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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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How Poodleville Cheated Humans And How They Plan To Continue Doing So

They're so inferior that it's obvious. One episode of cartoon Futurama, featured white professors demanding chinese lab assistants because they're so ubiquitous. The "English sense of fair play" included unequal treaties when they illegally infested your country. It's not as though they HAVEN'T lied, cheated, war crimed and genocided their way through their entire history.

Whilst the Great Satan openly had white-supremacist segregation and STILL does in some regions because blacks had a higher literacy rate DURING SLAVERY. They now secretly impose a 12.2% quota on Asians. The exception is the gangster-run, thieved state of Kalifornia because it hosts Silicon Valley. Here, over 40% of stewdents are Asian despite being fewer than 5% of the population. With three times the population of Asians virtually all UNDERgradyooits should be Asian in Poodleville. Instead, they're not even proportionally represented.

Poodleville has always had the Grammar/Secondary Modern scam.

This is where they give a test biased in favour of dumb whites because it's a dumbed down "legally blonde" test. Janet Daily of the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense lied that it was "basically an IQ test". But it was a general knowledge quiz based on "popular culture", similar to their so-called citizenship test. Even if you passed, they most probably tell you you failed if you fail the colour chart test ESPECIALLY if you're intelligent: I needed those top 20 per cent to lift everyone up and it was my ambition to get 70, 80, 90 per cent of youngsters through their GCSEs. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if the most able youngsters went to the grammar school.”
- This is why the Government won’t be able to bring back grammar schools

Then those sent to Secondary Modern skool SECRETLY get a different curriculum. So when the high IQ humans do poorly in exams, they're supposed to blame it on themselves. The only possible reason for segregation is to hold back those sent to Secondary Modern skools and the only reason for doing this rather than have a system based on ability is because VIRTUALLY ALL UNDER GRADYOOITS SHOULD BE ASIAN.

But in 2001, a report came out pointing that Indians outperformed whites, thus contradicting their own lies that Indians only had an average IQ of 98 compared to slug-brained Anglos' 100. Similarly compressed IQ statistics for Chinese supposedly give us only 105 whilst Japanese get 106. I remember reading decades ago that Chinese had an average of 135. For darker skinned nations, their alleged underperformance is expanded so the lowest average IQ is supposedly 68.

In that report, however, Chinese were not represented because too many were sending their kids to public skools (as opposed to state skools).


In response, convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, threatened to handicap public skool stewdents. This wasn't viable as it would hit whites who were already privileged enough to be able to afford public skool fees.

Instead, he dumbed the grades down even further, introducing an asinine A* grade above A. So legions of slug-brained Anglos were still able to attend yooniversity. But now the grade hyperinflation means a WHOPPING three quarters get a 2:1 or higher at yooniversity. Carol Vordermann, with a 154 IQ, is now in the middle of the bottom quarter on that scale despite her IQ putting her in the top 0.0159145714% of the population!!!

Still, a greater proportion of half-Asians than Asians get to Oxbridge, but only if they appear to be white. The ghost of Cecil Rhodes lives on: "Willetts: White working class boys missing out on university" and "Oxford University launches summer school aimed at white working-class British boys". Yet the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense reports: "'Beware of Jews' sign reported to police as MPs call it 'despicable' and 'unacceptable'". But cheating humans with a white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun scam is A-freakin'-OK!

However, it's not the same as affirmative action. In the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, blacks warn that A.A. will be a stain on your curriculum vitae. Even white, foreign stewdents complain they earned their degree whilst the Anglos simply "sucked-up to the prof."

