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Thank You Jamie Dimon for Illegally Smashing the Gold Price Again   [Copy link] 中文

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Buttcoins: Yet Another Amerikan Fraud

The Great Satan is bankrupt, insolvent and so desperate it's robbing its own sheeple on the highways, extorting cash out of foreign companies and posting TSA gropers to block all the exits as well as terrorising foreign banks with FATCA.

With the end of the petrodollar, the Great Satan has lifted the 40 year ban on exporting crude oil and trying to thieve Russia's share of the gas market. Stanley Fischer, who was BS Bernanke's mentor and so gifted a crony-job for the history books at the FED, has resigned early and like the Bank of Poodleville, there are many unfilled positions, signalling a BIG change in monetary regime which is obviously the new gold standard.

China has effectively backed her currency with gold and is buying oil in renminbi from all the major suppliers as well as trading with many nations without using the "worthless paper" USD even as an intermediary currency. A renminbi denominated oil contract, convertible to gold, has been repeatedly postponed but is now imminent.

As the poodle state cites a "golden age" of co-operation with China, the currencies of the SDR basket are aligning and within 10% of the EUR (CNY at 5:1 and JPY at 100:1). The exception is the "worthless paper" USD at 19% below the EUR. The biggest divergence is between the "nitroglycerine" POO and the "worthless paper" USD at about 30%.

However, the bullion banks have just gone net negative, including the physical holdings in the CRIMEX vaults. That hasn't been seen since the selection of war criminal, The Donald, by the electoral college last November and gold started to sink. But the position of the bullion banks appears to trail the gold price and they've also increased those physical holdings slightly.

Krapto-currencies are just another one of the scams the Great Satan is using to try and thieve it's way out of debt, having thieved it's way into debt with it's fraudulent, "worthless paper" USD in the first place, since war criminal, Nixon, defaulted on gold payment in 1971. Just how low can these gangsters sink!!!????

Buttcoins are imaginary coins backed by nothing and nobody; the same two tailors who fashioned the emperor's new suit of clothes in Hans Christian Anderson's story. Only a fool would pay high prices for them or ANY price for them, unless they're Satoshi Nakamoto (probably the CIA (aka Murder Inc.) which is also responsible for virtually all illegal narcotics in the World).

We know the krapto-currency scam is supposed to funnel funds towards the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika. Mt. Gox was based in Japan but was founded by an Amerikan, Mark Karpelès.

Whilst both Occupied Japan and Occupied Korea have regulated buttcoins (which some buttcoin peddlars have mis-reported as making them "legal tender"), the Great Satan has regulated to block ITSELF from interferring: ("US Lawmakers Draft Bill 'Protecting' Cryptocurrencies From Government Interference"). This means anyone in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika can LEGALLY manipulate krapto-currencies. That "anyone" being "Spoofy" (probably the CIA).

China has now banned Imaginary Coin Offerings because they're so obviously fraudulent. Like lotteries (aka a tax on the stupid), there are a small number of winners out of the, now, $150bn imaginary coin market, but HUGE numbers of losers. As max. Kiester says, you always give the suckers a little back so they don't go away thinking they're losers. Even buttcoin peddlar, max. Kiester, has admitted no one uses buttcoins to buy things. But he then claims it's because the imaginary coins are a "store of value".

Mohammed el-Erian has also admitted that buttcoins have diverted cash away from gold, which is one of their main purposes. With India no longer blocking imports of gold, the banksters need an alternative way to reduce demand for gold. But it's still up 17.5% ytd (10.4% in "nitroglycerine" POO), vastly outperforming the Shyster of Omaha's krappy 6.2% over the last nine years in his bet with Protege Partners and which is also underperforming the market.
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Trump To China: Our Currency; Your Problem

Simone del Rosario on the rabidly pro-Great Satan Boom Bust, appears to have tried to cram as many instances of the word "manipulate" into her commentary on China and exchange rates. But all nations manipulate their exchange rates. When war criminal Nixon defaulted on gold payment in 1971 and currencies "floated" like lead Zeppelins, the "worthless paper" USD could only maintain its exchange rate to real-World goods by manipulation. Like krapto-currencies, its inherent value is zero. Blaming others for a collapsing quackonomy, with Quackonomics even being taught at their yooniversities and fraudulent "worthless paper" funny-money being imposed on the World at the point of a gun and after two World wars only means they're hanging themselves after having fashioned the rope themselves.

