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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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Ive heard of that invention, and many great ones besides.  It seems only products or inventions th ...

One must remember,
The duty any State must value most is the duty to protect its Citizen...

Second Opium War, legalizing the opium trade, expanding coolie trade, opening all of China to British merchants, and exempting foreign imports from internal transit duties...

The Eight-Nation Alliance was an international military coalition set up against the Empire of China.
The eight Nations were the Empire of Japan,  the Russian Empire,  the British Empire,  the French Third Republic,  the United States, the German Empire,  the Kingdom of Italy  and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Perhaps you understand why certain inventions are of paramount importance.

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emanreus Post time: 2017-10-4 14:49
One must remember,
The duty any State must value most is the duty to protect its Citizen...

Yes, certain inventions are of great importance to China for its security; the humiliation of the past must never be repeated!

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pnp Post time: 2017-10-4 13:04
Ive heard of that invention, and many great ones besides.  It seems only products or inventions th ...

it means LOW qualety but also LOW price because our government alow rich factory owners to pay LOW salery to workers

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China's Groundbreaking Achievements Before Bedtime
- because we Asians can't innovate

The high-orbit satellite has accomplished a two-way high-speed sky-to earth laser communication test, the first of its kind in the world.
. . .
In 2016, the world’s first quantum satellite, nicknamed “Micius” after an ancient Chinese scientist, was put into orbit on top a Long March 2-D rocket to establish 100% secure, “hack-proof” quantum communications by transmitting “uncrackable” keys from space to the ground and vice versa.
. . .
It has also been reported that Beijing plans “ghost imaging” reconnaissance satellites that will allow them to track all US military planes using the sun and special laser beams, such as the B-2 Spirit stealth bombers that carry out nighttime missions, plus Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit bombers.
. . .
Speaking about whether the US or China would have more technological power in space technology and AI, Schmidt said: “[The answer is] pretty simple. By 2020 they will have caught up. By 2025 they will be better than us. And by 2030 they will dominate”.

- China hails its 170th satellite, but hush on spy programs

That's half past eight in the evening of course.

Yet, because Asians are far superior by far and then some, the anglo/zionist gangsters impose a white-supremacist apartheid edukashun system. Asians in both the gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states of Amerika and Poodleville aren't even proportionally represented, whereas in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kalifornia, 40% of undergradyooits are Asian despite having only a third the Asian population. Even then, that's assuming Kalifornia is being 100% fair to Asians.

When China topped the 2012 PISA tests, the child-rapists at the jewish-controlled state-run BBC peddled the propaganda of "Chinese Skool: Are Our Dumbasses Tuff Enuff?" and even admitted it was to peddle the "stereotype" that Chinese succeed only because we work 700 hours a day. But a more honest appraisal is: When the English are worse at English than the Chinese, you know you’re in trouble.
- SATs aren't damaging kids — low expectations are

AND BOY ARE THEY! Their own propaganda report admits theirs is the only average IQ which is declining EVEN FURTHER too as they breed themselves krappier. They can't cook and never managed to master programming VCRs. That's why they're "conservative" because they can't cope with the 20th century never mind the 21st.

They also claim their yooniversities are the World's most "prestigious". Yet the reality is the exact opposite and once again the Anglo is found to institutionalise crime rather than fight it: It follows a series of disclosures by The Telegraph into exam malpractice at schools including Eton and Winchester College, which resulted in two senior scholars leaving the profession in disgrace.
- Exam cheating scandal: How a lovestruck pupil's boast sparked investigation

This is the inspiration for the old Belles of St. Trinians satire movie.

Having admitted they also institutionalise their bigotry in favour of "white, working-class boys", that too was found to be a lie as the claim that the Secondary Modern/Grammar skool segregation scam was found to promote social mobility was only supported by the statistics when they discounted the poorest third.

It's not only science but business where Asians are superior too. Huawei has overtaken Apple in the smartphone market and despite the propaganda smearing Samsung, the market leader, Samsung remains at the top and has also overtaken Intel in chip-making. Samsung is not only the technology supplier to Apple but has had to sue Apple for thieving some of her technology too.
Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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Absurdity in David P. Goldman-Commandeered Asia Times Online

This follows his claim that the Illegitimate Defence Force on the Mavi Marmara used "paint guns" to murder their victims in international waters, shooting them at point-blank range in the back.

Jumping into the PRC is, of course, risky – given the Chinese track record for stealing or strong-arming technology, lack of an honest legal system and discrimination against foreign companies – especially successful ones.
- Boeing rolls the dice in China with 737 ‘finishing plant’

It could be worse!

Instead of the general and unsubstantiated claim above, we have the rape of a JY maid by "rutting ape" DSK, but who is denied a criminal trial because she is deemed untrustworthy, when the WHOLE IDEA of a trial is to see who is lying. She then goes on to win her civil trial but DSK escapes jail. Similarly, the murder, in cold blood, of Vincent Chen, results in the perpetrator being sued in a civil court after the criminal case has the bigot of a judge claiming the murderer is "not the sort" to go to jail.

