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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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Because We Asians Can't Innovate

The innovation in China just keeps on coming! Like the claim that blacks wouldn't be able to fly planes during WW2 (which the anglo/zionist gangsters started) and the claim that japanese products were "jap crap", the pathetic anglo/zionist propaganda flies in the face of reality.

"China testing super maglev trains that could hit 1,000km/h"

"Chinese submersible goes deep in Indian Ocean"

"China to test rocket engine prototype with 500-ton thrust"

"Lift-off in space plane race as China tests hypersonic drone model"

Sued by just about everyone for patent violation, Apple can produce nothing but a new (and, of course, expensive) set of headphones following on from the krappy "airpods". Except they can't even do that: The company plans to launch the headphones as early as the end of this year, but has faced development challenges that might push back the release, the people said.
- Apple Turns Up Audio Ambition With High-End Headphones

What next, an iWheel? And what price will they demand for headphones which are virtually guaranteed to be much krappier than existing, high-quality headphones?

And why would you want krappy itunes songs, when you can buy loss-less MP3 players such as I've got which have FAR superior audio quality AND you own the music rather than lease it.

Bloomberg BS offers the straw-man that having large volumes of data doesn't mean dominance: The digital world relies on data, and no one produces more of it than China's 1.4 billion internet users.
- Is China Destined to Dominate Tech?

But Occupied Korea maintains the top ranking even in their own rigged index: "'Exceptional' America Drops Out Of Top 10 In Global Innovation Rankings"
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"Huawei tops European patent filings in 2017"

Read any article on IQs and you'll find they're nothing but a pack of lies. The Anglos are always awarded 100.

One article even claimed that Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQs and that the nobbled prizes confirm this, despite everyone knowing that they're awarded by committees of bigots who even give war criminals peace prizes and in the case of war criminal, Obama, had made the decision even before he took the position of figurehead of the Great Satan awarded to him by the Electoral College because blacks had been disenfranchised in the sham voting process that saw convicted war criminal, Shrub, selected as figurehead.

Intelligent Jews, Ashkenazi or otherwise, and their achievements are conspicuous by their absence. Their most prominent is Albert Einstein, who's teachers said he was thick, who wanted to be an electronic engineer but failed the entrance exam, who plagiarised Poincare's theory of relativity and de Pretto's E=mc², who's general theory of relativity not only contradicted his own work on quantum mechanics but itself, who was too stoooopid to do his own maths, who's maths is dicarded by space travellers because spaceships would be hundreds of thousands of miles off course otherwise, who's daft ideas are proven daft by George Sagnac's effect and quantum teleportation, which the quack could only call "spooky action at a distance" and who resorted to the shysterism of denouncing quantum mechanics by claiming "God does not play dice with the universe".

Furthermore, Ashkenazi Jews are supposed to be Turks who adopted Judaism. Yet Turkey has a worse score in the PISA tests even than the illegitimate state of New Izrael.

That Jews are ashamed of themselves is readily apparent by their control of all the media, including David P. Goldman, a jewish Amerikan who admits he's commandeered Asia Times Online, Jeff Zucker who controls the Krappy News Network, which is owned by Time/Warner and the state-run BBC which is clearly jewish controlled. The state-run BBC and the Krappy News Network are the only two global propaganda channels. Typically, they refer to China's products as "cheap", which is really their own fraudulent funny-money pushing up wages in the lands they've thieved.

This same bigotry has been applied in reverse for Indians, who we all know are highly intelligent. The BS is that only SOME Indians are and the average is much lower at about 81.

We know how judges can be nobbled by Paul Hamm taking gold in the Athens Olympics and the russian athlete, who SHOULD HAVE won having to come out and calm down the crowd.

The PISA tests tell a different story because there's only so much you can rig actual tests. Shanghai came top BY A COUNTRY MILE in 2009 and 2012 and China was only relegated to 10th place in 2015, when two other, less cosmopolitan regions of China were included. Remember, these tests are conducted in English.

