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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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Nothing But Snake-Oil
- Mary Seacole's cures: STILL more effective two centuries on

Kenyan doctress, Mary Seacole's cures were more effective than anything Poodleville's finest quacks could offer. But then blacks also had a higher literacy rate DURING SLAVERY!!!!

The amerikan, gangster, white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun system imposes a quota on Asians of 12.2%, yet a quarter of "ivy league" stewdents are jewish, despite the illegitimate state of New Izrael (a nation of Ashkenazi Jews) performing particularly badly in the PISA tests and Jews only being 2% of the population, shows how gangster-run, the thieved prison-state is. Harvard, their most "prestigious" has now been exposed as having accepted bribes to support the fraudulent Ancel Keys report which was funded by the sugar industry on top of also teeching quackonomics (only with the internet have the dumbassed stewdents at Harvard realised they're being taught gangster BS).

And with their worthless paper degrees, all they produce is krapware backed up with propaganda and fraud. It's the failure of fascism: If you think cholesterol-lowering statin drugs are an affront to your intelligence because they were approved on the false promise they save lives yet have only been proven to spare one non-mortal heart attack among 70 high-risk or one in 200 healthy adults over a 5-year period, then you will be just as outraged at the latest blockbuster drug Big Pharma just pulled out of its bags of tricks.

The drug, a monoclonal antibody called Ilaris (canakinumab), which is not new (first described in the medical literature in 2009), is being lauded in the news media (the sycophants of the drug industry) as a wonder drug that could save thousands of lives.  It is being “hailed as the biggest breakthrough since statins. “

And why?  Because it has just now been shown to ever so slightly reduce the risk for non-mortal heart attacks over an average of 3.7 years from 4.50 events to 3.86 events per 100-person years compared to an inactive placebo pill.  In hard numbers that is only a 0.68% difference but in relative numbers that is a 15% difference.

- Another Wonder Drug; It Makes You Wonder

And just as statins poison the liver to stop it doing what it is supposed to do, which is to produce and recycle cholesterol, this new snake-oil defies millions of years of evolution as an anti-inflammatory. So as well as being completely ineffective, the fraudulent krap causes lethal side-effects: Since controlled inflammation is a part of the human immune response, when it over-inhibits inflammation it can be a killer.
. . .
Significantly more deaths were attributed to infection or sepsis in the pooled canakinumab groups than in the placebo group. It was not tested among subjects who had a known history or active case of tuberculosis. Nonetheless, six confirmed cases of tuberculosis occurred during the trial.

In addition to immune related problems, migraines and vertigo have been reported with the use of canakinumab.

As ever, the only beneficiary is the snake-oil corporation itself: Canakinumab is currently very high priced — $12,800 per injection, but is expected to be more affordable as volume use is achieved.

It's not as though they're not constantly at war. It's not as though they don't impose fraudulent paper funny-money on the World at the point of a gun. It's not as though they haven't thieved their way through their entire history as species of gangster, illegal immigrant and parasite. It's not as though they didn't start eating one another "the first time the mail-boat was a day late".
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More White-Supremacist Bias

Read all the ASTOUNDING scientific achievements in recent years and they've been achieved by Asians even those in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, where a 12.2% quota is imposed on Asians and only 16% of "ivy league" places are awarded to Asians compared to a quarter awarded to Jews who represent far fewer in the population and perform far, far worse in the PISA tests. Despite the Propagandistic Times of Cesspit London awarding Poodleville's Oxford and Cambridge, white-supremacist yooniversities top place in a league table, Poodleville's yooniversity achievements are conspicuous by their absence. There's only graphene discovered by two russian scientists.

But look at the Nobbled prizes and, like the Oscars, they're overwhelmingly awarded to whites. And when Asians win, they usually have to share them with whites who tried and failed in the same subject decades earlier.

Here's some more bigotry praising the "achievements" in my previous post: James Allison of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Robert Schreiber of the Washington University School of Medicine were cited for their work on antibody treatments that has increased the survival of patients with metastatic melanoma.
. . .
Nobel Prize-winner Jules Hoffman, a presenter of the awards,
. . .
Other winners are: —Belgian astrophysicist Michael Gillon for his work that has helped map new solar systems from the comfort of planet Earth,
. . .
—Germans Aleida and Jan Assmann, a married couple recognized for their work presenting collective memory "as a requirement for the formation of the identity of religious and political communities." —Indian economist Bina Agarwal, a professor at the University of Manchester, recognized in the gender studies category for her "heroic" work studying women's contributions to agriculture in India.

- 2 US scientists awarded Balzan Prize for cancer research

Yes folks, their achievements are so krappy they don't make the news but their rewards for the mundane DO! There's a token Indian, who's achievements can't be said to have furthered humanity and is itself little more than just recognition of women in India. That's similar to the Nobbled prize awarded to Tu You You for re-discovering artemisin which is an ancient cure for malaria. They don't want Agarwal's achievements to out-shine those of the whites, just as Mary Seacole out-shone Florence Nightingale.