"Trump bars Chinese-backed firm from buying U.S. chipmaker Lattice"

This is clearly protectionism not national security because the FPGA devices are like stem-cells in having no security critical information; they're programmed by the customer. But the Great Satan can run but it can't hide. China will simply develop her own technology, rendering Lattice IP worthless. China already leads the World in many technologies and will soon overtake the Great Satan in, for example, space technology following the speciesist ban on ethnic Chinese from interacting with NASA or the so-called International Space Station. China already dominates the market for launching satellites. It could be that the Great Satan is trying to regulate 40 years of exporting inflation via fraudulent funny-money coming home to roost.

But they've failed to use the last century to evolve into a competitive species. Instead, their own propaganda report admits their IQs are declining at such a rate that within a generation their average IQ will be BELOW that of Tom Hanks's Forrest Gump, thanks to anglo/zionist cheating at everything (and I DO mean everything) such that they're only breeding themselves krappier. What doesn't kill you may make you stronger, but what kills you makes your species stronger.

Meanwhile, sleazy, money-changing swamp-creature, Munchkin also threatens to block China's dumping of "worthless paper" USD: "US threatens action against China if it doesn't follow new North Korea sanctions". This appears to be a case of, "you can't sack me. I quit". Talks on the new monetary World order predate the administration of war criminal, Ronnie Ray-Gun. The lifting of the 40 year old ban of crude oil exports from the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika and the repatriation of gold which has been held hostage at the NY FED to enforce the ban on IMF members backing their currencies with gold show the Great Satan has already accepted the end of the petrodollar.

To transition, the Great Satan hopes to export oil and gas, hence uneconomical shale. But China has plenty of coal, thorium, shale, methyl hydrate, wind and solar as well as access to russian, saudi, angolan and iranian gas and oil.

But despite the anglo/zionist propaganda claiming Venezuela is desperate for "worthless paper" USD, she is already refusing to accept the fraudulent funny-money: "De-Dollarization Spikes - Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars For Oil Payments". They tried to claim that Free Korea and Iran were counterfeiting "worthless paper" USD too, despite all three of these nations refusing to accept the fraudulent funny-money.

China and Russia already have alternatives to SWIFT and the renminbi-denominated oil contract is due for launch too.

Already, China is buying gas and oil from Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia using her own currency as well as trading with other nations without the "worthless paper" USD too and offering gold internationally on the International Shanghai Gold Exchange. Once China formally links her currency to gold, i.e. at a fixed renminbi price, the Great Satan (and everyone else) will be forced to follow suit or see its fraudulent funny-money hyperinflate and its Great Satan bond yields spike causing a hyperinflationary depression, if not complete implosion of history's worst indebted quackonomy (as David P. Goldman says, they'll probably blame the Jews because they're the financiers: himself, Yellen, Cohn, Munchkin, BS Bernanke et al.). China, will then be able to borrow at zero interest rates, simply by printing her own currency.

This is already happening according to Jiminy Rickards, who also predicts it will happen before the end of this year: John Butler in his book ‘Golden Revolution’ and Jim Rickards in his book ‘Currency Wars’ have warned that China and or Russia could move to back their currencies with gold which would then lead to the U.S. and EU having to follow suit in order to prevent currency crises thereby leading to a new gold standard.

According to media reports, the People’s Bank of China is considering phasing out the dollar as the reference currency or peg for the yuan, and to start using gold as the reference point.

- China’s Yuan Set To Become Global Reserve Currency With Gold Backing?

However, Rickards claims gold will go to $10,000, whilst also suggesting you only hold 5%~10% in gold or even suggesting a gold fund for "deplorables only" rather than physical gold.

Even if the poodle state could re-instate the mere 25% gold-backing during the poodle empire (it can't) that gold-standard deniers have claimed, backing its £500bn monetary base with 310.3 tons of gold would still be £12,530 per troy oz under a new gold standard. Given it is currently running a current account deficit of about £130bn a year, is bankrupt, insolvent, faced with a Baby Boomer bulge in retirees, just committed suicide with the rigged Brexit referendum (Did it jump or was it pushed?) and will face demands from the Great Satan to buy amerikan krapware, it would have to back that with gold for a far higher price which didn't deplete its gold at too rapid a pace; £500,000 per troy oz? It's not as though their yooniversities produce anything but pseudo-intellectuals with "worthless paper" degrees, where standards are so low that they have to ration places with the Secondary Modern/Grammar skool scam, yet three quarters are now getting a 2:1 or first in a competition for stewdent fees, whilst the stewdents complaining they're being taught quackonomics (on my course it was nothing more than a scam to employ otherwise-unemployed mathematics lecturers and a complete f***ing waste of my time) and where virtually all UNDERgradyooits should be Asian.

