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Gangster State US/UK - By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - August 2013   [Copy link] 中文

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Back to the Past
- a reset

With the failure of fascism, the Great Satan and its poodle double-down with more fascism.

Both war criminal and unelected despot, Theresa May, and her brain, Nick Timothy, are supposed to hold white-supremacist and imperialist, Joe Chamberlain as their political hero, highlighting the fact that they're a pair of simpletons, imbued with the arrogance of their own propaganda and with nostalgia for the days when these goons & thugs plundered the World rather than just their own sheeple and didn't have to do an honest day's work.

But today, the poodle state only rules the waves of debt. The Sun has set on the poodle empire. Instead, they've sold off the antique furniture at the Bank of Poodleville, the silver cutlery in the House of Commons and are dependent on China (one of their many former victims) for funding their infrastructure, including HS2, Hinckley Point C, the Northern Poodlehouse. The only nation they can thieve off is their NATO ally, Iceland, with a population of only 300,000.

Trade Minister Liam Fox will lead the charge to recreate special free trade relations with New Zealand, Canada, Australia and a variety of African nations the UK once dominated.

Members of the 52-nation network will meet in London on Thursday and Friday and officials will launch a charm offensive in a bid to replace the EU.
Indian MP says Britain should apologize for colonial rule on Amritsar massacre centenary

In 2011, the Commonwealth formally agreed to start negotiations on creating a free trade zone from 26 African nations touched by past British conquest.

Some Whitehall official are skeptical of the idea, branding it ‘Empire 2.0’, and fear that starting negotiations before Brexit could lead to punishment by the EU commission to which the UK owes loyalty until it actually leaves the union.

- Empire 2.0: Britain plans return to free trade with former Commonwealth colonies

And what trade can they expect between gangster-run Anglo-thieved prison-states, when all are parasite nations?

This is a rollback to exploitation only of Africa before they infested India in the 18th century. It's as asinine a disregard for the new reality as the return to $4.86 to the Poodle by war criminal, Winston Turdhill. Today both India and China are nuclear weaponised and unlike the anglo/zionist gangsters look to the future not the past. Whilst China, Germany and Japan all have maglev trains, the poodle-state has brought back freakin' steam trains!

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Gangsters Vilifying Anti-War Corbyn
- not even the pretence of a real democracy

Just as anti-war Charles Kennedy was stabbed in the back by his own MPs and given a trial by media, just as a NY maid raped by the rutting ape was, they're going after Jeremy Corbyn too.

That argument was strengthened on Monday by a YouGov opinion poll that found half of Labour Party members believe Jeremy Corbyn should step down as leader before the next election.
- Theresa May should scrap fixed-term parliaments and hold early election, says William Hague

So this war criminal and complete pratt, wants to rig the election by timing it to give war criminal, Theresa May, the best advantage. It's not as though the elections aren't rigged, but it would be easier if they rigged the timing too.

Never mind that Corbyn has already gone to the Labour supporters and overwhelmingly been supported in his role as leader. But that's the same crookery as the goons & thugs demanding an EU referendum, claiming they're in favour of remaining and then 61% of those in Sunderland where they depend on Nissan for work supposedly voting for a Brexit.
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Poodleville Continues to Plumb The Depths of Krappiness

Martha Spurrier, director of Liberty, said: “Using homeless charities to spy on the homeless is a new low, even for a government bent on bringing border controls into every corner of our lives.
- Charities referring rough sleepers to immigration enforcement teams
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Gangsters Launch Investigation on How Wikileaks Gained Access to Details of Their Criminal Hacking

Yes, you couldn't freakin' make it up. The FBI and CIA (aka Murder Inc. and which is banned from operating within the borders of the thieved state of Amerika by goon & thug laws or outside those borders by international law) is launching an investigation of how who leaked details of the CIA's illegal hacking of everyone's electronic devices to Wikileaks. Not content with infesting your land, they infest your electronic devices too.

This is similar to the illegal hacking of Mossack Fonseca, where the innocent firm was portrayed as a money launderer but none of the propaganda rags mentioned the hacking was illegal.

Even worse was Poodleville's GCHQ, which Ed Snowden said was worse than the NSA and had an "anything goes" attitude. They actually admitted their activities were illegal and that they'd been doing it for decades. But no arrests were made.

US federal authorities have launched a criminal investigation into WikiLeaks' publication of documents about the hacking tools used by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to break into cell phones, computer operating systems and even smart TVs, US media reported on Wednesday.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and CIA are coordinating on the probe, CNN said, citing several US officials as its sources.
. . .
"This is the kind of disclosure that undermines our country, our security, and our well being," Spicer said. "Anybody who leaks classified information will be held to the highest degree of law. We will go after people who leak classified information. We will prosecute them to the full extent of the law."

US launches criminal probe into WikiLeaks release of CIA hacking tools: reports

That's as surreal as Poodleville's war criminal, Jack Straw, legislating to protect war criminals. However, it's an admission that the documents are genuine and the CIA (aka Murder Inc.) HAS been committing these crimes.

There's not even the pretence that they're not a bunch of criminals!!!

Yet, they claim China and Russia are responsible for hacking, despite everyone knowing that the source of hacking can be faked. The listing of Chinese military personnel as alleged hackers suggests they've tried and failed to hack China's computers, so pretend they know something by listing people using what little information they have.

Chelsea Manning was imprisoned and persecuted for doing the only decent thing possible, which was to expose the war crimes being committed by the Great Satan's cannon-fodder.