In response to the ridiculous grade hyperinflation, the Tories have decided to restore the old Grammar Skool/Secondary Modern scam. And for the likes of war criminal, Billy Jefferson Hague, who may have spent too much time in the Sun before taking his 11+ test, so was initially sent to a Secondary Modern drone skool, they'll allow a switch to Grammar skool at age 12 or 13 too with the lie that this is for late-bloomers.  The new "legally blonde" test will ALSO not be on ability but on "academic" performance. In other words, instead of the "popular culture" test it will be a test of those who have already enjoyed a privileged edukashun, despite her lie of wanting a "great meritocracy of the World". It will also involve whites getting special skooling if they pay for it similar to the segregation scam, secretly telling them what will be in the test; aka CHEATING.  Lower entrance criteria for Grammar skools is similar to the convicted one's threat to handicap public skool stewdents and will be for "white, working class boys" only. This so-called social mobility will be for whites only, similar to Pauline Hanson's "One Nation" which means one colour, as they ethnically cleanse Australia by separating the rightful owners of the land from their kids.

Humans should sue the poodle state for slander and libel as well as refund of taxes which pay for this system of krap where their quackonomics stewdents even at Harvard and Cambridge are complaining they're being taught krap.

And they have the chutzpah to claim theirs are the World's most "prestigious" yooniversities!!!!!!!! All the prestige of knowing they got a degree they never earned. The jewish controlled child-raping skanky old farts at the state-run BBC have the cheek to report on cheating in Romania: The cheating, Dr Borcan said, was "blatant". Much of it happened "in plain sight".
- Who lost the most marks when cheating was stopped?"

Yes, but was it goon & thug policy like Poodleville and can Borcan be trusted? And who would bother cheating in Poodleville when the kwalifications aren't worth the paper they're printed on and stewdents can even take text books into exams? They even admit that China's gaokao university entrance exams are notoriously rigorous.

"Based on reports by the Anti-Corruption Directorate, between 2010 and 2013, 280 teachers and students were prosecuted, 99 of whom received a prison sentence of between six months and five years."

But in Poodleville: zip, nada, zero, diddly-squat!
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Take a 10 yuan tap or hose sprayer; it's a small plastic item that one can fix to the kitchen tap or garden hose to spray water. Even new ones leak. Well, buyers may say for ten yuan, one shouldn't expect anything. But it is precisely that belief which is how low quality gets automatically assigned. So make low priced products that consistently work when unwrapped. Get the quality control in place even for low priced products. Then that will banish the market belief they may be expected not to work and money although in small amounts is wasted buying them. For the kitchen tap sprayer, it's the design; the short plastic hose is separately fixed to its head that is to be screwed to the tap head. So there are two gaps, one between its head and the tap head, and two between its head and its hose. No point making for mass volume sales if design is wrong and market is unrelieved of its belief that it will always be low quality. Try and solve the problem while keeping the price so as to earn more continuously that will help maintain, then grow, market share after investing later in better production technology besides quality control. Take pride in thinking customer care about the small time customer. Small today, maybe big tomorrow.

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Chinese Not Impressed by Poodleville's Krapware

With a rapidly growing middle class living in constant fear of shoddy counterfeit clothing and a perpetual cycle of food scares, China appears – on the surface at least – to be the perfect match for Marks and Spencer’s brand of trusted quality.

But barely a year after bosses expressed positivity as they opened their tenth store, the British retailer is pulling out of the Chinese high street this month.

- Marks and Spencer pulls out of China's high street - the world's biggest retail market

Yes, but strangely reality, once again, doesn't fit that propaganda narrative.

And like the propagandistic Times's pathetic excuse that Rover was a "luxury we can no longer afford": It is this type of high-earning consumer that could have helped save Marks and Spencer in China if they had known of the store earlier – and came in their numbers.

So, why hasn't M&S realised this and reversed the store close-downs? As the propaganda article admits, China's is the World's largest market by value.

So if consumers are still buying products on the Chinese High Street, maybe Marks and Spencer’s problems ran deeper?

But only more pathetic excuses are offered: Among the biggest challenge is one that faces all Chinese retailers – sky high rents. Indeed, Marks and Spencer – as one would expect – located its stores in the costliest retail districts, particularly in Shanghai.

