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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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Anglos Leading From Behind Again

And that's not just how they fight all those wars that they start. The Propagandistic Times of Cesspit London once claimed the poodle state was "leading the World" in newly minted millionaires. Except that it was Occupied Korea which had the highest number that year.

More usual is the ambiguous term, "amongst the best in the World" or "World-class" .

Here's the PISA 2015 test scores conducted in English: When there are debates about the world's top performing education systems, the names that usually get mentioned are the Asian powerhouses such as Singapore and South Korea or the Nordic know-alls, such as Finland or Norway.

But with much less recognition, Canada has climbed into the top tier of international rankings.

- How Canada became an education superpower

LOL! Estonia was actually two places higher, just as it was in 2012. The gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kanada only achieved 7th place. Those "Nordic know-alls" are famous for being multi-lingual, so aren't held back by the tests being conducted in English. Imagine how the slug-brained Anglos would cope if they were conducted in Chinese or in fact any other language!!!

The 2015 test is highly suspicious. China topped the 2012 tests, but unlike the other asian nations which remained at the top, China's results in 2015 crashed to tenth place and there was a special footnote JUST for China: "Provinces of Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Guangdong".

But then it admits it's lying and that its ex-pats who contribute to the success: Also not widely recognised is that Canada has a high level of migrants in its school population.
. . .
Within three years of arriving, the Pisa tests show the children of new migrants have scores as high as the rest of their schoolmates.
. . .
Migrants coming to Canada, many from countries such as China, India and Pakistan, are often relatively well-educated and ambitious to see their children get into professional careers.

Indeed, often the amerikan spelling-bee competition is won by an ex-pat just arrived from Asia. The last two years, an indian Amerikan has won it. Those ex-pats from Asia don't have slugs for brains.

But the BS about culture is peddled again: Prof Jerrim says these families have an immigrant "hunger" to succeed, and their high expectations are likely to boost school results for their children.

Hilarious! They even admit Asians have higher IQs with Charles Darwin calling Chinese "geniuses" but now contradict themselves with sad little bastardry.

As Canada marks its 150th anniversary, it can claim the status of an education superpower.


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From The Horses Mouth

Documents show that Henry I. Miller, an academic and a vocal proponent of genetically modified crops, asked Monsanto to draft an article for him that largely mirrored one that appeared under his name on Forbes’s website in 2015.
. . .
An academic involved in writing research funded by Monsanto, John Acquavella, a former Monsanto employee, appeared to express discomfort with the process, writing in a 2015 email to a Monsanto executive, “I can’t be part of deceptive authorship on a presentation or publication.” He also said of the way the company was trying to present the authorship: “We call that ghost writing and it is unethical.”
. . .
“If somebody came to me and said they wanted to test Roundup I know how I would react — with serious concern."
. . .
In a 2002 email, a Monsanto executive said, “What I’ve been hearing from you is that this continues to be the case with these studies — Glyphosate is O.K. but the formulated product (and thus the surfactant) does the damage.”

In a 2003 email, a different Monsanto executive tells others, “You cannot say that Roundup is not a carcinogen … we have not done the necessary testing on the formulation to make that statement.”

- New Monsanto Emails Raise Questions On Safety Of RoundUp Products

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Money For Old Rope

With a new and improved Mustang just months away, buyers for the incumbent model have vanished. U.S. sales have plummeted 30 percent, to just 50,800, through July of this year.
- Ford’s Mustang Has a Problem: The New Mustang, reports Bloomberg BS.

But then it admits it's lying: In June, it was outsold by the Dodge Challenger, something that has happened only one other time in the past five years.

So they're NOT waiting for the new and somehow improved Mustang krapmobile!

It's the same lie used for the latest iPhone, which has seen a 10% decline in sales in China and which is only in fifth place there as well. Like the krappy Mustang, the krappy iPhone's new features (or lack thereof) are not stated. Yet they're demanding $1,000 for a krappy iPhone which is higher than the competition and has a lower specification than the competition too.

Whilst they claim Asians can't innovate, anglo/amerikan krapmobiles are notorious for having the same, old chassis and engines they've been using for decades only with a different body shell.

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More Quackery

“Meanwhile, the white crystal we’ve demonized all these years has been taking the fall for another, one so sweet that we refused to believe it wasn’t benign. A white crystal that, consumed in excess, can lead to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and chronic kidney disease: not salt, but sugar.”

But Public Health England (PHE), speaking out as promotion of DiNicolantonio’s book gathered pace in the UK, said his advice was not only wrong but dangerous. Prof Louis Levy, head of nutrition science at PHE, said: “Diet is now the leading cause of ill health. By advocating a high-salt diet this book is putting the health of many at risk and it undermines internationally recognised evidence that shows a diet high in salt is linked to high blood pressure, a known risk for heart disease.

“Our work with the food industry to cut the salt in food has already seen consumption in the UK reduce by 11% and is seen as the model to aspire to globally.”

The row follows other diet controversies, such as the renewed debate over saturated fat and cholesterol. But the evidence on salt is incontrovertible, according to Graham MacGregor, a professor of cardiovascular medicine, who led the campaign for action on salt and health (CASH).

- A danger to public health? Uproar as scientist urges us to eat more salt

Is that supposed to be a clue? The old joke was of a crook who asked his marks to make their cheques payable to an organisation, the initials of which spelt out "cash".

That "internationally recognised evidence" is BS. It shows an association NOT a cause between high blood pressure and heart disease. There is ZERO evidence showing high blood pressure is a cause and you would be hard-stretched to imagine why too. How could high pressure POSSIBLY cause blockages?

And wouldn't a freakin' plumber be able to tell you that if your pipes are clogged up pressure builds? That would mean that high blood pressure is just a symptom and not a cause of hardened arteries and blockages that cause heart attacks and strokes.

We already know the infamous Ancel Keys report cherry-picked data and if it hadn't it would have shown the exact opposite result that carbohydrates, including sugar, are the problem. Isn't that already obvious from the rocketing obesity, diabetes and heart disease rates? That infamous report was funded by the sugar industry who then bribed Harvard scumbags to support the lies.

Thos of us who have adopted a low-carbohydrate diet know that it effortlessly reduces the excess fat. I tried the reduced calorie route and found that my weight just increased in the Winter and decreased in the Summer, staying roughly the same. My BMI never fell below 19% and was as high as 24%. Now I've lost 15lb and kept it off, whilst my BMI has fallen to 17% and it's not even a particularly strict diet!!! I make NO EFFORT to reduce salt but never add sugar to anything. My latest BP is 138/99. I prefer the diastolic high too, it's just the differential I want to keep low. The above article claims normal B.P. is 120/80, whereas usually they quote 140/90.

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我是一名中国人, 我爱我的祖国,世界上没有那个国家的人比我们更有认知感

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