. and Tsinghua U. are on the agenda. Anyone from there ? Never been to this country, but its interesting as hec. 
Anyone got any suggestions about seeing things on campus there ? Thought I'd post this and see what the response is. 
Well, again, thanks and look forward...

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Reply Report 丢人现眼 2014-8-19 00:01
Both campuses are absolutely beautiful and you can spend hours walking around each one. Honestly, I'd rent/borrow a bike just so you can get the most of the the two.
Reply Report laneferm 2014-8-19 03:23
Thanks ! ! yea, I studied Math / chemistry and always liked the college atmosphere and those are rated as the best, so just have to go there and have fun looking around....
Reply Report voice_cd 2014-8-19 08:36
And if you still need help when you visit Shandong, please let us know.
Reply Report laneferm 2014-8-19 13:34
voice_cd: And if you still need help when you visit Shandong, please let us know.
Thanks, I'm still working on it, but have made a lot of headway. I received from my step-mother all the e-mails my Dad had sent back and forth, so that gave a lot of info. I'm also fortunate enough to have a friend who works 2 doors down from my store thats from Bejjing, so he's had a lot of suggestions too.  Its all coming together.
Reply Report voice_cd 2014-8-21 15:56
sounds good, if you need further information, just let us know.
Reply Report laneferm 2014-9-5 01:46
voice_cd: sounds good, if you need further information, just let us know.
Hi, Would you by any chance know how to contact the Shandong government ?  When my Dad was there, they helped sponsor his trip...that would help a lot..

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