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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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Idiocracy Poodle-Style

Usually when there's dangerous machinery, there's a safety cage around it.

According to reports, the man had bent down to retrieve his cellphone from the floor and his head became stuck underneath the chair's footrest after it clamped down on him suddenly.
- Man Killed by Reclining Movie Theater Seat That Pinned His Head to Floor

And why would you want an electric chair?
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More Idiocracy

Of course, the producers of the movie didn't want to offend the amerikan dumbass, so they set the movie far into the future. But it's clear where their inspiration came from.

New video of the fatal crash involving a self-driving Uber vehicle in Tempe, Arizona, shows a failure of the expected performance of the autonomous vehicle's technology, according to experts. The technology's backup -- the human test driver who was also in the vehicle at the time of the crash -- also failed to react.
. . .
"This video screams to me there are serious problems with their system, and there are serious problems with their safety driver not being able to pay attention, which is to be expected," Missy Cummings, an engineering professor and director of the Humans and Autonomy Laboratory at Duke University.
. . .
"[The pedestrian] wasn't jumping out of the bushes. She had been making clear progress across multiple lanes of traffic, which should have been in [Uber's] system purview to pick up."
. . .
According to Bryan Reimer, research scientist in the MIT AgeLab and the associate director of the New England University Transportation Center at MIT, it is possible the video represents what's called an "edge case," a rare situation the autonomous system was never trained to handle.
. . .
"It is really hard to understand how the system didn't react, when even a standard automatic emergency braking system could reasonably be expected to at least hit the brakes," Michael Ramsey, a research director at Gartner's CIO Research Group, told CNN.

- Experts say crash video shows Uber's failure to protect pedestrian

The backup driver, of course, is not designed to pay attention to a task where he has very little to do.

That "edge case" is precisely what the former Yob Gear moron predicted when he showcased a self-driving BMW around the test track, saying if the Anglos had designed it, it would have crashed and then the idiots would have complained that you asked it to do something it wasn't designed to do. Except that seeing someone crossing the road ahead isn't really an "edge case" at all!

Elon Musk, which one propaganda rag referred to as a "genius inventor", has already over-hyped his "auto-pilot" system, which had already displayed violent and dangerous manoeuvres in urban settings, before a Model S killed its passenger by completely failing to see the side of a HUGE trailer. Musk then had the sensor changed so that the LIDAR was given priority and in effect admitting the system was flawed. Apparently the above SUV had both LIDAR and RADAR and still failed to see the victim. Perhaps the software was too dumb to realise it couldn't "see" far enough ahead for the speed.

War criminal, the Donald, who war criminal, Rex Tillerson, assures us is a p**sy-grabbing "f***ing moron", claims: Every year, competitors such as China steal US intellectual property valued at hundreds of billions of dollars.
. . .
The genius of creative Americans, and the free system that enables them, is critical to American security and prosperity.

- Trump offers a daring program to restore US dominance

Here's a display of the war criminal's grasp of technology: EMALS has drawn Trump’s scorn. “I said what system are you going to be [using] – ‘Sir, we’re staying with digital,’” Trump recalled. “I said, no you’re not. [You’re] going to goddamned steam.” Trump then alleged that not only does the new system cost far more than existing technologies, but slammed it as “no good.”

“It sounded bad to me. Digital. They have digital. What is digital?” Trump wondered. He continued to insist only Albert Einstein could figure out “digital” launches.

- USS Ford Tests ‘No Good’ Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System


When meeting the generals for the first time, war criminal, The Donald, also asked them if they knew what "constant pour" was.
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St. Trinians
- wholesale corruption in "Rip-Off Britain"

Yes, it's so corrupt that infantile convicted war-criminal, Tony Blair, who performed a mastubatory gesture to highlight his lack of self-respect, had to note it. It's not as though the poodle empire wasn't one, long crime spree. It's not as though they HAVEN'T thieved, lied, cheated and worthless krapped their way through their entire history. It's not as though they DON'T still use slavery, rape and murder children and benefit from fraudulent paper funny-money, having started two World wars to impose it on the World.

No doubt Eton has produced some excellent people
BUT with -
And now we learn Nix of #CambridgeAnalytica,
Time to ask what DO they teach at Eton?

- Eton mess? Elite UK private school’s most questionable students

That's easy! They drill into the poopils the EXAM ANSWERS by rote.

So what they learn at Eton is sad, little bastardry; a term coined to describe war criminal, Winston Tudhill, who, as the privileged son of the son of the Duke of Marlborough and "actress" Jennie Jerome, crowed that "rules were meant to be broken". How else would two numbnuts such as the pothead war criminal and his coke-head finmin , who along with the pothead's wife, are all descended from slave owners, get to keep their greasy hands on the reins of power all these centuries?

"Exam cheating scandal: How a lovestruck pupil's boast sparked investigation"

"Eton pupils' marks disallowed over second exam paper leak"

As a school head of many years standing, I know that the vast majority of teachers are scrupulously honest and can identify the boundary between helping and cheating.
- The exam cheating controversy shows the system is fraught with danger - but teachers must still set papers

Except that the evidence shows they're all at it: "Exclusive: Radley College emerges as fourth public school caught up in exam 'cheating' scandal"

After all if it was a meritocracy, virtually all undergradyooits would be Asian. Instead, Asians aren't even freakin' proportionally represented at yooniversity.

At yooniversity, the cheating gets even worse. Stewdents are given previous years exam papers so that they know what type of questions will be asked. On my course, one flagrant simpleton was getting 99% on exam papers. On one assignment the Asians, and ONLY the Asians, were told they had to limit an essay to a ridiculous 1 side of A4. Courses are only assessed by one of their chums at another yooniversity.

