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America - Watch and Learn>>Dongguan Fairy Tales [Copy link] 中文

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Those 'ladies' work for their money - whether or not you approve of their chosen profession.
I don't go there, so it has not impacted me at all.
Manufacturing is not something that I see as a viable option as it is better to use robotics for uniformity.
I'm just here for the money

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Trying to give "my point of view"....... was "rather harmless" during the initial stage, I was there, NOT like what we see today.
It was like this "in the beginning"......

I KNOW, i was there when it begins.

The story goes like this.

"Factories opened in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Shunde <the original COTTAGE industry back lot of Guangzhou-Panye city>, as oversea's Chinese citizens take advantage of the IPO offices in Hong Kong , Singapore to supply to the Export market initially and later on even to the market in the Nanyang, and the more advanced economies of Malaya, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.

Workers were plentiful, and easy to manage.

In the evenings, after dinner in the factory ----girls would visit the local coffee house. It's those strange dusty joints, where boys <mostly girls such factories> will drink beer and girls had gassy drinks, tea or coffee. It's on LOW TABLES, and those plastic yarn braided chairs on iron frames.

As FACTORIES grow bigger, VILLAGE committee will build "PING KUN" or Friendship Hotels with extras like DIM SUM restaurants, Karaoke joints, Basketball courts and workers quarters, protected by SECURITY GUARDS, <called Gong An>.

Soon this factory girls wanted a "piece of the action" in the KARAOKE, but this is allowed only for FOREIGN capitalist or ELITE COMRADES <mostly local Cantonese citizens>

So, they DOLLED UP, and try to gain entrance by befriending the foreigners"

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The DIM SUM joints TO THE migrants girls were like PARADISE with PALATIAL surroundings compared to their RURAL villages in Sichuan, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hubei, Dongbei or such provinces........ was PRETTY poor, drab in those days in 1990, already 10 years after OPENING UP by Left Hon. Deng. <ha ha ha, corruption of the Rt. Hon title for British Commonwealth politicians>

to the FOREIGN executive, it was to make life BEARABLE in a "rural setting" - and something from home, and reintroduction of the lifestyle that CANTONESE were used previously before the REVOLUTIONARY SUCCESS.

To most OVERSEA'S chinese, these are drab places ---->put yourself into the "shoes" of those gals in those days - first Rmb500 a month salaries was 1 year income in their farms//or none at all since they don't own the farms.

Then RICH foreigners in PALATIAL RESTAURANTS, expensive meals, and nice Karaoke joints to drink compared to their DUSTY road side cafe."

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FAST FORWARD now, Mr. Jay they want this GIRLS out of DONGGUAN.
The Cantonese government wants to reduce needs for MIGRANT LABOUR.

probably because INLAND province has noticed RUSSIAN urban success using local mint, construction, export of local PILLAR industry produce to pay for the "good things in life"......


The EUPHORIA of the 1979 to 1997 is wearing off, and the FASTER growth of 1999 to 2008 becomes routine........and now the SLOW DREARIE condition!!!!

and SURPRISE the CANTONESE AUTHORITIES in coordination with BEIJING is yet injecting more EXCITEMENT by encouraging ROBOTIZATION, AUTOMATIONS!!!!

Incredible exciting.
CHINA is in LIGHTNING SPEED compared to the pace of INDUSTRIAL AGE Britain, and the subsequent competitors in USA and Europe.

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The DIM SUM girls are always CLEAN, with rosy cheeks, DRESSED in nice "cheongsam"......

..the DOOR GIRLS were normally TALLER, and very pretty, very pleasant personality.

(IMAGINE being the MIGRANT WORKER girls from the North and West of China!!!!!)

Mr. Jay, GO HOME to USA.
China does not need you anymore!!!!

Euphoria of FAST SPEED development is like a ADDICTION, slower rate makes these people UNSATISFIED......but that's a fact of life!!!! Ask any Brits in the Midlands.......

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That is not for you to decide.
BTW one of the bitches is having a litter, maybe 8 more dogs for you.
Give up yet?
I'm just here for the money

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Mr. Jay

All we need is LOVE, all the problems has solutions.
You only need to

STAY CALM, and CARRY ON <work out the strategies>

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