Of course, asian nations don't mind the anglo/zionist lies. The Anglos will throw a tantrum if the truth is printed. But it doesn't matter, the anglo/zionist gangsters are already 1,000% GUARANTEED to wipe themselves out. Their OWN propaganda reports admit their IQs are declining at such a rate that within a generation they'll be dumberer than Tom Hanks's Forrest Gump (IQ: 68).
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The World's Most Worthless Bums

The Anglo/zionist gangsters are so krappy, they started two World wars to impose their fraudulent parasite paper funny-money first at the Genoa Conference in 1922, then at Bretton Woods in 1944. As well as "jew confetti", they adopt "jewish socialism" which consists of holding back the most talented whilst rewarding crime, cronyism and krappiness.

They're so krappy they have white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun systems.

They're so krappy that they cheat at the Olympics, with the Great Satan having the highest number of cheats caught taking banned substances and now they've engineered fake news of Russian athletes cheating.

They're so krappy they enslaved blacks for 350 years and still use slavery to this day, including 4 year old white kids: "Mormon, stripper, survivor: the tragic and triumphant life of Margaret Dupre" as well as telling kids they were orphans, shipping them off to the gangster-run, thieved prison-states of Kanada and Auztralia, where they were enslaved, raped, murdered and otherwise abused. And they're still doing similar to the native Australians too: "Australia still 'breeding out the color'". Un-FREAKIN'-believable!

They're so krappy they compared China's total system debt to the on-the-books debt of the amerikan taxsucker, claiming it was 300%. Yet Laurence Kotlikoff even notes that the off-the-books liabilities of the amerikan taxsucker are $220trn or over 1,120%.

"Unregulated Capitalism at Work: US Credit Card Debt Hits $1 Trillion"

Well, with everything else going for record highs, we doubt it will be a surprise to anyone that both student debt and auto loans hit a new all time high in the quarter ending December 2017, with $1.491 trillion for the former, and $1.12 trillion for the latter (the next monthly update will take place in two months, when the Q1 data is released).
- After Record Debt-Fuelled Splurge, US Credit Card Usage Post Sharp Slowdown

"Total Student Debt In America Now Exceeds The Cost Of Iraq War"

According to the Wall Street Journal, "Strike out those instances and the share of delinquent student debt is more like 22%" based on federal figures.
- Trump Admin Considering Student Loan Bankruptcy Options

The AAA-rated Great Satan defaulted on gold payment in 1971, the biggest default in all of history and is now the history's worst ever debtor. It defaulted on gold again when war criminal, serial, violent rapist and paedophile, Billy Jeffereson Clinton, delivered gold bares filled with tungsten. It defaulted on gold again when Germany demended 900 tons of gold back in 1999, with Switzerland having to sell over 1,000 tons to meet the demand. It defaulted again on gold in 2013, when Germany demanded another 300 tons back, completing the delivery only last year. It now defaults on 600 tons owed to China.

But just as Abacus bank had a distressed loan rate of only 0.5%: China's banking sector's overall nonperforming loan rate is 1.85 percent, while that for real estate loans is less than 1 percent, Pan said, noting prudent monetary policy will help promote the development of the domestic housing market.
- Chinese banks to expand globally as financial market opens up: official

Remember, so-called "modern art" was a CIA (aka Murder Inc.) plot because the Anglo doesn't even have any culture. THAT'S how krappy they are.

They have no music, with blacks ridiculing their lack of "soul" and Country & Western being so krappy and basic that Amerikans themselves are very defensive about it. The French know the Anglos the best and ridicule them as "a nation of shopkeepers", "Rosbifs" and "Perfidious Albion".
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The Usual Shocking Krappiness in "Rip-Off Britain"

Vince Cable has denied the poodle state is a nation of spivs. That couldn't be less true.

She has accused them of fraud in their university prospectuses
. . .
Despite achieving a first-class degree, Ms Wong does not feel like the payoff from university is worth it.