The obvious answer is that they peddled krap and having swallowed their own propaganda about "british quality" will have suffered from delusions of not being krap and asked daft prices, like Jimmy Dyson and his £10,000 kitchen light or £500 hair dryer, or the Eagle Low-Drag GT, which is just an ancient E-type Jaguar krudmobile with updated mechanicals. Now they're pulling the same stunt with the equally krappy Aston Martin DB5: . . . the New Zealand customer asked for a bespoke picnic set and a suitably retro town and country horn for their Speedback.
- Aston Martin DB5 reborn as the Speedback GT - yours for £594,000

LOL!!! And it's based on the notoriously unreliable and expensive Jaguar XK running gear!!! Germany, japanese and italian car manufacturers spend a fortune producing new technologies. The Anglos refurb ancient krap!!

Like Dickie Branson's products, M&S is only impressive compared to the krappy competition in Poodleville. I've bought clothing from around the World and even the cheapest items, bought on a whim, have outlasted the krap I've bought in Poodleville regardless of whether it's imported or not.

At the very least, it's a failure of poodle management due to stoooopidity; a freakin' retailer that doesn't even know the market it's trying to sell into!!
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Still Can't Compete

The anglo/zionist gangsters have always had unequal treaties. The S.O.F.A treaties with nations under occupation by the Great Satan protects the infestation from prosecution by local courts.

As well as the notorious Chinese Exclusion Act in the late 19th century and which was only repealed in 1943, when China was supposed to be an ally, but chinese Amerikans were interred along with korean and japanese Amerikans, the Great Satan blocks China's participation in the so-called International Space Station and also ethnic Chinese from interacting with NASA. It also vowed to sabotage a joint sino-european sat-nav project and did so, prosecuting a chinese Amerikan who shared european cryogenic technology with the chinese participant of the project.

With blacks having a higher literacy rate during slavery, the Great Satan imposed an apartheid system, segregating "coloreds" from whites.

Nothing's changed and they STILL can't compete with humans.

House Bill 151 would require school boards to give priority to students who live closest to schools.
. . .
It is the latest legal challenge to desegregation bussing — the practice of transporting students to certain schools to redress previous racial segregation and to tackle the effects of residential demographics on educational performance.

- Republicans 'trying to re-introduce racial segregation in schools'
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The Wrong Battery

Wikipedia claims that BYD's LiFePO battery has about 14% less capacity than Li-ion batteries for the same weight. However, after one year, the two are equal as the Li-ion batteries deteriorate faster. That's a whopping 14%+ loss as BYD's LiFePO batteries will, no doubt, also degrade with time. It also reports that the deterioration versus BYD's batteries continues year after year.

This is why Renault offers: Renault gives you the option of buying the battery or leasing it.
- Renault Zoe review: a fine introduction to electric cars

The only reason they'd offer a lease agreement is because they acknowledge that the Li-ion battery deteriorates and deteriorates at a rapid pace.

Like the choice of VHS over Betamax and Video 2000, Elon Musk et al. have the poorest choice of battery between the two. With BYD already selling battery backup systems and already having sold more cars than Tesla's target, Elon Musk pulls stunts, such as "ludicrous mode", "falcon-wing" doors, free charging, peddles the driver assist as "Autopilot" and has now offered S. Auztralia a free installation if he can't install the system in 100 days. The propaganda rags oblige by hyping it all up and calling him Tony Stark, whilst studiously ignoring BYD's superior battery (in every way, especially the lack of exploding thermal runaway but also peak power output, charging times, voltage stability over the discharge cycle and all components being fully recyclable). Remember, they accuse Chinese of plagiarising everything and all Asians of not being able to innovate. But even Musk's batteries are from Panasonic.

