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Shrinking Uncle Sam!

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      Is Uncle Sam shrinking?

   Some think seriously so, that the near-death shrinking may be just right around the corner!


   Because the nation is in desperate situation;

- the evergrowing  mountain of debt,
- the mighty defecit,
- the costly wars,
- the tax burden,
- the widening gap between the richest 10% and the rest,
- that disharmony between the rich & the poor,
- that the American people are desperate more than ever,

   and as a result they are electing 'unusual and unconventional' presidential candidate such as Donald Trump for the fist      time in living history.

The country is in a very serious 'debt situation' that there is virtually no way out of it;

  - the debt that was just a few Trillion Dollars just a decade ago has balloned to nearly 20 Trillion Dollars now,
    and projected to sky high well into 40 Trillion Dollars in twenty years from now!

  - that's created a tipping point, a stalling point or a river of no return - whatever you call it.

  This is nothing more than 'History Repeating Itself ', all over again!

- before the collapse of mighty Roman Empire, they were so desperate to elect unconventional leaders to fix the situation, but at no avail;

- Hitler was elected for the same reason when Germany was cornered into desperate situation by colonial powers;

- even unconventional leader Gorbachev was put in place before the collapse of USSR.

  But all these prove one thing, that the physician can not heal the patient, it's too little too late,
  especially for ever shrinking Uncle Sam!!

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...and now for some quotes collected by this thread's 'Sofa Looter' (with thanks to Robert237 for introducing me to this wonderful little tool):

We will Bury You, from a dead premier of a country that no longer exists:

If we can undermine, from the guy previous from the first guy quoted:

If we can bald face lie, from a guy... that wasn't able to do a whole hell of a lot:

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Ailing Uncle Sam and Donald Trump/Bernie Sanders,
The patient and the unconventional physicians,
will it be too little too late?

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   Donald the Business Tycoon and Bernie the Socialist,

   Will their therapy work to treat sickening Uncle Sam?

   Well, at least that's what the American people are electing in the Primary Election
   held in New  Hampshire last week.

   We never know, so stay tune on my world wide friends!      {:1_1:}

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nothing new... just more rubbish coming from the USA

Yet you enjoy your Western luxury goods yet you still slag off at the West that's very Robert of you

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