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Gangster State US/UK - By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - August 2013   [Copy link] 中文

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More Anglo Bribery

Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and then Gangster Snakeoil Korporation, were all caught bribing and thieving industrial secrets in China.

Meanwhile, convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, blocked an enquiry into BAe bribing the Saudis, claiming it was a matter of national security.

And here they are at it again: BAT, now the largest tobacco company in the world after the recent merger with Reynolds, has consistently denied the allegations of Paul Hopkins, whom it employed in Africa for 13 years. When Hopkins handed over a large number of documents to the SFO in December 2015, BAT dismissed him as “a rogue former employee”.
. . .
The news follows a major Guardian investigation revealing that BAT and other multinationals have used threats against at least eight African nations, demanding they axe or dilute the kind of tobacco control measures that have saved millions of lives in the west.

- Serious Fraud Office opens investigation into BAT bribery claims

Just as they attacked Chelsea Manning, Ed Snowden and Julian Assange, they attacked Hopkins.

Even then, some of their so-called "whistleblowers" are liars attacking Asia, such as :
Irv Miller who blew the whistle on bogus pedal faults at Toyota,
Gerald Schatten who blew the whistle on professor Hwang Woo-Suk for the non-crime of using biological material from his assistants, and
Michael Woodford who blew the whistle on Olympus for deliberately making losses to avoid (legal) taxes,
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Outrage Over Thieved Artefacts

Anglos have no artefacts of their own. But these were donated from France: "Theft from a museum is a theft from all of us," the Armstrong Air & Space Museum said in a Facebook post.

"For every day that an item is missing, we are all robbed of an opportunity to enjoy it and our history."

- Gold replica of US space module pinched from Ohio museum

Those sanctimonious words sound strangely similar to the excuse they use when they refuse to return the artefacts they store at the poodle museum.

Perhaps they should stop cheating Asians with their white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun system, return the land to the native Americans and pay compensation to the rest of the World for five centuries of atrocities, the theft using the "worthless paper" USD fraud as well as the huge amount of time wasted trying to use Billy Gates's krapware.
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Vince Cable, the former Business Secretary denied that the poodle state was a nation of spivs. That's a lie, which is why he had to issue it.

Greed is a major problem in our health care system. Way too many are in it just to make as much money as possible, and that should not be what drives people into this profession.
- What Would You Do To Fix America's Rapidly Failing Health Care System?

The reason why it drives people is because the system of fascism penalises anyone who does an honest day's work and rewards spivs.

Why study to be a nukilar physicist who then earns peanuts, when you can study a far easier degree such as bean-counting or mathematics and become rich at a bank?

When I started out, I just wanted an interesting job. BOY was that a mistake. The thieving Anglos simply exploited me and tried to keep me in a low-level job. To get out of that I had to study in my own time to gain the skills they were deliberately trying to stop me acquiring.

Having gained enough in savings, I now earn a living creating zero wealth as a spiv.

As for Big Pharma being driven by profits, jail these crooks for the lethal and ineffective snakeoil they produce. Instead, the goons & thugs in gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states are not fit to govern themselves. So they only solution to stop the sheeple getting out the pitch-forks is to create bogus jobs peddling lethal and ineffective snakeoil amongst all the other scams.
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Guess Who!

Yes, it's the freakin' Anglos to blame YET AGAIN! What a freakin' pestilence!

The conflict stems from the 19th-century Calcutta Convention between colonial Britain and Qing dynasty China, which demarked the border between Sikkim and Tibet. Sikkim was then a British protectorate and is now an Indian state. Bhutan was not part of the convention, but China uses its wording to determine where the triboundary point should be located. The convention arguably contradicts itself, being based on erroneous data provided by a British land survey.
. . .
"When you look back as to what is the root cause of this border dispute between the two countries, not surprisingly, and like so many other generational quagmires (like Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Palestine) we find former colonial fingerprints on the situation," Henningsen says, adding that both India and China's respective claims are based on differing interpretations of the 1890 Calcutta Convention.

- China & India play ‘who blinks first’ over tiny strategic area in Himalayas

Often these states are deliberately designed to be unstable by having a minority governing, such as Saddam Hussein ruling over the majority Shiites.

