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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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"Liverpool FC tackles China fakes with cut-price football shirts", Fraudulent Times of Cesspit London (crime, cockroach, bed-bug and money laundering capital of the World, gonorrhoea and cocaine capital of Europe).

Straight away you have to wonder how fakes can be "cut-price" when they're already made in Asia at low cost.

But then, the selling of such products is extortionate and an oft used trick is to change the uniform often to make the suckers buy a new one: After it unveiled its 2017/18 season shirt last month, the Premier League club started selling a budget version in China at a cost of just $30 compared with $87 for the normal shirt.

And that's STILL a HUGE markup!

So the above speciesist, China-Bashing smear from the Fraudulent Times of Cesspit London is really reporting that the greed has cut costs whilst still price-gouging. This is probably because China's consumers aren't as gullible.

As ever, the China-bashing propaganda from FT is offered free of its usual subscription.

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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality

This is a silly question. The simple answer is "buyers dont pay"

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Anglo/Zionist Gangsters Blaming the Victim Again

The duties of 29% to 55% were imposed after an investigation found that Chinese firms were dumping steel into Europe at unusually low prices that hurt local competitors.
- Europe steps up its fight against cheap Chinese steel

The title is, of course, supposed to imply both that China's steel is of low quality as well as being low-priced. The term "cheap" is used repeatedly.

Like the kangaroo kourt to deny China's rightful claim to the islands in the South China Sea, the propaganda article claims an investigation has arrived at a conclusion to imply due process has been performed.

But the EU is retaining use of an flagrantly unfair mechanism, whereby China is not judged on her own cost of production but on the cost of a third party. Furthermore, that scheme, which in of itself was crooked, was supposed to have ended at the end of last year! But the Krappy News Network fails to report this, only offering: Wang Hejun, an official at China's Ministry of Commerce, said the EU had taken an unfair approach to its investigation. Wang urged the EU to treat Chinese firms impartially and fairly.

With no actual evidence that China is "dumping" steel it offers circumstantial evidence instead: It's not the first time that China has been accused of dumping cheap steel on world markets.

It even claims only a "reputation", which at best is tacit admission of anglo/zionist China-bashing propaganda: China has a reputation for subsidizing its steel industry, giving it an unfair advantage against global competitors.

In fact, China's steel industry was profitable until the Great Satan illegally smashed prices of all commodities in mid-2014, though you could argue the illegal manipulation of commodities prices had artificially boosted steel prices in the first place. Banksters in Amerika are banned from trading commodities for their own account but do so anyway.

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China wont have much good and cheap offers to the west anymore after the OBOR engine starts. The west locals will start suffering from high living burdens. All the chinese goodies will be sold to the OBOR along regions. Oh, yea, let the west countrymen pay double prices for their necessities. They wont be able to renew their infrstructure since no more chinese suppliers are willing to sell them goodies. All our new customers are relocated to the OBOR people.

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The poodle state makes krapmobiles, which is why its entire krapmobile industry, including Corgi and Matchbox have imploded.

This is evident in the lap times at the Nurburgring. The top five include the Lamborghini Aventador, the Porsche 918 and the NextEV Nio electric car.

But it also includes two from Poodleville. These are a pair of stripped down krudmobiles, such that they're basically go-karts. THAT is the pathetic way the Anglos compete and it's why they don't bray about it so much because they know it's a really krappy way of doing it.

Similarly: Dignified entry might be an issue here. Bum in first, swing the legs round, but still your shirt rides up and if you are over six feet tall you bang your head on the roof lining.
- 2017 Ford GT review: Beauty, brutality, and 'magic sauce' - a new breed of supercar

Yep, it's still only 40" tall, which is every bit as krappy as the poodle krudmobiles. It's always been known that amerikan so-called "muscle cars" are basically really badly engineered and so use HUGE and inefficient gas-guzzling engines to achieve the bragging figures.

But what else would you expect. This is the same krudmobile corporation that still uses live rear-axles and ladder chassis.

So Ford has produced an extortionately priced krudmobile with nothing new in it and at a time when technology has surpassed it such that one of the fastest cars around the Nurburgring is now China's NextEV Nio!

It's also why the Great Satan and its mini-me always try and sell their krudmobiles on "beauty" and that the inefficient (unbalanced) exhaust noise is a feature rather than a flaw.

Even the article compares it to a Ford's GT has all the sophistication of a boxer's clenched fist bedecked with knuckle-duster rings and a couple of jail tattoos.

The article doesn't mention any new technology on offer with this krudmobile. Yet the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense offers the Lexus LFA as a comparable car which took Lexus 11 years to develop and COSTS LESS. Lexus's V10 is smaller and lighter than engines with fewer cylinders and revs so quickly an analogue meter won't do. It's body isn't a compromise of aluminium and carbon-fiber like the above krudmobile.

The zionist DTN also compares it to the most powerful Ferrari which costs half as much as well as the Lamborghini with the fast Nurburgring lap-time and also half the price.

Pathetically, it offers one of Poodleville's krappy McLarens for comparison too and in desperation one of the cheaper, middle-ranking McLarens at £218k.

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Will Tesla Implode?

It is hard to see what Tesla brings to the party. Musk uses Panasonic both for batteries and solar panels. Not only are his krudmobiles notorious for dangerous software and low reliability and quality, but the battery technology is looking dated already. Not only has the NextEV Nio just COMPLETELY SMASHED Nurburgring lap times (6:45.9), but a Hong Kong startup is planning a graphene battery with 1,000km range, thus eliminating problems with slow-charging or range anxiety.

But Tesla's problems don't end there: He now sees operating losses continuing through next year and estimates the company will consume $3.1 billion of cash this year, compared with an earlier estimate of $2.3 billion.
- One of Tesla's Biggest Bulls Just Downgraded the Stock

Given that Panasonic's battery technology is already being overtaken and Tesla places these batteries in the floor of the krudmobile, meaning they're not really replaceable, Tesla, with a "gigafactory" which hasn't even started production, is screwed and Musk has been reckless!

At least the Nio, which has interchangeable batteries in the door cavities, could possibly have an after-market graphene battery fitted.

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Chinaman2017 Post time: 2017-5-18 18:37
Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality

This is a silly question. The simple answer is "bu ...

That's a thought

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