- A graduate is suing her university for £60,000 for giving her a ‘mickey mouse degree’

Too freakin' right. My yooniversity course was also fraudulent. The lekturers were a bunch of sleazy crooks who had no marketable skills. Many were merely otherwise unemployed maths lekturers and krappy as well. After some of the Anglo stewdents complained, the lecturer announced that they spent less than an hour per year on stewdents and that it wasn't what you knew but how you acquired the information. In other words, the course was krappy, so she was giving the green-light for wholesale, unrestrained cheating as compensation.

You could tell it was krappy because the prof. brayed that he'd earned £100,000 for making the most basic of recommendations to a company and other lekturers were braying how they'd nabbed a high paying job in Amerika.

In my day, they didn't offer many 2:1s or 1sts. Now HALF are 2:1 and another QUARTER are 1sts because these spivs want the stewdent fees that convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, introduced in "rip-off Britain". It was also during his time as poodle minister that a scandal erupted with fake edukashun courses because he provided funding which was virtually free taxsucker cash for any crook that wanted to claim it. After all, the convicted war criminal posed for a college photo by making a masturbatory gesture.

And here's the standard scumbag response when you complain that they're a bunch of crooks: Anglia Ruskin is a 'mickey mouse' university, so what did she expect?

What she expected was for the Anglo not to be a species of krappiness!!! She expected a civilised society where such crooks would be arrested rather than the law of the jungle where they say, "caveat emptor"; let the buyer beware because the goons & thugs couldn't give a rat's a**e! The native Americans were also fooled because they couldn't believe any species would sink so low.

She fell for the propaganda claiming the gangster-run, thieved prison-states of Amerika and Poodleville have the World's best universities. But the krappy performance of slug-brained Anglo/Amerikans in the PISA tests say otherwise. The anglo/zionist propaganda that they have the most "prestigious" universities is another clue. It's tantamount to admitting they're krappy, so their only claim is that they're carry prestige.
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- as China wows the World

But the national observatory, under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has rebutted suggestions that such additions of supporting telescopes would be a remedy for the FAST’s flawed design and construction.
- Huge radio telescope to get a boost in ability to look for aliens, David P. Goldman-commandeered Asia Times Online

This is the World's largest radio telescope. China didn't make, just to boast of its size as the dotard war criminal, The Donald, boasts about the size of the nukilar button made for those who's vision is failing. The size is important to increase the sensitivity. And unlike Elon Musk's Big Phallic Rocket, which is just three Falcon 9 rockets taped together, but which did nothing but send one of his Tesla krudmobiles (heavily subsidised but still sold at a loss) into space, China does it for a purpose.

There is no flaw in the design, unlike the Hubble telescope, where someone pointed out the flaw, but where his arrogant co-workers ignored him and a far more expensive fix had to be performed after it was launched into space. The more collectors, the more sensitivity.

Very obviously, if the design or construction was flawed, there's absolutely no reason to fix it, which is why it admits: The enhanced resolution of the array will be around 100 times the current level.

This sort of guttersniping, carping and sad, little bastardry is why the pothead war criminal was told by war criminal, Sarko the 1st, that he'd missed an opportunity to STFU. It's the exact opposite of the mythical "english gentleman", who (theory has it) is gracious in defeat as well as in success. It highlights the fact that the Anglo/zionist gangsters are species of krappiness and they know it.

The whining continues: There have also been reports that despite having a cutting-edge device that can enable scientists to detect signals from as far away as 1,000 light-years, China is facing a drain of talent able to operate a complex facility of this scale and may eventually have to recruit astronomers and technicians from overseas.

The South China Morning Post reports that China has not had satisfactory results from its search for personnel, despite the fact that the job of operating the FAST pays comparably with Western facilities and comes with 8 million yuan (US$1.25 million) in research funding, as well as perks such as free housing.

So China has the expertise to build it (unlike the poodle state's inability to build a nukilar reactor) yet, you're supposed to believe she doesn't have anyone qualified to operate it, which requires the same know-how and despite the illegitimate state of New Izrael and the gangster-run thieved prison-states of Poodleville and Amerika all underperforming China in the PISA tests!