What about Pan Jian Wei's  quantum communications satellite? They try to thieve credit for it by citing Anton Zeilinger as Pan's former professor, despite Pan now being a professor in his own right! When did you hear Einstein's former professor being credited with his work or anyone pointing out that his work contradicted itself, was full of unjustified assumptions, was largely plagiarised and he needed someone else to do the maths for him, that space travellers ignore his quackery otherwise their spaceships would be hundreds of kilometres off or that the likes of the George Sagnac effect used in sat-nav "gyroscopes" contradict his BS?

What about the moisture extractor that can generate a litre of water in hours in desert conditions, created by Evelyn Wang and Omar Yaghi?

If these achievements are too recent, what about the pioneering stem-cell treatments at Beijing hospital, but which was smeared by Poodleville's state-owned channel 4 propa-mentary and yet an amerikan teenager passed her driving test a year after treatment despite having had 20/2000 vision?
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Krapware That Everyone Knows About

Britain’s manufacturing exporters have “hoarded” the gains from last year’s fall in sterling by putting up prices rather than increasing output and sales.
- UK exporters have 'hoarded' gains from fall in sterling, says ONS

So you're supposed to believe that Poodleville's spvis are so stooopid that they don't increase sales volume, even if they have excess inventory, to increase profits by hitting the optimum price/volume especially as costs will be spread over that increased volume too.

More likely is that everyone is familiar with the krappy quality (or lack thereof) of "rip-off Britain", where the krappiness of the krapware means they only sell small volumes and then have to cut corners because of those low volumes, such that the krapware is even krappier in an endless death-spiral of krapulence.

These are the clowns who supplied :

the exploding engines on the Airbus A380 because the wrong spec. oil seals were used,

the overheating batteries on the Boeing 787,

the failing signalling equipment that caused a crash on China's high-speed rail,

the refurbished diesel submarines that caught fire on the return trip to Kanada, killing one sailor,

the nukilar fuel rods supplied to Japan where the test documentation had been forged,

and who underperform Asians in the PISA tests even though they're conducted in English and include an English test.
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Because We Asians Can't Innovate
- but anglo/zionist spivs with no Imagination can (LOL)

Apple's latest ridiculously-priced phone appears to be a flop, unlike the latest offerings from Samsung (which supplies technology to Apple because we Asians can't innovate) and Huawei. Huawei has overtaken Apple for 2nd place too despite anglo/zionist propaganda claiming Samsung is trying to catch up with Apple from 1st place.

One of the reasons cited is the new OLED screen on the iPhone X which the iPhone 8 doesn't have.

But like Poodleville's krapmobile industry, Apple has also decided to price itself out of existence out of sheer greed. Comparisons often show Apple being the most expensive, yet having the krappiest specification.

The spiv-like mentality is apparent in Elon Musk's krapmobiles too. He's just released extra range for those caught up in hurricane Irma, something he usually charges over $1,000 for. Intel is also notorious for selling co-processors several years ago which, because they'd run out of them, were actually combined CPU/co-processors but with the CPU bit disabled. Thus they sold the two separately just to increase sales.

Because we Asians can't innovate, Samsung has also produced a QLED TV. I've personally looked at this and the picture is SHARP. I can't imagine a better picture. Non-OLED (or QLED) TVs looked washed-out by comparison. OLED TVs are supposed to offer stark contrast because each pixel is individually lit. Sony's OLED TV looked sharper, but it wasn't displaying the same picture. The Sony picture was of someone blowing glass and the background was pitch-black; no washout whatsoever. The QLED TV is supposed to be better in bright lighting than OLED.

Because we Asians can't innovate, Occupied Korea also produced 4K, HD and digital TV too and Samsung (along with many others) has had to sue Apple for patent violation with Apple counter-suing for "look and feel". Poodleville's Imagination, however has rested on its laurels and is no longer relevant. The only reason the price hasn't fallen more than 70% is recency bias. The only reason China wants to buy it is to dump the even more worthless "worthless paper" USD.

The Anglos are so slug-brained they have to lower the standards to such a level that they then have to ration places at yooniversity with the Secondary Modern/Grammar skool segregation scam. Even then they STILL have to cheat at Eton and Winchester; their most "prestigious". The gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika is so dumbassed, it even has "football skolarships". So whereas civilised nations fight against cheating and criminality, the Anglo-thieved nations all institutionalise it!

Here's more Anglo cheating: "Exam boards launch GCSE 'double entry' investigation amid claims that schools are breaking rules"
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Why "Made in China still suggest low quality?"  Go ask the Chinese themselves, they dont trust thrir own products,; they dash across the border to Hong Kong to load up on imported products like milk powder, baby diapers etc!

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pnp Post time: 2017-9-28 14:52
Why "Made in China still suggest low quality?"  Go ask the Chinese themselves, they dont trust thrir ...

But getting better...
A new device capable of generating terahertz radiation with unprecedented power...

small enough to fit early warning aircraft or satellite to identify and track military aircraft, like the US’ F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters...
  Good things do take time,
dear me, it might have been copied from N/Korea

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emanreus Post time: 2017-9-28 21:58
But getting better...
A new device capable of generating terahertz radiation with unprecedented p ...

Ive heard of that invention, and many great ones besides.  It seems only products or inventions that the State value most for its reputation are given special attention, hence better quality.  The stuff that ordinary consumers buy dont have the same high quality.  Pity the average consumers; they face a huge problem with the quality of many products!

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