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Thank You Jamie Dimon for Illegally Smashing the Gold Price Again   [Copy link] 中文

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Pooch Is Screwed
- fornicated on all fronts

The implosion of the poodle quackonomy continues unabated:

"Theresa May promises City won't lose grip on global finance"

"One in three of the top 100 UK restaurants is loss-making"

"EU Plans Vague Trade-Deal Offer in Blow to U.K. Hopes"

"U.K. Consumer Spending Growth Cools"

"U.K. Facing ‘Cliff Edge’ Loss of EU’s Trade Deals, Lawmakers Say"

"Brexit could hurt UK car industry's electric dreams"

"UK's trade with 70 countries will 'fall off a cliff edge' after Brexit unless Government acts urgently, MPs warn"

But here's yet another facet of poodle implosion due to sheer incompetence: "Perfect storm for energy supplies as UK runs on empty"
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Rabid Perfidious Albion

The Germans and the French know the Anglo well. It's obvious that Brexit is an assault on the EU because the poodle state could not mount an effective assault whilst part of it.

What works for a lamb will not work for a lion. This was how a senior European official dismissed the idea that Britain could ever be trusted with the same deal outside the EU as Norway enjoys today.
. . .
In Brussels, the British are viewed with suspicion – seen as hiding cunning behind charm, using manners as a cloak for ruthlessness, and, at their core, being strategic, stubborn and mercantile. These stereotypes of character are joined by experience.

- Britain is still clueless about the EU’s motives in Brexit negotiations

Elmar Brok, the German centre-right chair of the foreign affairs committee, reportedly voiced concern the UK would become “a Trojan horse of the US” – echoing fears that date back to the time of Charles de Gaulle.
- EU negotiator wants 'special' deal over access to City post-Brexit

With its economy flagging, Britain makes its first attempt to join the Common Market but is vetoed by Charles de Gaulle. The French President accuses Britain of a “deep-seated hostility” towards the European initiative.
- Every pound of EU funding to undergo 'national interest' test to ensure it benefits Britain

In other words, the Anglo is like the Klingon in The Search For Spock, played by Christopher Lloyd. Captain Kirk is fighting the Klingon but the earthquake interrupts. Kirk extends a hand to the Klingon to help him up, but the Klingon, instead, grabs Kirk by the ankle. Kirk eventually has to kick him off.

Similarly, president Putin has been calling the Great Satan its "partner" for years but appears to have given up, displayed Russia's latest devastating weapons and basically said, "You sure  you want to do this?"
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The gold price is being heavily managed and barely moving. But the amerikan gangsters, with two of the three corrupt ratings agencies awarding them AAA ratings, have defaulted on 600 tons of gold which China has repeatedly demanded.

This weeks Gold Stocks report shows all the bullion baniksters have dumped physical gold at the CRIMEX, except for JP Morgan.
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Office For Notorious Statistics Spouts BS Again
- poodle quackonomy continues to implode

The poodle state continues to live beyond its means, much as it has done over the last five centuries when it plundered the entire planet, yet at the height of the poodle empire, had their own starving kids discover that drinking cod liver oil from the sewers prevented rickets.

But then the poodle state has always been a feudal serfdom ruled over by robber barons such as the pothead war criminal, his wife and his coke-head finmin, all of whom are descended from slave-owners.

“It’s come down from about 10% of national income to 2%, so from well over £150bn to a number somewhere in the low 40s.” That’s annual. It’s an achievement that we are only running up extra debt of £40bn a year. My head is starting to spin.

It spins further when he tells me what the national debt is – approaching £2tn, which equates to around 90% of GDP.

- Economist Paul Johnson: ‘We are nowhere near out of austerity'

Wow! So whereas Germany balanced her budget a year early, in 2014/5, they've completely missed that target and continue to acrue debt with the propaganda rags admitting the new target of 2025 probably won't achieve a balanced budget either.

Furthermore, the ONS is notorious for the "worst statistical error in history". Throughout the administration of the war criminal Tories, the debt has been magically "adjusted" to appear in earlier years and the free poodle bonds gifted to the banksters has also been left off the books.

That would explain why the debt is only "approaching £2tn", when it was £2.048trn at the end of the 2016/17 year, which was £452.7bn more than the previous year!! That HUGE sum may have been pre-loading the debt, after all, interest rates are low and they're giving poodle  bonds to the banksters for free.

