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our youth (serial 12)

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Chapter two

They have finished the harvest and returned to 1the city. Liu Tao was asked followed the teacher who told him:” you must think your action deeply, because you had loosed our school ‘s face.”

Liu Tao surprised and looked at the teacher, he said lowly :” I haven’t so big face.”

The teacher asked him to repeat again.

All classmates are asked him to repeat again and expressed their point of view which was same with teacher.

Liu Tao was asked to stand front of classroom. He stood here and said :”I said that I only have right face and losing the left face, so my right face has two storey skins ,but the left face hasn’t it.”

The teacher was angry again.


But, Qing zheng have though the question deeply. Liu Tao have become the troublemaker since childhood, although he liked to make trouble for everybody, but he pitied to peasants. Had told her:” the peasants are very miserable, they eats the maize ,they can not eat the meat. They haven’t money, they use the egg to change the money, so it is called ‘the bank of cock hip’  when they walked around the reservoir. So she thought that Liu Tao is charitable who can do big thing.


Qing Zheng smiled and came front Liu Tao, she told him:” I can accompany you to return home this afternoon.” Although her face was red ,but she had the teacher’s order that was she will help him to raise his thought level.

Liu Tap excited and said to her:” I love the song that is the image of this afternoon. I dream that we can go to home shoulder with shoulder, that are real couple!”

Qing Zheng didn’t answered him, but she said in his heart if you become the best student, I will do as your song.” She glance to him and told him:” wait me!”


Liu Tao stood out the door of school where he waited Qing Zheng. Alyhough he was so excite, but he told himself that you can not express too impatient to wait. The real boy must be reserved and gentleman. He waited and though that Qing Zheng had become so pretty. Her breast  was high, her hair was black and long as waterfall.  he laughed in his sleeve and said in his heart that she was so pretty as flower, I must pick it out and put on my head.


They went to home together along the road. They might pass a lake where they lived behind it. She clamed to walk and seemed enjoying the lake water. She asked to him:” what about the lake water is ?”

He thought for moment and answered:” the lake water is as your eyes, it is called’ the glad eyes’. After it , he scratched his head.

She didn’t angry and said to him:” you must catch time to study, don’t waste the time, can not only think to play. if you begin to study, I admire to change as the lake water which you are called it’ the glad eyes!”


Liu Tao didn’t shame after he heard her words, he thought that he must remember the date of today, because today was his youth to begin. He smiled to her and happy to say:” I must do as your words, I will study math.physics,chemistry, I will let the teacher to praise you that Qing Zheng had thought well method to help Liu Tao began to study.”

Qing zheng shamed and answered to him:”I don’t need ‘praise’,but I need you begin to study.”


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  • our youth (serial 42) 2020-5-9 18:53

    I suggest that you read the New Yorker, the Paris Review, and Harper's if you strive to learn how to write like a literary type;  such A-list publications publish several gripping stories every week or month.  At the very least, you could learn how to flesh out this story with more detail. Good luck to you.

  • our youth (serial 35) 2020-5-3 19:31

    Sorry for being plain-spoken, and I don't mean to discourage you from writing creatively, just one suggestion: in addition to spending time developing the plot of your story, please also put in the hours to work on grammar and other basics of English.

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