And the other disputes are from the Great Satan's false-flag and then Spanish/Amerikan war.
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How To Get Rich In Gangster-Run States
- defraud trusting Asian investors

The Kushner's don't appear to have the ability to value real-estate competently, buying at the top despite years of experience: It was 2006—the height of the real-estate market boom—when Kushner Cos. agreed to buy 666 Fifth Avenue for $1.8 billion, then a record for a Manhattan building. All of it was borrowed except for $50 million. The company still holds half of a $1.2 billion mortgage, on which it hasn’t paid a cent. The full amount is due in February 2019.
. . .
After a refinancing, the deed to 666 Fifth sits in an escrow account, ready to be seized by lenders in a default, an action indicating their trust has grown thin.
. . .
Under some dire circumstances, guarantees in the refinancing agreement could even give lenders the ability to go after the family’s other assets—many of which are also underpinned by debt.
. . .
Six floors of the former New York Times building, which they purchased for $295 million in 2015, now have $370 million of debt against them, loan documents show.

- Kushners' China Deal Flop Was Part of Much Bigger Hunt for Cash

So, borrow BIG, so big that you can cream off large sums even off a tiny profit margin or even a loss. This is max. Kiester's "interest rate apartheid", whereby those with crony connections to the bankstering industry are able to get HUGE and cheap loans with easy terms. Unlike buttcoins, real-estate is at least a real-world asset so relatively safe and prices are constantly being raised by inflation. Yet the Kushner klowns STILL manage to screw-up.

It's also why gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states are dead-set against sound money and the rigged Brexit referendum is an attack on the euro. Only with constantly devaluing funny-money can there be the volatility required to turn a profit and reduce your debts. In the bankstering industry too, the Shyster of Omaha has underperformed "pet rock", gold as well as the market, so is losing money in real terms. Only the infinite supply of funny-money means the banksters bid up Berkshire Hathaway share prices despite no dividends being offered.

There's no creation of wealth, no talent, just creative accounting (fraud): Charlie Kushner’s dealmakers couldn’t get the numbers to add up, but he didn’t care. “I buy it, you make it work,” he told his accountants, according to a participant in the meeting.

And sleaze: A kingmaker in New Jersey Democratic politics, Kushner had been out of prison just three months for making illegal campaign contributions and, in a bizarre episode that the tabloids couldn’t get enough of, hiring a prostitute to entrap his brother-in-law.

And like all nouveau-riche being careful with money is just too much like hard work even as the banksters are growing wary, enacting scenes of debauchery similar to that seen in The Wolf of Wall St.: Over the weekend, the Kushners and their partners worked out a deal in which they would put down $50 million—a pittance. Barclays Bank Plc and UBS Group AG funded $1.75 billion of the purchase, $535 million of it in short-term, high-interest loans. The terms were demanding, bordering on untenable. Nevertheless, after the deal closed in January 2007, the group celebrated with a party at one of the most expensive restaurants in New York, Per Se. Everyone there was given a pair of silver cufflinks fashioned in the embossed look of the building’s exterior.

Here's an equally sleazy scam in Poodleville, where Chinese investors are cheated by "rip-off Britain", but just as they implied Chinese were corrupt when Pooldeville's Gangster Snake-oil Korporation were caught bribing, the title suggests it is Chinese who are the fraudsters rather than the victims of Anglo thieving: In the UK, the pattern has played out somewhat differently. There, repeatedly, deposits – sometimes amounting to a staggering 80% of the total value of units – have been swallowed into projects, typically residential or student accommodation blocks, before the developments ultimately fail.
- How Liverpool’s ‘New Chinatown’ became black hole for Asian money

It's not as though they haven't thieved their way through their entire history and that the CIA isn't responsible for virtually all illegal narcotics and probably imaginary buttcoins too.

They prey on asian investors because Asia is civilised and used to the rule of law rather than having to deal with scum. But in fascist states, laws only protect corporations and corrupt governments never prosecute. Just look at how Poodleville's corrupt kangaroo kourts refuse to prosecute convicted war criminal, Tony Blair!! Instead, in Poodleville there are no protections and they only advise "caveat emptor" or "buyer beware". After all, the more GDP, which is activity not productivity, the more taxes the goons & thugs reap.

And just like jail-bird, Charlie Kushner: In early 2016, McInnes was in the public eye for different reasons, however. His name was mentioned in a proceeds-of-crime trial centered around two men – Stephen and Peter Clarke – who, in 2013, were convicted on gang, weapons and drugs charges and jailed for more than a combined 26 years.
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Fascist, Thieved Nations Prepare To Replace Sheeple With Robots

As well as refusing to take more than a pathetic token number of refugees from the wars they started into the land they thieved and even as Mark Carny admits the poodle-state is "dependent on the kindness of strangers", the Great Satan and its poodle plan to do away with what war criminal, Henry Kissinger called, "useless eaters".

