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our youth (serial 16)

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Chapter seven


Qing Zheng went to America after she graduated from the middle school. She said to Liu Tao:” you must wait me , I will carry you to America. My uncle will invest in China, he want to invest the furniture factory, he want let to you to manage the factory. although it need the time, but my father and mother want you to study sketch hard, because my aunt had heard that our country will resume the examination for entering the university, so you could not spare your time in the countryside , do you remember it? “

Liu Tao nodded and answered:” yes ,I remember it!”

She turned and sever said to him again:” you must remember the important things, that is you could not touch to Yang Mei nearly.” After it ,she shamed.

Yang Mei was their classmate who was more beautiful than Qing Zheng.



Liu Tao went to countryside, but he made the friend with group leader’s son who was carpenter.  He was older as Liu Tao. He build the house in the countryside, because the carpenter was very useful in the countryside whose name is chang shan.

Liu Tao let him to read the model of classic furniture which was made by himself.

Chang Shang admired him and asked:” how did you do it? I want to learn it, because I want to become the best carpenter!”

Liu Tao told him :”you must learn the sketch ,so you can make the classic furniture , there were a question which about the ‘beautiful’.

Chang Shang looked at him and asked :” can you help me ?”

Liu Tao thought for moment and answered:” I can do it , but you must buy some pencil and paper. That need the money.”

Chang Shang didn’t say any words, because  the money is the life in the countryside. The peasants was very poor in that time.



One day ,Liu Tao and Chang Shang learn to sketch in Chang Shang ‘s house.

Liu Tao only put on briefs , he told to Chang Shang how to draw the body and muscle. He also told him that you must know the scale of the body and muscle, so you could draw the picture beautiful. They did it very serious.

But Yan Mei was crying outside the door:” Liu Tao , where are you?” her voice was very high.

  Liu Tao put on the clothes quickly and run to out the house .he asked Yang Mei:” what is the matter?

Yang Mei cried and told him:” some boys treat me, they want let me to kiss them!” after she cried loudly.

Liu Tao was  so angry. He turned to Chang Shang and asked:” help me to beat them!”

Chang Shang said to him:” wait me!” he returned to house. He took a fowling piece after he came back again. He said to them:”go!”


They run out the house.

Liu Tao took the fowling piece to the sky, he asked to Yang Mei ” who?”

Yang Mei pointed to first the boy and answered:” he had done it!”

Liu Tao took the fowling piece and run to front him ,he said to him serious :“say sorry to her!

The boy smiled and answered:” does she is your girlfriend? Or your wife? Don’t let us to laugh at you if she isn’t your relation.”

Liu Tao repeated again.

They didn’t say sorry to her ,they laugh at him.

Liu Tao was angry .he his middle finger moved , all of them listened the voice and seen the ‘fire’ from the muzzle running out.

Chang Shang was surprising. He turned head and said to him:” that is the matter, my father must be come here at once, because the voice of fowling piece is signal in our village!”

His sound cut down, his father and leader of security cam here. His father cried l:”why does it fire?”


Yang Mei told to the leader of group:” the boy want to treat me , so i called Liu Tao to help me because we knew from childhood.” after it  she was so suffer.

The leader of group asked to his son:” don’t you know what is the matter to fire the fowling piece?”

Chang Shang answered :” I know it ,but I don’t know the fowling piece had been put the gunpower.” He afraid. Because the fowling piece is the signal when the waterflood will come here.

His father looked round and cried:” we will arrest you if you fight again. Who can treat the girls in our village , who will be arrest by us. Yang Mei go to school and become the teacher from today. Everyone could not go to school if he don’t get to agree by me. Liu Tao will live in my home with Chang Shang.!” After it he told to the leader of  security :”you will guard them.”

Yang Mei was very happy, because, she became the teacher in countryside. She told to Liu Tao : ” you could come to school with Chang Shang!”

Liu Tao answered to her ok, but he remembered Qing Zheng ‘s words, his face was red.


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  • our youth (serial 42) 2020-5-9 18:53

    I suggest that you read the New Yorker, the Paris Review, and Harper's if you strive to learn how to write like a literary type;  such A-list publications publish several gripping stories every week or month.  At the very least, you could learn how to flesh out this story with more detail. Good luck to you.

  • our youth (serial 35) 2020-5-3 19:31

    Sorry for being plain-spoken, and I don't mean to discourage you from writing creatively, just one suggestion: in addition to spending time developing the plot of your story, please also put in the hours to work on grammar and other basics of English.

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