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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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It's because of the anglo-jew propaganda that's why!

Electronic goods coming out of China are now on a par with the best from anywhere in the World.

The Anglo used to call japanese cars "jap-crap", yet the UK's krudmobile industry has now COMPLETELY imploded and that includes Corgi, Matchbox and Hornby. All they can do is lie!

The anglo-propaganda shows cars made in China and India which are of low quality. But this is because they're built to a price that their customers can afford not to the best of their ability. And the reason their customers are poor is because the Anglo infested. India's GDP collapsed in the 18th century when the Anglo infested. The same happened to China in the 19th century.

During the Olympics, the Anglo mimicked China's display about her history. As usual they peddled the lie that the UK's "Industrial Revelution" was the cause of the great wealth. Yet this was also the time the UK was plundering Africa, plundering India and plundering China. This lie was on top of the massive wholesale cheating at the Olympics where they awarded themselves third place despite having only 1% of the global population. To bolster this lie, Kamoron awarded the cheaters all manner of OBE, CBE and knighthoods. But so egragious was the disparity between achievement and award that the Para-olympians complained, pointing out they'd achieved far more but without recognition.

Similarly, the US claims a quarter of global GDP with only 5% of the population. Yet it has the worst deficits in all of history. How can they be so productive yet consume so massievely even if they ARE the World's fattest? This is why president Xi referred to the GDP metric being "man-made" whereupon all the anglo/jew liars peddled the spin that this was a reference only to China's statistics. China, by contrast, has history's biggest fx reserves, is the World's biggest exporter and consumes most its commodities. Only a complete simpleton would not realise China has, in reality, the World's largest GDP.

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gork Post time: 2013-9-17 10:36
It's because of the anglo-jew propaganda that's why!

Electronic goods coming out of China are now o ...

GDP built on crap exports and counterfeiting the worlds brands
It doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are, or where you live; there are no boundaries if two pe ...

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Chinese women made in china are high quality

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Roach Exterminator

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gork Post time: 2013-9-18 00:36
It's because of the anglo-jew propaganda that's why!

Electronic goods coming out of China are now o ...

no, it's not an "affordable"or not affordable issue, a french or england handmade wool pullover that can last you a  whole life is same price with a benetton or esprit branded crap in a shopping mall in Hk or Tokyo. hard to believebut true. western product have old quality heritage that is slowly destroyed to make profit athe t low cost. China has certainly ability to make good product, but  sunstainable , quality are two words that doesnt interest factories boss. western propaganda? for sure but youshould assume that after all theses scandals it is deserved nationalism exist everywhere and dont expect yankees or deutch consummer to trust ch product after people died after buying a sofa full odangerous chemicals...socialism and profit killedquality  in china.

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a french or england handmade wool pullover that can last you a  whole life is same price with a benetton or esprit branded crap in a shopping mall in Hk or Tokyo. hard to believebut true

BS! In the UK they charge an arm and a leg for nothing more than hype. So a krudmobile such as a Rolls-Royce will be peddled as a "luxury" despite being krud quality. The last UK made Rolls didn't even have HID headlamps, there was no sat-nav, there was no wind tunnel tested body, the handling was lethal and the only quality item was the BMW engine, though this too was a V12 when it should have been a V8 for refinement. It was expensive crap.

Clothes made in the UK are designed to fall apart after the first wash. I have an expensive UK pullover, the thread began to unravel where the patterns were. Clearly your post is also made in the UK and is total crap.

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The UK's two main exports are financial services and edukashun; both premised on printing worthless paper; both massively rigged.

Global Times reports that the US imposes an apartheid, 12.2% quota on Asians, peddled as a minimum, but in practise it is usually a maximum. It points out that California bans speciesism and Asians represent 40% of the graduates there.

This begs the question of how the UK manages its speciesism as the only place with fewer Asians than the UK yooniversities is the audience of Chris Tarrant's Who Wants to be a White Millionaire.

The 11+ test is notorious as it is a dumbed down test in "popular culture"; you actually pass if you're an airhead familiar with football and pop-stars and then get the better skools.

Given Carol Vordermann's IQ of 154 and her third at Cambridge, it looks like the UK imposes a more devious, unofficial rule but which is much dumberer; they simply hold back anyone with an IQ. This gels with anglo-socialism (sad little bastardry) and they claim, "nobody likes a smart-arse". Clearly aimed at Asians, Vordermann seems to have been caught in the net but is then compensated with a job doing sums on Countdown earning her the celebrity status that enables her to peddle dodgy financial products.

The Universities minister David Willetts wants white, working-class teenage boys put in the same category as students from other disadvantaged communities and ethnic minorities – as groups that should be targeted for recruitment.
- Exclusive: Treat white working-class boys like ethnic minority, Willetts tells universities

This is "white supermacism". It is not braying that they're superior, but the holding back of humans because the Anglos can't compete. Those "ethnic minorities" Willets refers to already have the cards stacked against them. This has led to complaints of "social engineering" which is really speciesism, "Milburn proposals on university access could fuel 'social engineering' row".

The US and UK claim they have the top universities in the World. Yet Harvard undergraduates were forced to protest that they were being taught quackonomics.

Another main export is cars. Smearing of other nations' products means state-owned Channel 5 produces, Fifth Gear, The Gadget Show and Jimmy Bond movies have shameless product placement of their krudmobiles. However, Yob Gear is the state-run BBC's best advert for the builders of krudmobiles as all three presenters are clearly space-aliens from the planet Moronus. You wouldn't want to buy anything manufactured by such space-aliens. They're even dumberer than the cannon-fodder that they patronise and the only way you could employ them in the military without endangering everyone would be as sand-bags. The lies are so egragious that the magazine, Which Car, has to state that it tells the truth in order to distinguish itself from the other propaganda rags. Vordermann's staged conversation with the "TV idiot" about super-chargers will be familiar to Asians passed over for promotion whilst they groom some cretin with zero qualifications and zero IQ as your boss. At other firms with a fairer management, I've been promoted over Anglos with Ph.Ds within six months flat (whereupon the Anglos mutineed by trying to hold me back) or been paid ten times that of any of the Anglos with Ph.Ds.

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