Or how about the poodle-state which claims RAF doctor, Martin Kendall-Smith's citing of the illegality of the illegal invasion of Iraq is "irrelevant" in court-marshaling him for refusing to serve a third term there. Then there's the corrupt ruling that refusing to pay a fair price to Railtrack shareholders is OK because convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, hadn't intended to cause them loss.

As usual, they're describing themselves. It's Samsung which is the technology supplier to Apple and has had to sue Apple for patent violation. Apple retaliated by suing only for "look and feel".

China already leads the World in many fields. Huawei, for example has tested 5G which promises up to 50 Gbps broadband, which is why the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense lied that it was only a theoretical 10Mbps and 4G only 1,000 kbps when the average has actually been 19Mbps: "BT's mobile unit wades into 5G battle against Three". This is as the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense's Jeremy Warner claims China is the World's most protectionist!

But the real reason is: Mike Rogers, the former congressman who chaired the House intelligence committee lamented, “given current market trends, it’s hard to imagine Huawei not being the only option in 10 years.”
- Huawei deal to sell phones through AT&T collapses
Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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Flogging a Dead Horse

Investing in Poodleville would be a HUGE mistake.

Whilst Huawei has successfully tested 5G with up to 50Gbps, Poodleville's former state monopoly BT and its Openreach offshoot have finally agreed to install fibre-optics at only 1Gbps. Previously they'd stuck with copper cable offering only 300Mbps with krappy "G.Fast", which was slow and they only planned to complete the roll-out of this krapware by 2020.

A PC's serial-ATA hard drive bus will only manage 6Gbps and even then you'd need a solid-state disk to achieve those speeds.

The reason for the disparity between China and Poodleville is easy to determine: BT is sometimes jokingly referred to by City analysts as “a pension fund that sells broadband”
- Pensions strife down the line as BT row worsens

BT alone has a pension deficit of £9.1bn,
- The UK's pensions timebomb: which companies have the biggest black holes?

. . .  despite Vince Cable denying Poodleville is a nation of spivs and Lord Winestock claiming he needed accountants rather than engineers because accountants made him money.

To "compensate" the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense lies: How fast is 5G?
Mobile download speeds

4G (LTE)
5G (theoretical)

- BT's mobile unit wades into 5G battle against Three

Typical speeds in the field for 4G are 19Mbps, whilst 5G's theoretical speed is 50,000,000 kbps NOT 10,000.

This is why the Great Satan has blocked Huawei's tie-up with AT&T and why the poodle state has blocked Three's bid for O2 even as it allows BT's purchase of EE and allows BT and Vodafone to maintain a monopoly over bandwidth.

But then the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense also claims: "The UK is a tech leader but we have a target on our backs"

Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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War Criminal, The Donald's Amerikan "Geniuses"
- because we Asians can't innovate

Huawei has already tested 5G which promises 50Gbps broadband. A PC's serial ATA hard drive bus runs at 6Gbps but to achieved that you need a solid state disk. It follows on from the World's first quantum teleportation satellite, which unlike Elon Musk's rocket re-use wasn't achieved through trial and error. China is also planning a quantum ghost imaging satellite and has just performed a groundbreaking laser to Earth communications link to.

These achievements are all so freakin' amazing that China has clearly stolen them from amerikan geniuses using a time machine to go into the 23rd century.

However, the Great Satan can only make vague boasts: “Every year, competitors such as China steal US intellectual property valued at hundreds of billions of dollars. Stealing proprietary technology and early-stage ideas allows competitors to unfairly tap into the innovation of free societies.
. . .
The genius of creative Americans, and the free system that enables them, is critical to American security and prosperity.

- Trump offers a daring program to restore US dominance

“I don’t think they’ll (China) be number one, because I think there’s still a level of genius and creativity in Silicon Valley that persists and will always persist,” Breyer said during a CNBC-hosted panel in November.
- China is building a US$2.1 billion research park dedicated to artificial intelligence

That would be the region in Kalifornia where 40% of stewdents are Asian.

Here's the rest of Amerika however: The American Association of Poison Control Centers issued a health alert this week in response to the "spike" in exposure to Tide Pods' toxic chemicals. YouTube and Facebook both said they would pull videos of people taking bites out of pods.
. . .
"What the heck is going on, people? Use Tide Pods for washing. Not eating," Gronkowski said in a video.

- Tide Pods: P&G's big innovation gone wrong

And the Great Satan's mini-me is following suit as it always does: “Increasing numbers of young people are overdosing on Xanax, having obtained it from the internet,” he said.
- Xanax misuse: doctors warn of 'emerging crisis' as UK sales rise

Here's a picture of the time masheen (spelt with using amerikan inglish), which China used to steal amerikan technology from the future, which paradoxically was how she acquired the time masheen in the first place:


Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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