Furthermore, BYD has been supplying battery backup systems in Auztralia for four years: BYD has signed a distribution agreement with Australian company Fe Batteries for its home energy storage system called the DESS, as well as for its solar PV, LED lighting and solar street lamp products.
- China’s BYD enters Australian home energy storage market

Presumably, that means Renault's Zoe batteries can be replaced rather than scrapping the entire car or requiring major work to replace them.
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Repeating Their Own Propaganda

China is infamous for its knockoffs, whether luxury handbags or web startups.
- The Mobile Internet Is Over. Baidu Goes All In on AI

And we all know why. The Anglo/zionist propaganda rags peddle this lie. It's Apple which has been sued by Samsung for patent violations. It's the anglo/zionist gangsters who have thieved, lied, cheated and genocided their way through their entire history.

China, by contrast, has the World's highest number of patent submissions, with Huawei holding the World's highest number (even if it includes those purchased it means the claim that China steals is still a lie). And contrary to the BS, to be accepted patents have to be of a certain standard, so the smear that China's patents are of low-quality doesn't hold water. Last year alone, China achieved the World's largest radio telescope, the World's first quantum communication satellite and the World's fastest supercomputer using totally domestic semiconductors and software.

China is, along with Germany and Japan, the only nation with maglev trains and the facility to create the steel balls for ballpoint pens.

China is the history's greatest creditor, whilst the Great Satan is history's worst ever debtor. Are we supposed to believe China has stolen amerikan krapware, plagiarised it and somehow made more profit from it than the Great Satan (which should at least have had a head start) such that the Great Satan actually runs a seemingly permanent deficit with its fraudulent "worthless paper" USD imposed on oil exporting nations at the point of a gun?

Are we supposed to believe the poodle state which smeared japanese cars as "jap crap" but where the entire krudmobile industry has long since imploded and where Toyota ALONE has a market capitalisation worth TEN TIMES that of the ENTIRE amerikan krudmobile industry? Are we supposed to believe that other gangster-run, thieved prison-state which Toyota's chairman announced the japanese car industry had to give a break but with the same gratitude shown to the native Americans, the amerikan gangsters extorted cash using the bogus pedal fault?

Here's why they smear China, forced Germany and Japan to revalue their currencies in the 1980s, conduct the PISA tests in English, impose a 12.2% quota on Asian stewdents whilst claiming Asians can't innovate and block China's access to space related projects:
“China’s rise as a leader in quantum and related emerging technologies would signal an eastward shift in the locus of innovation.”
- Technology: China reboots its superpower ambitions

When Toyota was the World's largest car manufacturer they used the bogus pedal fault scam. When Volkswagen took top slot, they used the "cheat device" scam. Upturning the apple cart of your competitor is Gangsterism-101.

Addison Snell, chief executive of Intersect 360 Research, cites the example of export restrictions on some processing technologies, including the Intel processors for Chinese supercomputing upgrades. In the interim, he says, China developed its own. “What is certain is that the Chinese initiatives can no longer be thwarted by US export controls.”
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Even The Auztralians Know It's All Propaganda

Ever since Musk’s tweets caught the attention of Australia’s most senior politicians, the South Australian company Zen Energy has been jumping up and and down pointing out that it is already set up and ready to roll out battery storage.
. . .
Zen Energy’s chairman, Ross Garnaut, grumbled to the Guardian that “in this Trump era, we have a world where nothing is real until an American billionaire tweets about it”.

- Elon Musk, meet Port Augusta: four renewable energy projects ready to go

BYD still has the superior LiFePO battery technology though. Panasonic's Li-ion starts out with 14% higher energy density, but after a year the technologies are equal and Panasonic's batteries continue to deteriorate even relative to BYD's batteries. If the relative rates of deterioration persist, the after four years, Panasonic batteries will have less than half the capacity of the equivalent BYD battery, which will ALSO have deteriorated.

Even worse, Tesla batteries are known to deteriorate EVEN FASTER if you "supercharge" them. Isn't that how they'll be charged as part of the electricity grid? BYD batteries charge in half the time of the Li-ion batteries. Won't the Li-ion batteries explode if overcharged?
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