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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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Krudware From Pseudo-Intellectuals

Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls them, "intellectual-yet-idiots". They're the product of the anglo/amerikan white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun system which holds back Asians.

The propaganda rags peddle the products that these pseudo-intellectuals produce as being, somehow, of superior quality and having undergone rigorous, scientific testing.

But like their snake-oil which often does more harm than good and is totally ineffective:  Tris has been added to many types of foam furniture, including pillows — this despite the fact that tris is a known carcinogen that may cause neurological damage. California has now classified it as a chemical known to cause cancer.
. . .
Among the strongest opponents of fire retardant chemicals are the firefighters who are forced to breathe the chemicals when they respond to a fire. Not only are the fumes toxic, but the chemicals are also ineffective.

- One-Third of Your Pillow Weight May Be Dust Mites and Bug Droppings

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Re-Parroting the Hackneyed White-Supremacist Propaganda

During WW2, they claimed blacks would be incapable of flying planes. That's how ridiculously stoooopid and pathetic the Anglos are.

What are Chinese companies looking for through these acquisitions?

First, they seek patents, brands and knowhow. This reflects the priority given to technological catch-up in the government’s “Made in China 2025” plan, which was adopted in 2015. What Chinese companies mainly want is to improve their supply, including in their own market where foreign brands are sought after, and meet the demand of a rapidly expanding middle class that is increasingly exacting in terms of quality, safety and image. A typical example is the powdered milk factory currently built in Brittany, whose entire production is destined for the Chinese market.

- Can we do without Chinese capital?

Well, they could hardly say that China is dumping the "worthless paper" USD!

The Great Satan and its mini-me impose a white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun system to hold back Asians, otherwise virtually all undergradyooits would be Asian. Blacks also had a higher literacy rate DURING SLAVERY. Now they simply lie about average IQs around the World.

The Great Satan is a net importer of technology whilst its poodle is a joke. Ford executives were shocked to see them still beating panels by hand when they purchased Jaguar. And this is a company that, itself, has a live rear-axle on its Mustang and a ladder chassis in its F-150 truck.

Chinese companies such as Alibaba are now planning to create jobs in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika to help out the amerikan snowflake.

China also leads the World in patents!

Whilst China is history's greatest ever creditor, the Great Satan is history's worst ever debtor. How can this be, if the Great Satan was so productive with the World's highest nominal GDP? How can this be if it's so creative such that amerikan products should be big sources of income?

But just as they smeared Japanese, claiming they couldn't innovate, they now do the same with China. Occupied Korea too, has pushed the technological boundaries in consumer electronics.

Anglo/amerikan contributions have been negligible to zero. Apple has been sued by Creative Industries for patent violations on its krappy iPod. Samsung supplies Apple with technology for its krappy iPhones but also has to sue Apple for patent violations and Shenzhen Dragon Bros Industrial's P88 came out a year before Apple's knock-off iPad.

Mary Seacole's cures were more effective than those of Poodleville's finest quacks, which means she still beats them today as they now only produce lethal and ineffective snake-oil.

There is also a fear of impoverishing the European industrial system if these companies intend to transfer production to China’s domestic market, where social protections are weak and labor rights and environmental standards are poorly respected.

It could be worse. China could have a slave system loosely disguised as a prison system and where 97% of felony convictions are achieved by the terrorism of plea-bargaining as is the case in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika.

Even in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, it's often Asians who produce the innovation. The latest is a solar powered water condenser that works in humidity as low as 20%; desert conditions. It can produce a day's water in just an hour and researchers include Evelyn Wang: "New device collects water from dry air by using sunlight: study". This is a MASSIVE innovation that could cure drought problems around the World, replacing de-salination plants, it might even be used to geo-engineer deserts.

The whole idea of white-supremacism is holding back superior humans. It's the only way a species of sad little bastard can compete. But western nations can't maintain the propaganda for much longer and making excuses is not a sensible way to deal with their inferiority.

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Poodle State Leading From Behind Yet Again

Is it any wonder they depend so heavily on their propaganda. How else would they cover up their embarrassing krappiness?

Government and businesses criticised for 'two decades of underinvestment' that have left the UK lagging well behind on key measures including literacy, numeracy and digital skills
- UK 'sleepwalking into becoming low-value, low-skilled economy that's unprepared for Brexit', CIPD says

That would be Poodleville's speciesist, apartheid edukashun system where they're so krappy they have to cheat Asians. Along with numeracy, literacy and digital skills, they forgot cooking. The Rosbifs can't even do that!

Despite BS claims that they have the World's most "prestigious" yooniversities. The truth is that they're fik as a brush: England and Northern Ireland together rank in the bottom four OECD countries for literacy and numeracy among 16-24 year olds, while the UK as a whole comes bottom of the class of 19 countries on young peoples’ computer problem-solving skills.

The krappiness is all-pervasive: The UK is also fourth from the bottom on the EU league table for adult job-related training, with evidence showing a marked deterioration since 2007.

However, you could also argue that it's flogging a dead horse.