This sort of surreal propaganda is the inspiration for Monty Python's black knight whom, having all his limbs chopped off, STILL challenges his foes; the "british sense of humour", whereby they laugh at themselves because the alternative would be a dead-pan admission that they're krap or someone beating them to it.
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Another Area the Anglo/Zionist Gangsters Can't Compete In
- targetting Chinese again

And look at what lying scumbags they are!

Chinese food should come with a health warning, campaigners warn today as research shows some dishes contain five times more salt than a Big Mac.
- Chinese takeaways contain five times more salt than a Big Mac - the worst dish revealed

And because takeaway meals are not standardised in the same way as MuckDonalds are, that claim is completely meaningless. The amount of salt varies from takeaway to takeaway and ADDED salt will likely be less than a gram per meal. After all, why would takeaways give away more salt than they needed to? It's not as though they follow Gordon Ramsay's trick of making people thirsty so that they buy booze in his restaurants.

But this is the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense. One propagandist pointed out that over the previous 15 years only the zionist DTN had failed to make "consistent losses" and that billionaires buy propaganda rags for influence. The DTN, then, offers the best BS stories that money can buy.

By the usual "amazing co-incidence", the Guardian ALSO has the same propaganda story: Often blamed on the supposed “Chinese restaurant syndrome”, this raging thirst is in fact the body’s attempt to redress the dehydrating effects of excess salt.
. . .
More than half of the Chinese takeaway dishes analysed by the pressure group Action Against Salt contained more than half the government’s recommended daily 6g allowance.

- How to order a healthier Chinese takeaway: swap noodles for rice and avoid the soup

Again, chinese takeaways do not add the same amount of salt, so the above claim doesn't even begin to make sense. The Guardian also got the astro-turf organisation name wrong. It's "Action On Salt". A level teaspoon of salt is 3g, so a rounded one is supposed to be your full allowance for a whole freakin' day! Does that sound reasonable?

I've seen one documentary claim chinese food is the healthiest followed by indian. I can't remember what they based it on. But it shows they can't even keep their story consistent.

In Poodleville they eat fish and chips where they pour salt and vinegar all over it.

George Galloway had to sue these lying scumbags when they accused him of accepting bribes from Saddam Hussein. After he won his libel case, the DTN admitted they weren't a newspaper and were only publishing their BS opinion. They then tried to bankrupt Galloway by appealing the court ruling. Then the Great Satan accused him of the exact same thing.

It follows amerikan propaganda of the "chinese food syndrome", where symptoms include feeling full, loss of appetite etc.

The other lie is the MSG in chinese food lie, which calls an excitotoxin. Yet MSG was created in Japan not China. Japan tested MSG and found that it could cause detatchment of the retina, but only if you ate 1/60th of your body weight in a day, or about 1kg for a 60kg person rather than the usual less than 1g, meaning it was safer than water or oxygen.

Furthermore, sodium glutamate is in all plant matter and therefore all animal matter. That's why in Poodleville, Walkers Crisps will only claim that there's no ADDED MSG. With the lie exposed, Italy has produced a competitor to MSG.

Furthermore, salt is most probably not the cause of high blood pressure and high blood pressure is most probably not the cause of heart disease: Eating too much salt has been linked to degenerative health conditions including heart disease.

We now know that the Ancel Keys study in the 1960s was fradulent, where he cherry picked results to show that fat and not carbohydrates were the cause of health problems. The study was funded by the sugar industry who also bribed the Great Satan's most "prestigious" yooniversity, Harvard, to back up the lies.

Reducing fat and salt, often means processed food manufacturers replace the loss of flavour with sugar.

Also you wouldn't want to eat anything from MuckDonalds: Researchers have found that McDonald’s burgers cannot decompose on their own.
- World’s top 5 ‘most evil’ corporations

In other words, the bacteria wouldn't touch them with a barge-pole. Amerikans complain they're served "crap as food". MuckDonalds is notorious for using trans-fats, which cause cancer as well as HFCS which also contributes to cancer, diabetes, obesity etc. Dr. Joe Mercola warns about all of these. But he also warns about MSG, which is completely harmless.

