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Thank You Jamie Dimon for Illegally Smashing the Gold Price Again   [Copy link] 中文

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Pump N' Dump
- CIA (aka Murder Inc.)?

When the poodle state introduced a national lottery, some said it was taxation for the stoooopid. Suckers would risk small amounts, but since there were so many suckers the pay-off would be huge.

It was over three years ago, back in May 2014, when we wrote "How Bots Manipulated The Price Of Bitcoin Through "Massive Fraudulent Trading Activity" At MtGox" in which we first demonstrated one of the more striking observed "bot-driven" bitcoin manipulation schemes, in this case related to the infamous collapse of the now defunct Mt.Gox bitcoin exchnage.

As we wrote at the time, a number of traders began noticing suspicious behavior on Mt. Gox. Basically, a random number between 10 and 20 bitcoin would be bought every 5-10 minutes, non-stop, for at least a month on end until the end of January, by what appeared to be two algos, named later as "Willy" and "Markis." Each time, (1) an account was created, (2) the account spent some very exact amount of USD to market-buy coins ($2.5mm was most common), (3) a new account was created very shortly after. Repeat. In total, a staggering ~$112 million was spent to buy close to 270,000 BTC – the bulk of which was bought in November.
. . .
We bring up this particular blast from the past, because in the latest case of bitcoin market abuse - with Bitcoin trading at all time highs above $3,000 - Cointelegraph reports of rumors swirling about a trader "with nearly unlimited funds who is manipulating the Bitcoin markets." This trader, nicknamed "Spoofy," received his "nom de guerre" because of his efforts to “spoof” the market, primarily on Bitfinex.
. . .
What is unusual in this case is the nearly unlimited bankroll that Spoofy has at his disposal: He regularly places orders approaching $60 million.

- Mysterious Trader With "Nearly Unlimited Bankroll" Said To Manipulate, Dominate Price Of Bitcoin

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They're At It Again!

The banksters have had to reverse course and dump physical gold in order to quell the price rise. Yet gold is still up 6.2% ytd in "nitroglycerine" POO, matching the Shyster of Omaha's average return on his investments over the last nine years, except that annualised gold would be up 10.3%. Measured in "worthless paper" USD, it's up 11.9% ytd and an annualised 20.11%.

A kanadian skool-girl posts, "They're robbing us!", which goes viral. The kanadian goons & thugs also told their tourists not to carry cash as they were likely to be robbed on the highways by the prison-warders in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika.

The corrupt ratings agencies can't be sued because they're deemed to be only giving an opinion. Yet the two gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states of Amerika and Poodleville legally impose restrictions on funds such as pension funds, such that they can only buy assets rated as investment-grade by recognised ratings agencies, mainly the three corrupt ratings agencies in Amerika; S&P, Moody's and Fitch.

We know they're corrupt too. Like convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, who claimed there were WMD in Iraq, the corrupt ratings agencies were either lying, incompetent or both, when they rated the subprime mortgage bonds as AAA. Yet afterwards, they all re-rated the junk as junk, confirming that they knew they were nothing more than toxic waste. Some mortgagees were defaulting on their very first payment.

Just before China's shares were included on the MSCI Emerging Market index, Moody's downgraded China from an already ridiculous Aa3 to A1, despite China being history's greatest ever creditor and despite awarding a Aa1 to both of the gangster-run, thieved prison-states of Poodleville and Amerika, which along with being history's worst ever debtor is also bankrupt, insolvent and desperate. Even Morgan Stanley admits the Great Satan's fiscal position is "worse than Greece" and that the poodle state's debt is approaching 1,000% (and that was several years ago).

Like its earlier esoteric cousins, a CLO bundles risky low-grade loans into attractive packages and high credit ratings.
. . .
Antares Capital recently closed a $2.1bn CLO, the largest in the US since 2006 and the third-largest in history. Although most of the loans underlying these deals are of "junk" status, more than half the new debt is rated triple A. Sound familiar?
. . .
Dodd-Frank was supposed to stop these credit-rating ploys. But the Securities and Exchange Commission has permitted the agencies to dodge that law. While Dodd-Frank imposed liability on the agencies for false ratings, the SEC exempted them. Likewise, Congress barred the agencies from getting inside information about issuers they rate, but the SEC permitted that, too.

- Hasty Steerbutt, citing the Fraudulent Times of Cesspit London.

So, like Poodleville's Trading Standards, which usually have only a few indolent timewasters hired, the Dodd-Frank legislation was put in place purely to give the Muppets a false sense of security. The purpose of the sheeple is to provide fleeces.

After farmer, Tony Martin, shot two burglars and was jailed for doing nothing more than protecting his property, when the plods had failed to do anything at all, convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, performed the propaganda stunt of claiming households could take, say a golf club, and club burglars as they were escaping. But one teecher fired an air pistol into the ground in an attempt to scare off vandals and she was arrested. Myleene Klass brandished a kitchen knife to try and scare of burglars who were brazenly ransacking her garden shed. Despite only brandishing the knife behind a glass door and with small children, she was the one who was cautioned. The plods don't like competition.