But who needs skills, when a cowboy such as Elon Musk can do the test-driving for his lethal "autopilot" or when Heston Blumenidiot poisons hundreds of guests at the "Daft F***" before doing the exact same thing all over again at "Dinner"?

These clowns depend on other nations to build nuclear power stations; both the technology and the funding!

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How To Slim Down And Forget Everything
- yet more lethal and ineffective krapware

"Drinking Too Much Soda May Be Linked to Alzheimer’s"

Yes, anglo/amerikan pseudo-intellectuals, a product of their white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun system produce lethal and ineffective snake-oil using pseudo-science and quackery.

So it's no surprise that they do exactly the same with what some Amerikans complain is "crap served as food".

As well as Alzheimer's, it's not even effective for weight loss: Artificial sweeteners have been associated with—but not shown to necessarily cause—weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease.

However, the study contradicted other studies which claimed sugared drinks cause Alzheimer's and strokes. So it could be that, like the infamous Ancel Keys study, this latest is funded by the sugar industry.

The zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense continues to peddle carbohydrates: People who regularly drank artificially sweetened beverages are also more likely to suffer a stroke, but the full-fat equivalent is not associated with a greater risk of either condition.
- Diet fizzy drinks linked to dementia and stroke

Get that? "full-fat". There IS NO fat in fizzy drinks. So the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense is continuing the lie that Ancel Keys started in claiming fat is bad for you. The article repeats the "full-fat" claim several times too. One propaganda article from the zionist DTN even admitted carbohydrates were bad for you, then suggested recipes rich in carbohydrates!!!

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Peak Innovation Or Peak Spying

The gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states have the Five Eyes and Echelon spy rings, with the NSA even having a mandate for industrial espionage.

Apple has been repeatedly sued for patent violations.

But China has a quantum communications link between Shanghai and Beijing and now the World's first quantum satellite too.

As a result, the Great Satan seems to have hit peak innovation. The latest Apple iPhone was noted for having no innovation even as market leader, Samsung, and Huawei produced innovative new phones. With gangsterism 101 entailing upturning the apple-cart of your competitor, the anglo/zionist propaganda rags hyped overheating batteries in Samsung's smartphone, all in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, despite Apple phones having the same technology and the same problem.

Just as the Great Satan is making Star Wars IX, with the original based on japanese samurai fiction, Silicon Valley can only produce a juicer costing $400: From what I can tell, they were mesmerized by the fact the machine looked like and iPhone, connects to the internet, and was headquartered in San Francisco. Either that, or they knew the whole thing was a marketing scheme designed to trick morons into spending an enormous sum of money for the right to buy expensive juice packets that could probably be emptied just fine using a $20 machine.
. . .
$120 million in venture funding from Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins, for a juicer? And the founder, Doug Evans, calling himself himself Steve Jobs “in his pursuit of juicing perfection?” And how is Theranos’s Elizabeth Holmes walking around freely?

- Does America Have A Technology Platform Monopoly Problem?

The article cites Google as an innovative product. But there were several search engines which preceded the CIA's Google, including Yahoo!, co-founded by Jerry Yang. Merissa Mayer is now walking off with the best part of $200m just for successfully collapsing Yahoo!. It's net worth is basically its holdings of Alibaba shares. So Mayer is being paid handsomely for basically turning Yahoo! to dust. She even credits Yang, who now sits on Alibaba's board, with identifying Alibaba as an investment: Mayer also gave credit to Yang, saying she wanted to “take a moment and offer a word of thanks” to “our founder, Jerry Yang, who identified Alibaba as an investment opportunity and really championed it here at Yahoo.”
- Yahoo’s Yang Is Back Playing Alibaba-Board Power Broker

Just as Yang was ousted from Yahoo!, Steve (Jandali) Jobs was ousted from Apple but had to be brought back.

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i think the products that China exported has double standards.

Obviously, the products that sold to US or EU or developed countries, the quality is better due to the strict inspection before delivered out of factory. however, if the products are  sold to Africa or developing countries, profit seems the priority to be considered. \

As time flies, "Made in China" is equal to the poor quality.

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Crooks & Clowns

The cars burst into flames because of problems in their heating and ventilation systems but MPs said Vauxhall was “too slow to begin an investigation, too slow to address the causes and too slow to alert drivers of real safety concerns.
- Vauxhall had 'reckless disregard for safety' over Zafira car fires, say MPs

Designed by slug-brained clowns, they then lied: Louise Ellman, chairman of the committee, added Vauxhall was also too quick to blame the fires on “improper and unauthorised repairs”.

Having botched the design, they then botched the modifications all over again: An initial recall of the cars for repairs did not totally solve the problem, with MPs saying Vauxhall did not accept there was a wider problem.
. . .
So far 183,000 Zafira B models have been recalled for the second fix. However, Vauxhall cannot force owners to bring their vehicles in and is working with the authorities to track down those still to be repaired.

So this is like the modifications to Toyotas in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika for the bogus pedal fault and where those who had had their cars modified wanted the pedals changed back.

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