In recent years both the Great Satan and poodle suggested offering amnesty to anyone who was in the nation they thieved without their authorisation.

But now the other shoe drops: DACA allowed immigrants who came to the U.S. as kids, a group commonly referred to as Dreamers, to avoid deportation. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday that DACA was being rescinded.
- Commentary: Trump again shows he's not pro-business like he says

Employers would be encouraged to focus recruitment on "resident labour" and EU nationals could be required to seek permission before taking up a job. While there would be no new border checks on entering the country, all EU citizens will be required to show a passport.
- Brexit: Leaked document suggests UK plan to curb EU migration

Both are gangster-run, thieved prison-states that have always been run on the premise of slavery and feudalism. Poodle yooniversities are particularly notorious for its bigotry and privilege rather than actual prestige: Lest we forget, this is the place where some abhorrent hooligan torched a £20 note in front of a homeless person and was allowed re-entry to his studies after writing a letter of apology.
. . .
A Cambridge classmate of mine told me that in her first week an Etonian on her corridor assumed she was a maid, and tried to hand her his dirty sheets.

- Oxbridge schemes to 'help' working-class students adapt to university life are patronising and regressive

As well as the recent cheating by their supposedly most "prestigious" skools, war criminal, Winston Turdhill, "passed" his greek exam by leaving nothing more than an ink blot on his greek exam paper. The grandson of the Duke of Malborough then praised his examiners for being able to "see beneath the surface". Similarly, Prince Billy's art teacher was sacked when she refused to pass off her own work as his. This is a barbaric species that rapes and murders small boys and gets away with it.
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Banksters Talk Krap!
- because they're a bunch of crooks

Borrow a trillion and then skim off a teeny-tiny percentage and you're still rich. That's the amerikan way and it's not just the krapto-currency fraudsters doing this. The krapto-currency fraudsters are now sending me emails just as Mark Zuckerberg does despite me never having visited his daft Facebook website. Often the banksters are obviously politically motivated even if it costs their "muppet" clients HUGE losses.

Here's Hugh Hendry talking total BS.

Unfortunately for him, he did not realize just how far the central planners were willing to take their monetary experiment, so after the market troughed in 2009, he kept his bearish perspective, which cost him dearly in terms of missed gains and lost capital under management, until one day in November 2013, he capitulated and turned bullish, infamously saying "I cannot look at myself in the mirror; everything I have believed in I have had to reject. This environment only makes sense through the prism of trends."
. . .
Hendry decided to shut down his Eclectica hedge funds after 15 years, following a 9.8% YTD loss and massive redemptions, which left the fund which as recently as a few years ago managed billions with just $30.6 million as of August 31.
. . .
for the first time in an age all parts of the world are enjoying synchronised economic momentum and I can’t see it ending for some time.

- "Markets Are Wrong": Hugh Hendry Shuts Down His Hedge Fund; Here Is His Farewell Letter

Yet this clown also claims: “Um, hello – can I tell you about the real world?” Those were the words of a remarkably self-confident Scottish hedge fund manager, Hugh Hendry, on BBC’s Newsnight in 2010. He was addressing the Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz in a memorable debate about Greece.

The spicy and combative Hendry made for great television. He was invited back onto the show. Indeed, Hendry went on to appear on Question Time, where he airily cut off the then-deputy Scottish first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, with the words: “I know what I’m talking about, Nicola.”

- Think you’d never be so stupid as to put your savings in a rip-off hedge fund? You may well have already done so

Here's Kyle Bass who's been shorting China's currency despite it having every reason to rise and doing so: The number of total credit in the system, China is right at $40 trillion. Think about the number I just said. $40 trillion. And that's using an exchange rate of call it 6.7 to the dollar, right? So it's grown 1,000% in a decade. And we're on a $40 trillion credit system on $2 trillion of equity on maybe $1 trillion of liquid reserves.
- Kyle Bass: China's $40 Trillion Banking System Has "Largest Imbalances I've Ever Seen"

So $40trn in assets and $2trn of that is equity with $1trn in liquid reserves. What's not to like? China's banks are the World's most profitable by a country mile, so only a HUGE change would be bad.

The exchange rate of the "worthless paper" USD against itself is 1:1, suprisingly!!!

Obviously Bass is talking total claptrap! He repeatedly switches subject, uses vague allegory, analogy, abstract, euphemism and metaphor.