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Jamie Dimond is criminally insane monster.

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More Fascism

The internet means the sheeple are better informed. That would explain why this bubble has lasted so long: "'We Need More Suckers At The Table' - Quant Funds Stumble As Dumb-Money Disappears"

Mark O'Byrne reports "Gold Up 2.3%, Silver 5.3% In Week". Yet according to the "fixes" they were up 2.9% and 3.7%, respectively. YTD, gold is up 5.15% and silver is DOWN 0.1%. In "worthless paper" USD gold is up 11.9%! Once again O'Byrne of so-called "Goldcore" appears to be pushing silver over gold. Gold mining shares are also underperforming gold, so could be priced, like the silver/gold ratio, to attract suckers.

Dominic Frisby (LOL) in the sleazy Money Week publication which Jiminy Rickards and professor of Quackonomics, Steve Keen have also appeared in, also attacks gold, comparing it to the S&P500, for some unexplained reason. Luckily, Frisby is such a clown his BS is completely transparent: "What should you be buying today: gold or US stocks?"

The Shyster of Omaha has achieved only 6.2% over the last nine years, despite having access to inside information such as the blocking of the XL pipeline, giving Berlington Santa Fe a monopoly. It's his share price which has seen HUGE gains despite paying no dividends. So the Shyster of Omaha is a fraud peddled by the propaganda rags. He, himself, recommends that you do NOT buy Berkshire Hathaway shares. A major investor in Wells Fargo, the slum-lord has failed to criticise WF for its illegal bank accounts created without informing the victims. A second scam over unnecessary car insurance has been quickly followed by a third, whereby the unnecessary car insurance should have resulted in repayments to the victims, in some of the thieved states this is by law: "Wells Chairman Out Following "Unbelievable, Outrageous" Scandal"

Hedge funds are even more fraudulent, averaging about 1% over the last five years.

So the Great Satan's most talented investor, according to the propaganda rags, is a slum-lord, rent-seeking parasite who's two best decades were after the Bretton Woods conference and the default on gold by war criminal, Nixon. Both resulted in high rates of inflation, which is where the Shyster of Omaha got most of his performance. Unlike Billy Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, both of whom are shysters in their own right, the Shyster of Omaha failed to drop out, finishing his course in Quackonomics. Yet he has underperformed the "pet rock" throughout this century, which is also the safest financial asset of all, meaning he's losing money in real-terms, whilst taking unnecessary risk. In fact, he now has over $100bn in the least safe asset of all; "worthless paper" USD! Howard Buffett would frown.

And who would be daft enough to hold anything BUT ultra-safe gold in such a rotten-to-the-core gangster-run, prison-society: "The stock-market's slowing up mainly because companies are buying back their own stock and paying out their earnings in dividends, instead of investing to increase output, instead of hiring labour, they're down-sizing and we're at the cannibalisation, the looting stage of amerikan finance capitalism.
. . .
The whole economy is becoming a rentier-economy. What you're seeing is, not only Amazon and the other companies in information technology, you're having about four companies in every sector, whether it's the four airlines, the four biggest banks, the four biggest IT companies, they're all monopolies and what they're really getting is not profits and production, but economic monopoly rents and the whole economy is now being built around extracting monopoly rents; whatever they can charge and  in order to do that the corporations have had to take over the government and disable the anti-trust agencies, disable the treasury department, disable almost every department of government and that's what we're having. We're having a take-over which isn't military but a financial take-over that is turning the economy away from a profit and wage economy into a rent extraction economy."
- Dr. Michael Hudson on the Schwing-Schwing Show.

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Distractions From Gold

Buttcoins, having surged past $3,550 have now also surged past $4,000. Who was daft enough (or corrupt enough) to pay so much more than was being paid just a few days ago for a coin which doesn't even exist? The daftest claim yet is that they're not backed up by nothing. Rather, they're backed up by "confidence". They're up 40% JUST IN AUGUST and SO FAR and over 280% ytd. Apparently 42% of the buttcoin trade was based in japanese Yen.

Such spectacular gains are clearly designed to be irresistible to morons and "Spoofy" is probably the CIA (aka Murder Inc.). But why now and what are they trying to achieve other than pumping and dumping.

"Brexit: Older generation with nostalgia for Empire has 'shafted' Britain's youth, says Vince Cable"

We know that's a lie because it's very obvious the rigged Brexit referendum was rigged.

We also know that Vince Cable's Acme mind-reading machine is fake and made only out of papier-mâché. coat-hangers and masking-tape.

We also know that the imperialists are not so much the elderly as the privileged pratts such as the pothead war criminal and his cronies.

Whereas the rigged Brexit referendum was designed, in part, to blame the sheeple for their own coming impoverishment, Cable is trying to also blame half the population of sheeple for the coming austerity.

The rigged YouGov poll claiming the sheeple who voted "Leave" were willing to accept impoverishment for leaving the EU. Yet I voted for leave and did not participate in this rigged poll.

The poodle state will suffer greatly after Brexit. The only possible beneficiary is the Wall St. banksters and amerikan corporations (particularly the Atlantic Bridge organsiation of war criminal, Liam Fox) hoping to sell their krapware to the poodle state but have been unable to thus far because of EU laws banning "crap as food".