Carbohydrates cause cancer, diabetes, premature aging, weight gain, tooth decay, flatulence and dementia. It's like putting diesel in a petrol engined car. The state-run BBC tried to peddle carbohydrates too, claiming that production of amylase (to digest carbohydrates) shows you're supposed to eat it. That's like saying a scab shows you're supposed to get cuts.

Strangely, Action On Salt is supported by

Diabetes UK,
Cancer Research UK, and
Alzheimer's Society.

It claims on its website: "Too much salt in our diet leads to high blood pressure, which is the main cause of strokes and a major cause of heart disease, the world’s most common causes of death.
There is a wealth of evidence to support this . . ." ... gramme/145617.html/

Wow! Salt, causes high blood pressure and high blood pressure is the MAIN cause of strokes?!?!?!? There's such a "wealth of evidence" they completely fail to provide it. The propaganda rags have been repeating this claim for years but never produced any evidence.

What a crock o' s***!
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Another Propaganda Stunt in "Rip-Off Britain"
- and that's tacit admission of how krappy they are

Anglo/Amerikan yooniversiteis are so krappy, their own freakin' stewdents, including at their most "prestigious" (Harvard and Cambridge) complain they're being taught Quackonomics rather than Economics. The rampant bigotry of "jewish socialism" means the most gifted humans (those who would outshine the anglo/zionist gangsters the most, such as Michael Wang) are held back. But with the internet, everyone is getting wise to anglo/zionist corruption: "Sharp drop in international student visas worries some US colleges."

Individual subjects at English universities will be given a gold, silver or bronze award through a tool that will assess teaching quality, drop-out rates, career prospects and average salary earned.
- University degree courses to be ranked in 'MoneySuperMarket' style system, minister says

Wow! That'll hurt. From my experience, poodle yooniversities have to be the World's worst. Everyone of those worthless dumbassed crooked lekturers will be made redundant!!!

Except, it'll be like the Michelin stars and praise given to Heston Blumenidiot's Daft F*** restaurant as being the "best in the World", just before he poisoned hundreds of victims naive enough to believe Anglo/zionist propaganda. The freakin' clown did EXACTLY THE SAME AGAIN, when he opened "Dinner". A better (well another) example is the propaganda stunt that convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, pulled, when farmer Tony Martin shot a burglar. His only crime was that he had pre-planned his defence with an illegal shotgun. The plods appeared on TV claiming the sheeple could chase a burgler and club them with, say, a golf club. Except one teecher shot an air pistol into the ground to try and scare of some Anglo skank vandalising her car and Myleene Klass brandished a kitchen knife from behind her french windows, when some Anglo skank were raiding her garden shed. Despite having young kids with her, both Klass and the teecher were cautioned by the Plods.

In other words, everyone knows Poodleville's yooniversities are krap, as well as being rigged in favour of "white, working class boys", so they've pulled this propaganda stunt to provide a false sense of trust in poodle yooniversities.

It's not as though the goons & thugs in a feudal system are going to give up their privileges, including attendance at the most "prestigious" establishments: It comes after Telegraph revealed that teachers at Eton and Winchester College were suspended over allegations that they leaked exam questions ahead of upcoming papers.

It is thought that staff at top private schools may be over represented on exam boards - which devise the questions - as they are some of the leading experts in their subjects in the country.

- 'Cheating' scandal: Teachers shift blame to exam boards

When the pothead war criminal, arranged the sham referendum for the "Alternative Vote", I didn't even receive a polling card telling me where and when to vote and no flyer from the three factions of the goons & thugs; just the one from an independent who wasn't in on the scam. YouGov then reported "many were unable to vote."

As well as being clearly dumbed-down, the rating system is still dependent on a committee of anglo/zionist congenital liars.
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