And whilst they accuse China of hacking and peddle the bribery by Gangster Snakeoil Korporation as a China problem despite it bribing in France, Iraq and the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, Lindsay France of Boom Bust has the chutzpah to peddle it as a Samsung problem because the CIA in conjunction with Poodleville's MI5 hacked their smart TV, whilst admitting it wasn't the only one.

Of course, they can have all my data. I deliberately generate as much useless crap as I can.
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All The Criminals Declare Themselves Innocent
- corrupt beyond belief!!!!!!!!

Instead of showing gratitude that the plods have deliberately failed to arrest any of the child-raping/murdering goons & thugs, the goons & thugs are instead protesting that the plods are being absolved over any wrong doing for failing to arrest the goons & thugs. This follows the sickening pantomime of the widow of Leon Brittan being given an apology for the treatment of her obviously corrupt husband who disappeared the dossier into child rape and murder.

This is similar to the recent whitewash of the cannon-fodder when they commit war crimes and where they also protest their treatment by the investigation.

The poodle state is rotten to the core! You will find no difference in the levels of corruption to what you'd find in any prison.

Two senior Metropolitan police officers have been cleared of all wrongdoing over the catastrophic investigation into political and military figures falsely accused of child sex abuse and murder.
- Watchdog accused of whitewash after clearing senior police of wrongdoing over VIP paedophile inquiry

But if there's been no wrong doing, why did the large dossier of child rape and murder disappear after it was handed to Leon Brittan? Why did both he and Lord Janner suddenly die before either could be prosecuted? And why has it taken so long that many of the alleged perpetrators have long since died?

As well as attacking the plods they're also attacking their accuser, just as Chelsea Manning found herself imprisoned for doing the only possible decent thing by exposing the war crimes: Their accuser, who can be identified only as ‘Nick’, is himself now under investigation for perverting the course of justice.
. . .
Det Supt McDonald had announced that the claims made by ‘Nick’ were both ‘credible and true’ in a press conference in November 2014.

It's not as though "Nick" is getting any money for this and isn't taking risks by accusing goons & thugs.
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Straightforward Lies

Asset manager M&G has calculated that, if left in a piggy bank, inflation since 1983 would have corroded its buying power to the equivalent of 32p.
. . .
If the £1 had been invested in shares in 1983 and tracked the rise in the FTSE all-share index, it would have had a value of £11.66 by the end of 2016, after allowing for inflation.
. . .
This investment in shares would outstrip investing in gold, which would have had a real value of £1.05 by the end of 2016, and a cash savings account (real value of £1.33).

What a £1 coin could have made since 1983, state-run BBC

The claimed rate of inflation is about 3.39% a year. Yet gold and oil are up five fold measured in "nitroglycerine" POO since the start of the millennium. The claim is a lie! The Great Satan monetary base has inflated from $200bn in 1980 to $4.4trn today averaging 9.8%.

1983 is soon after the one day spike to $850 an ounce in Jan80. Both this date and the selection of the All-share index are obviously cherry-picking too. Even taking that peak as the starting point, the rise (measured in "worthless paper" USD) would be to £1.36 against the 31Dec16 $1,159.1 afternoon fix price. So the £1.05 claim is clearly a lie even if you apply their claimed 3.39% inflation against the annual inflation in the supply of gold which is roughly just below 2%. The Poodle has only devalued against the "worthless paper" USD in the interim.

The claim of £11.66 is almost certainly a lie, especially as it cites after inflation.

Even if all the above statistics weren't a pack of lies, you wouldn't want to invest in shares at the moment as they're clearly in a "big, fat, ugly bubble" and offering a negligible dividend yield, so there's not even any point in holding them.

What's annoying about the child-raping skanky old-farts at the state-run BBC is that they can't even make their lies plausible.

Here's some more BS: "Homes cost more than seven times income", state-run BBC.

That comes after years of the propaganda rags all claiming it was a much lower ratio. Recently, unelected despot and war criminal, Theresa May, blurted out that it was eight times average income according to their own statistics, which could be lies anyway. Do the child-raping skanky old-farts not know whether it's sever or eight or nine?
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Another Political Assassination By the Great Satan?

President Dilma Rousseff was removed from office for the non-crime of using funds for a project that they were not intended for. This is routine.

Poodleville, for example, has just diverted so-called Foreign Aid to fund the token 350 unaccompanied child-refugees instead of as foreign aid.

South Korea's Park Geun-Hye has also been removed for a similar non-crime; that of discussing government policy with a friend. Both her removal and the THAAD system that's being put in place are being protested by Koreans in Occupied Korea, just as they mount protests against the Great Satan's free trade treaties that impoverish korean farmers. In all probability, Park Geun-Hye opposed the THAAD, so was removed much as they remove auztralian prime ministers such as Kevin Rudd and Gough Whitlam. Whilst the propaganda rags claim she supported it, it is hard to believe the Great Satan would allow her ouster if she was that loyal. The propaganda rags also claimed that Occupied Korea was begging for the Great Satan spy drones. But Wikileaks revealed that they were, in fact, being berated for not wanting to buy them.

South Korea intends to bring the system online by the end of the year, with a military official saying last month that the deployment could be completed by August. That is despite protests against the system staged by South Koreans last week, as well as a lawsuit filed against the South Korean Defense Ministry regarding the deployment.
- US missile system in S Korea ‘threatens regional stability’ - Russian Foreign Minister

Yeah, and they're also protesting the impeachment of president Park Geun-Hye too.

More ACTUAL Assassinations?

As we noted previously, six Russian diplomats have died in the last 3 months - all but one died on foreign soil.
- Another Senior Russian Official Has Died
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