Meanwhile, the S&P500 hit a new all-time high of 2498.37 with krappy earnings of 33.37, giving a pitiful 1.33% EPS. That translates into a krappy dividend yield of less than 1% (and that's a generous estimate). Like krapto-currencies it's all part of the "financial repression" to impoverish the sheeple. Then again, perhaps (like the proposal to ban cash) it's an attempt to herd the sheeple into gold.
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Gold "Reset" Is Only Option

The gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states are all bankrupt, insolvent and so desperate, they're robbing the sheeple on the highways. The gold bugs claim that only inflation will solve the problem and that holding gold will not make you rich, only preserve your wealth. This is not the case.

The tactics used to default on the unpayable liabilities, which Lawrence Kotlikoff estimates at $220 trillion, include:

killing off the sheeple, especially priviliged whites, with the CIA's opioid epidemic,

inflation against real-world assets (because, unlike funny-money, they can't print real-world assets out of "thin-air"),

impoverishing the sheeple with financial repression so that they consume less (e.g. the imaginary krapto-currency fraud),

exporting natural resources from the lands they've thieved by trying to thieve Russia's market share as well as selling off assets in a death-spiral fire-sale, and

revaluing gold higher.

Contrary to Gary North's claim that inflation is the most politically easy path to take, the high rate of inflation required would be very unpopular. Wages are also stagnant anyway. In Poodleville this has been achieved with the zero-hours contract (over a million sheeple) plus the likes of Uber, where really krappy salaries are paid.

Revaluing gold is far easier, especially as China is already effectively backing her currency and buying oil with gold. Only a fixed gold price is missing. So only a gold "reset" will supply the quick change necessary. Hence, contrary to the gold-bugs' claim that gold will only maintain your wealth after inflation, it is more likely that the bankrupt state of the Anglo-thieved nations means gold will actually make you rich.

This is not to say that the Great Satan (and mini-me poodle) goons & thugs won't use a combination of the above tactics to defraud the sheeple.

Gold bugs probably think the gold price will be restrained by supply vs demand and the cost of production. Although the cost of gold production will not rise as quickly as the gold-price under an instantaneous "reset", western controlled gold miners have been rigged to sell their production at today's low prices with fake hedges. So buying gold miners may not see great gains.

China has been downgraded by corrupt ratings agency S&P, just as Moody's did before MSCI included China's shares in its EM index. The move by S&P is probably as China announces a new oil contract denominated in renminbi. After that, the only remaining move is to revalue gold far higher and fix its price.

Incidentally, Jamie Dimon's attack on buttcoins appears to be the same fraud that war criminal, George Soros pulled with gold, announcing it was the "ultimate bubble" before buying himself, but then selling soon thereafter in order to smash the gold price.
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- how the petrodollar scam works and the need for monetary restraint

Both the Shyster of Omaha and Jimmy Rogers claim to be holding huge amounts of "worthless paper" USD funny-money. This is despite the "pet rock", gold, having outperformed the Shyster of Omaha throughout this century. Rogers's daft claim is that he's holding "worthless paper" USD not because it's a safe-haven but because the market is full of suckers who believe it is. The shyster in the article below peddles similarly daft and unsubstantiated claims.

The big news is China's imminent oil contract denominated in renminbi.

Let me do that again with Dícky Doubty-style emphasis: The big news is China's imminent oil contract denominated in renminbi!!!!!!!

1. International payments. This can be thought of as flow: if I buy a load of bat guano and the seller demands payment in quatloos, I convert my USD to quatloos--a process that is essentially real-time--render payment, and I'm done with the FX part of the transaction.
It doesn't matter what currency I start with or what currency I convert my payment into to satisfy the seller--I only hold that currency long enough to complete the transaction: a matter of seconds.
. . .
If sellers demand I use quatloos, pesos, rubles or RMB for those few moments, the only thing that matters is the availability of the currency and the exchange rate in those few moments.

- The Demise of the Dollar: Don't Hold Your Breath

And it's those "few moments" that the above shyster glosses over which are oh so important!!!