The movie, The Belles of St. Trinians was probably inspired by the corruption at so-called "elite" colleges. The clue is that their edukashun establishments are supposed to be "prestigious", in other words, "exclusive" rather than suppliers of quality education.
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Once Again, the Difference is Stark

. . . the Chinese maker of smartphones and telecom equipment, said Friday its profit rose 28.1 percent in 2017, . . .
- Huawei reports strong sales push 2017 profit up 28.1 percent

But the Great Satan's paper-tigers such as Jeff Bezos, the Shyster of Omaha and Elon Musk fail to achieve anywhere near this level of performance which is even overshadowed by China's banks which are the World's largest and most profitable by a country mile and Jack Ma's Alibaba. It's shocking that Elon Musk and Uber aren't arrested for corporate manslaughter just as the amerikan makers of that lethal decapitating water-slide should be.

Whilst Gangster Motors Poodleville's Jaguar (before Tata took over) struggle to make profits and are both notorious for using the "cheapest parts in the parts bin", Huawei is not run by a "spiv": Research and development spending increased 17.5 percent over 2016 to 89.7 billion yuan ($14.3 billion).

Just as Tata returned Jaguar/Land Rover to profits, Geely returned Volvo to profits after it was purchased from Ford, which uses a live rear-axle on the Ford Mustang and a ladder chassis on the F-150 truck.

Here's the business model the anglo spivs use: Finally, there is one superb engineering tech company that I think is an obvious recovery after several torrid years, Rolls-Royce (LSE: RR). New-ish CEO Warren East is doing a good job both on cost cutting and streamlining: 2017 results easily beat forecasts with underlying pre-tax profits up by 25%.
- Investors should stand clear as the tech giants stumble

Yep! Cut corners.
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The Usual White-Supremacist BS
- because we Asians can't innovate

"Forget the Trade War. China Wants to Win the Computing Arms Race", reports Bloomerg BS.

Yet again, China appears to be playing catch up to the Great Satan according to the above propaganda.

But then China's GDP is supposedly only the World's second largest, despite consuming more concrete in three years than the Great Satan did throughout the entire 20th century, despite consuming half the World's base metals (and two thirds gold mining supply) and despite being history's greatest ever creditor against the Great Satan being history's worst ever debtor. As premier Li said, GDP statistics are "man-made" and as anglo/amerikan stewdents complain, they're being taught quackonomics not economics.

Just as Samsung is supposed to be trying to play catch-up with Apple, despite Samsung being the market leader and supplier of technology to Apple (and sometimes Apple even pays for it, but only after Samsung sues for patent violation), Elon Musk is referred to as a "genius inventor" despite using Panasonic batteries and Panasonic solar panels and one article pointing out that his understanding of the AI threat is that of a child. Musk hopes to achieve the same sales levels of BYD in China. But not only are BYD cars not death-traps, they have a far superior battery technology than the "genius inventor" too.

The above propaganda article even admits China has sent the first unbreakable code, though it's not so much that it was the code that was unbreakable as the means of sending it. How can the World's leader be playing catch up yet again?

The anglo/zionist propaganda "admits" Chinese have an average IQ of 105 against Anglo IQ of 100 (as always). But that's a lie. Darwin called Chinese "geniuses" which would be an IQ of 140 which is far closer to the truth as they first admitted decades ago. The average Anglo professor only has an IQ of about 130!

But white-supremacism is all about holding back humans because the anglo/zionist gangsters are inferior not superior. That's why Gerald Schatten sabotaged Professor Hwang Woo-Suk's research. That's why Poodleville's state-owned Channel 4 smeared Beijing hospital's stem-cell treatments.

The Anglo/zionist gangsters are failed species. Everything they do makes their situation and that of everyone else, worse. They should give up, NOT just because it would be better for the rest of the World, but because it's simply daft for them to continue with this farce. Their entrepreneurs, Billy Gates, The Shyster of Omaha, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, war criminal, The Donald and Elon Musk are ALL fakes; all paper tigers.
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gork Post time: 2018-4-1 13:29
Once Again, the Difference is Stark

. . . the Chinese maker of smartphones and telecom equipment, s ...

. . .

And just as Rolls-Royce cuts costs and streamlines (the logical extreme being to shut down), whereas Huawei invests (because we Asians can't innovate), China's president forms the Belt & Road Initiative to create wealth, whilst war criminal, The Donald, imposes tariffs to destroy wealth.

Could it be any more obvious that they're failed as a species?
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Well Done Germany!

It is "jewish socialism" which rewards crime, cronyism and krappiness, whilst it was war criminal, Winston Turdhill, who the Anglos referred to as a "sad little bastard" and the term taking on a new meaning, referring to someone who is malicious. In the 1930s Germans complained of "jew confetti"; a fraud.

Germany may become a target. It has the biggest dollar surplus in the world now. If you are looking for things that will knock the market, Germany is annoying everyone in terms of the size of its trade and account surplus, not just the U.S. The European Commission has complained about Germany’s trade surplus. The Germans don’t help themselves. When China and Japan are criticized, usually they do a little something to placate criticism. Germany’s politicians are dismissive: “We have an incredibly large surplus. What do you expect us to do? Make crappy goods like you?”
- Albert Edwards: "In The Next Recession, The S&P Will Drop Below 666"

Indeed, one left-wing anglo/zionist propaganda even suggested Germany should divert investment away from her export sector.

The Hartz IV reforms were where Germans took on austerity, they balanced their budget, they took their medicine and now they're reaping the honestly and well-earned rewards.
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