The national debt now stands at £1.73 trillion, excluding bank rescues, and £2.05 trillion including the bailouts.
- UK's deficit slashed to level last seen before the financial crisis, 25Apr17

In reality, the poodle quackonomy is already imploding but the worst is yet to come:

"This year, India will surpass the UK to be the fifth largest economy – but we shouldn’t worry too much"

"Britain’s Energy Industry Doesn’t Want Its Relationship With the EU to Change"

"Neil Woodford's U.K. Bullishness Is Looking Lonely"

"UK construction output in biggest fall since 2012"

"McDonnell: UK economy 'still scraping the bottom'"

"EU freezes Brexit talks until Britain produces Irish border solution"

"London Property Sees Brave Bet By Norway As Foxtons Profits Plunge"

"Estate agent group Countrywide's shares dive as profits fall"

"UK military credibility 'at risk' over cuts"

"We're not out of austerity tunnel yet - Chancellor Philip Hammond"

"Will British airlines lose their rights to fly to America after Brexit?"

"A glimpse into Brexit Britain’s future: going it alone in a trade war"

"Downbeat reports take shine off UK chancellor's upbeat message"

"London property prices plunge as Brexit effect deepens"

"UK consumer spending suffers weakest start since 2012 - Visa"

"Retailers feeling the pressure as spending falls and consumers shop online"
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What a Shameless Crock O' S***

Anglo/zionist propaganda continues to be a contiguous and endless stream of total BS.

The BIS study suggests cash is being used in countries such as Japan increasingly as a store of value, like gold, rather than as a means of payment.
- Cold, hard cash isn’t being dethroned by the Bitcoins, Venmos and PayPals of the world

The term, "cold, hard cash" was used to deride paper funny-money. But like buttcoins, paper funny-money cannot store value as it is, today, a promise of a store of value (gold and silver) which the Great Satan has already defaulted on. Devaluing the paper funny money (that is lowering its exchange rate) is the WHOLE IDEA of having paper funny-money and JUST like buttcoins, the exchange rate is completely arbitrary.

This is why: The PetroDollar website touts that it will be “linked to physical assets and not thin air,” and will remain “more price-stable as a result”.
- New petro-backed cryptocurrency set to increase competition in global oil markets

That may be a jab at krapto-currencies, but paper funny-money is also backed by nothing but "thin-air".

You also have to ask why they're peddling a krapto-currency rather than the oil itself. But it seems it's not that much more reliable than "thin-air" either: After the initial ICO, it aims to back each coin by over “13 barrels of proven recoverable oil reserves”.

But this oil story get's even greasier: In December 2017, a team of former US regulatory commissioners, along with technology and banking experts, launched OilCoin, which uses the exact same maxim.

OilCoin is teamed with former commissioner of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Bart Chilton and planned to make its ICO in early 2018.

Anyone who's been watching the rabildy pro-Great Satan Boom Bust propaganda programme will have noted that Chilton has been peddling buttcoins at every opportunity. Chilton is also the snake-in-the-grass who spent four years investigating the manipulation of silver prices before announcing "nothing to see here. Move along." Except that Deutsche Bank has now confessed, provided transcripts and paid fines.
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Bad News For The Poodle State Just Keeps Piling Up
- gold standard now obvious

Hungary is the latest to repatriate her gold from Cesspit London: "Hungary’s Gold Repatriation Adds To Growing Protest Against US Dollar Hegemony".

That protest includes the "Axis of Evil" and "Outposts of Tyranny", such as Iraq, Iran, Libya, Venezuela and Free Korea. China and Russia have alternatives to SWIFT, Mastercard and Visa in place and the oil futures contract denominated in yuan is in two weeks, where Iran can dump 3mbpd in exchange for gold and thus deplete China's entire gold reserves in a little over a year.

Wyoming is the latest to re-monetise gold: "Wyoming ends all taxation of gold and silver coins and bullion"

Given ICBC bought Barclay's gold vault in Cesspit London and Fosun bought 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza with the World's largest gold vault, it should be clear that they're moving (ever so slowly so that the sheeple don't notice) towards a new gold standard.