When Iran created an oil bourse denominated in euros, the Great Satan threatened Iran. Any oil exchange that trades in "worthless paper" USD accepts the fraudulent funny-money. What this means is that the Great Satan can buy oil for free. At the same time it dumps a heap of the fraudulent paper onto the markets and it becomes their currency but everyone else's problem. The more the Great Satan dumps, the more that other nations have to hold and the more difficult it gets to dump it without causing its exchange rate to crater. That's why Occupied Japan used to buy trophy assets which then made losses (just as she is forced to buy amerikan rice and not sell it on, but which is so krappy she either feeds it to cattle or lets it rot). So it's not the flow per se, but the fact that anyone who participates in an oil exchange trading platform denominated in "worthless paper" USD has to accept it and then inherits the problem of how to get rid of it in a market where everyone else has more "worthless paper" USD than they want. In addition, anyone holding the "worthless paper" USD is then defrauded as the Great Satan devalues it simply by printing more.

The above alternative scenario described by the shyster, then, means oil exporting nations will no longer have to accept "worthless paper" USD. The dump of this paper funny-money will occur before it hits the oil exchange. So the problem of getting rid of the "worthless paper" USD is passed back up the chain including to the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika. When the Great Satan offers "worthless paper" USD for renminbi to buy oil, the renminbi increases in value making it more desireable, whilst no one will want, or need, the "worthless paper" USD, leading to its exchange rate imploding during those "few moments" and irrespective of the flow. This will affect all trade as oil-importing nations won't need "worthless paper" USD to buy oil either and will gravitate towards an oil bourse and currency which offers gold. This explains why corrupt ratings agencies Moody's and now S&P have downgraded China and why the IMF peddles the double-speak of claiming China's debt "trajectory" is dangerous. The other BS claim (that the above shyster uses), that the "worthless paper" USD is dominant in reserves, will also cease to support it. When no one accepts it, then the stock of this funny-money will cease to expand. Nations can then unload it over time until they're no longer exposed to losses from a hyperinflationary run on it. This is why China has had to become a "responsible stakeholder", with the World's largest holdings of "worthless paper" USD, before the Great Satan could accept her creating an oil bourse denominated in renminbi.

Foreign reserves. Nation-states keep reserves for a variety of reasons, one being to support their own currency if imbalances occur that push their currency in unwanted directions.

And under a gold-standard, there is no need to defend your currency if you have the gold to back it up. That's why the Great Satan imposed a rule at the IMF to ban members from backing their currencies with gold and (until recently) the NYFED held other nations' gold hostage (and not the BS claim that Germany feared an invasion by Russia). Without an attack on their currency and without a constant flow of the "worthless paper" USD making it more difficult for nations to get rid of their holdings of the fraudulent paper, they will no longer need to hold such high levels of it.

The only nations that don't need to hold much in the way of currency reserves are those that issue a reserve currency--a so-called "hard currency" that is stable enough and issued in sufficient size to be worth holding in reserve.

Hard currency is NOT paper. It is "cold, hard cash", meaning commodity money such as gold and silver.

3. Debt. Everybody loves to borrow money.

Especially the Great Satan despite being able to print "worthless paper" USD out of "thin air". That's because nations have difficulty dumping "worthless paper" USD. So the Great Satan "graciously" offers to pay interest. After all, it can always print more. So when the anglo/zionist propaganda rags claim the Great Satan has never defaulted on its debt, it means it's Great Satan bonds denominated in "worthless paper" USD and NOT the fact that the default on gold of war criminal, Nixon, in 1971 and which was the biggest default in all of history but which the corrupt ratings agencies all maintained a AAA rating for the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika before, during and after the default.

The rest of the above article is total BS too, though the clown makes the case for a far higher gold price!

So to summarise. The Great Satan can dump "worthless paper" USD onto the markets as long as there's an oil bourse willing to accept them. With competition, no one will want the fraudulent funny-money, especially as they all have too much already and over time will dump it as fast as they can, leading to higher borrowing costs for the Great Satan too.
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Jerome Powell isn't in office yet. Like the appointment of Christine Lagard to the IMF, the Great Satan likes to LITERALLY have the last word.

Like Volcker, Powell is a lawyer not a quackonomist.

With China's yuan denominated oil futures contract convertible to gold launching today, the price of gold in "nitroglycerine" POO has been stuck between £960.00 and £960.60.

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There isn't a single serious person who follows the US economy, and doesn't know Jamie Dimond is nothing less than a filthy ciiminal.

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George Schwartz Gazes Into His Crystal Ball

“I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world,” the billionaire investor said in a speech from Davos, Switzerland. “But I regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020, or even sooner.”
- George Soros Says Trump Administration Is ‘Danger to the World’

However, the war criminal also claimed gold was the "ultimate bubble".
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