He clearly shouldn't be allowed out without an adult: Thinking it the firm’s stock was headed for an imminent collapse, Bass put all his money – hundreds of thousands of dollars – into a short position. But then the unexpected happened: an influential letter writer dubbed the stock a buy, and it soared. As Bass recalls, he got margin called “all the way up,” leaving him bankrupt.
- Kyle Bass: "China's Credit System Is Reaching A Boiling Point"

What a freakin' clown! Everyone who knows anything about the markets in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika knows they're all rigged. As Marc Faber points out, you shouldn't leverage because they can bankrupt you simply by manipulating prices the wrong way. Alfred Owen Crozier was writing about the corruption in amerikan markets all the way back in 1912: ("U.S. Money vs. Corporation Currency 'Aldrich Plan'").

Here's his fellow China-bashing fraudster: “Hart believes that the Chinese crawling devaluation is an error as it carries with its the latent threat of much more devaluation in the future, thus encouraging even more outflows, which in turn forces China to sell even more reserves, which destabilizes the economy even further, forcing even more devaluation and so on.
- China Capitulation: Corriente Advisors' Mark Hart Ends 7-Year Bet On A "Massive Yuan Devaluation"

None of that even begins to make sense!

Both Bass and Hart are shorting China's currency because it's effectively backed by gold, though not yet at a fixed price. The Great Satan held other nations' gold hostage at the NYFED for the last 40 years to stop them backing their currencies with gold. Similarly, corrupt ratings agency Moody's downgraded China just before MSCI included the mainland's shares in an index.

And just as sleazy as Kyle Bass and Jordan Belfort who detailed his crimes in the movie "Wolf of Wall St.", is Gary Cohn, now Great Satan Treasury Secretary: Still in his 20s and stuck selling aluminum siding, Cohn made a play that would change his life. In the fall of 1982, while visiting the company’s home office on Long Island, he stole a day from work and headed to the U.S. commodities exchange in Manhattan, hoping to talk himself into a job. He overheard an important-looking man say he was heading to LaGuardia Airport; Cohn blurted out that he was headed there, too. He jumped into a cab with the man and, Cohn told Gladwell, who devoted six pages of “David and Goliath” to Cohn’s underdog rise, “I lied all the way to the airport.” The man confided to Cohn that his firm had just put him in charge of a market, options, that he knew little about. Cohn likely knew even less, but he assured his backseat companion that he could get him up to speed. Cohn then spent the weekend reading and re-reading a book called “Options as a Strategic Investment.” Within the week, he’d been hired as the man’s assistant.
- Government By Goldman

The crook sold toxic waste, then shorted it: So, while Cohn was overseeing one team inside Goldman Sachs preoccupied with implementing the big short, he was in regular contact with others scrambling to offload its subprime inventory.

Then when he tapped the amerikan taxsucker to bail him out by re-classifying the Giant Vampire Squid as a deposit taking bank rather than a prop-trader and thanks to Hank Paulson (formerly at the Giant Vampire Squid) getting TARP enacted and which was peddled as bailing out home-borrowers but where virtually all the cash went to the banksters: All told, Goldman received at least $22.9 billion in public bailouts, including $10 billion in TARP funds and $12.9 billion in taxpayer-funded payments from AIG.

But the goons and thugs wanted their cut too of the $3.7bn profits: Two weeks after Cohn’s testimony, Goldman agreed to pay the SEC $550 million to settle charges of securities fraud — then the largest penalty assessed against a financial services firm in the agency’s history.

With Steve Munchkin promising a "Glass-Steagal for the 21st century", Elizabeth Warren has correctly complained that with no separation of banks there is no Glass and no Steagal either.

Having promised to "drain the swamp", war criminal, The Donald, has instead allowed the Giant Vampire Squid to completely take over. The article claims it was Kushner who brought Cohn into the white-house as his crony-chum. The Giant Vampire Squid is also the one set to lose the most if the Volcker Rule is enforced, which limits profits to 3% from prop-trading rather than GS's 48%.

Belfort too, could have simply paid relatively small fines. It was only because he refused to quit that he was jailed, according to the fictionalised movie. However, the likes of Cohn also paid campaign contributions (bribes). So Belfort made the same mistake that Jimmy Carr made in not paying bribes to the pothead war criminal in Poodleville, though Carr wasn't committing any crimes. War criminal, Obama, claimed the banksters were not committing any crimes; a faux whinge that the law was inadequate, when in fact they were simply not abiding by the laws.
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