"Toys 'R' Us to close all of its UK stores" (as well as "Toys 'R' Us plans to close all U.S. stores; 33,000 jobs at risk: source")

"England faces ‘crisis’ in adult financial literacy as one in three cannot work out change from shopping trip"

"Unilever expected to pick Rotterdam over London for HQ"

"UK set for years of slow growth but Hammond vows to do better"

"'Tigger' Philip Hammond is full of bounce – but long-term outlook is gloomy"

"UK will save no money from Brexit for next five years, says OBR"

"UK growth to be slowest in G20 this year, says OECD"

"Russian spy: Retaliation could be painful for UK business"

"Britain could be paying into EU coffers until 2064"

"Would-Be U.K. Investors ‘Reach for Coats’ Due to Corbyn, Brexit"

"London property prices fall as much as 15% as Brexit effect deepens"

"There’s no light at the end of this tunnel. Just more pain"

"British consumers losing interest in buying new cars on finance"

"London house prices falling at fastest pace since recession, new data reveals"

"London house prices are dropping at the fastest pace since 2009"

"The great exodus: where are the growing masses of ex-Londoners fleeing to?"
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The Usual Smoke and Mirrors

The bullion banksters have reduced their short position on the CRIMEX to the lowest since Jul17, whilst only dumping a small amount of physical in their gold stocks registered at the CRIMEX for the highest net long since the start of the year. Last week saw the unusual dumping of gold by all the bullion banksters except JP Morgan who accumulated gold but has dumped this week.

With Hungary being the latest to repatriate 3 tons of her gold and Wyoming being the latest to remove taxes on commodity money, plus China's yuan-denominated futures contract in two weeks time, the price of gold should be going ballistic as the new gold standard becomes more and more obvious. Just 3.5mbpd of crude needs to be converted to yuan and then into physical gold to deplete China's entire gold reserves within a year, unless the price of gold (or oil) is significantly raised.

But, as Sprott Asset Management often points out, the price movements are counter-intuitive. The price of gold, whilst being held VERY steady, has been massaged slightly lower throughout Thursday and Friday.

Gary Cohn replacement, Larry Kudlow says, "I Would Buy The Dollar And Sell Gold", whilst Dominic Frisby of the sleazy Money Week propaganda rag but who is posting on Silvercore (formerly known as Goldcore) says, "Buy Silver And Sell Gold Now".

Whilst Kudlow offers no explanation for mentioning gold, Frisby uses his usual daft non-logic, claiming In an ideal world, gold would cost 15 times as much as silver.

Gold and silver prices are determined by supply and demand. But Frisby offers neither. He only presents availability: Geologists seem to agree that there is somewhere around 15 times more silver in the Earth’s crust than gold. Gold is therefore 15 times rarer.

In theory, therefore, the gold-silver ratio should stand at 15

That's a straightforward lie. There's a glut of silver and a dearth of gold. We know this because when Jamie Dimon illegally smashed gold in 2013, he raided the gold ETFs of about a third of their physical gold. But even though the silver price was also smashed, the silver ETFs actually saw a 2.4% increase in holdings that year.

Next they'll raise the price of silver to entice the suckers. But silver requires about 300 times the volume to store the same value as gold, making it unwieldy and which is why central banks store 33,000 tons of gold rather than silver.

Also, the Great Satan continues to default on gold: “A BWC Chinese network report mentioned that the Federal Reserve had on several occasions rejected China’s request to ship back about 600 tonnes of gold reserves stored in underground vaults in the New York.
- US Gold Reserves, Of Immense Interest to Russia and China

We know the Great Satan is short the 8,133.5 tons of gold it claims to have because it repeatedly pulls propaganda stunts to pretend it's still all there, including a partial audit when they announced the sample was even more pure than they'd expected and now Steve Munchkin doing a brief visual inspection and announcing his jubilation that it's there. As Ron Paul says, the only reason NOT to do a full audit is because they know history's worst ever debtor sold it off a long time ago. War criminal, serial violent rapist and paedophile, Billy Jefferson Clinton supplied Germany with tungsten filled bars. Switzerland also had to sell gold in 1999, when Germany demanded 900 tons back from JY. The biggest default in all of history was when war criminal, Nixon, defaulted on gold payment.
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