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  1. 你可以自由拖拽 排列应用顺序;
  2. 排列越上面的应用在菜单中显示的越靠前;
  3. 你可以管理你已经添加的应用,可以设置某个应用的权限、移除某个应用;
  4. 如果你要管理你的空间、日志、相册等隐私,请到你的空间隐私设置;
  5. 默认应用只能进行相关设置与移除,但移除后仍然会显示在你的右侧菜单中。

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Share your photos of an amazing China!
We would like to invite all the forumites to share the most awesome photos you took in China during 2017. We would choose the best pictures and make them a desk calendar for 2018. Anyone who wins the best shot will get a desk calendar as a gift.

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