Presumably Nissan decided to invest further in Poodleville, despite the impossible hurdle of 10% tariffs on all goods, including car components, because Brexit means Bremain and the whole thing is designed to move towards adoption of the euro and the dropping of the rebates negotiated by war criminal, Margaret Thatcher: Investment bank Morgan Stanley predicts pound-euro parity by early next year
- Brexit pain for holidaymakers as pound expected to fall further against euro

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HUGE Doggie Death-Spiral Fire-Sale Continues
- how long can it last?

The auctions at the turn of the century of poodle gold holdings was a sham. Like the other gold sales under the Warshington Agreement, it was merely settling gold leases in paper. The 700 tons had long been leased and sold off. James Turk's article, "More Proof", show the poodle state imported gold at that time, which would explain why the finmin claimed he'd got a good price for gold. In other words, he bought the 310.3 tons the poodle state now counts as its gold reserves.

Yet, despite the HUGE doggie death spiral firesale of assets, including the antique furniture at the Bank of Poodleville and the silver cutlery in the poodle parliaments canteen, the poodle state refuses to sell off its gold, currently valued at a somewhat more substantial £10bn or so.

A secret “fire sale” of hospital land – including dozens of properties still being used for medical care – is planned to bail out the cash-strapped NHS, new documents show.
- Tories accused of secret 'fire sale' of hospital land to bail out cash-strapped NHS

They've even sold of the family silver, LITERALLY. The silver cutlery in the canteen of the poodle parliament has been sold off, as has antique furniture at the Bank of Poodleville. It will, after all, no longer be a central bank under the new gold standard, just a bankster regulator.

This isn't the first time Poodleville has sold off some of the land it thieved. Under the administration of convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, land was sold and leased back, most notoriously to a consortium including war criminal, George (Schwartz) Soros, in the tax haven of Bermuda.

The Great Satan is also bankrupt, insolvent and desperate. It's now talking about a sale of Chrysler, having owned by Daimler and now Fiat. But Fiat wants to dump it because it's krappy too. It makes the news because a chinese company may buy it off Fiat in order to dump "worthless paper" USD. But China has clamped down on foreign acquisitions as the Great Satan's shares are clearly a "big, fat, ugly bubble" about to pop. The collapse of the "nitroglycerine" POO has also seen huge sums wiped off the value of property purchased in Poodleville.

And here's some confirmation that imaginary coins such as buttcoins are a scam in part to disrupt other nations: "Could Bitcoin Help Venezuelans As Crisis Deepens?"

The propaganda article is a hackneyed piece about how socialism always fails (never mind that Japan and China are both socialist and the World's two largest creditors or that scandinavian countries are also socialist and extremely well managed, whilst fascist gangster-run Anglo-thieved prison-states are all deficit nations). It implausibly claims buttcoin miners have set up operations because electricity is cheap and then contradicts itself claiming that there are electricity shortages. It also claims a raid of such miners uncovered 11,000 computers, which even for miners sounds excessive to me. How big a freakin' building is that?

Max. Kiester claims buttcoins will hit $5,000. I haven't seen where or when he said this, but as imaginary coins have no fundamentals, I DO know that he pulled this straight out of his schwing-schwing. Others have claimed far higher prices for buttcoins.

There are now reports that the Great Satan is trying to secretly ban buttcoins. That would be consistent with the CIA (aka Murder Inc.), say, being Satoshi Nakamoto. Why, for example, doesn't the Great Satan openly ban them?

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Buttcoins: Yet Another Amerikan Fraud

The Great Satan is bankrupt, insolvent and so desperate it's robbing its own sheeple on the highways, extorting cash out of foreign companies and posting TSA gropers to block all the exits as well as terrorising foreign banks with FATCA.

With the end of the petrodollar, the Great Satan has lifted the 40 year ban on exporting crude oil and trying to thieve Russia's share of the gas market. Stanley Fischer, who was BS Bernanke's mentor and so gifted a crony-job for the history books at the FED, has resigned early and like the Bank of Poodleville, there are many unfilled positions, signalling a BIG change in monetary regime which is obviously the new gold standard.

China has effectively backed her currency with gold and is buying oil in renminbi from all the major suppliers as well as trading with many nations without using the "worthless paper" USD even as an intermediary currency. A renminbi denominated oil contract, convertible to gold, has been repeatedly postponed but is now imminent.

As the poodle state cites a "golden age" of co-operation with China, the currencies of the SDR basket are aligning and within 10% of the EUR (CNY at 5:1 and JPY at 100:1). The exception is the "worthless paper" USD at 19% below the EUR. The biggest divergence is between the "nitroglycerine" POO and the "worthless paper" USD at about 30%.

However, the bullion banks have just gone net negative, including the physical holdings in the CRIMEX vaults. That hasn't been seen since the selection of war criminal, The Donald, by the electoral college last November and gold started to sink. But the position of the bullion banks appears to trail the gold price and they've also increased those physical holdings slightly.

Krapto-currencies are just another one of the scams the Great Satan is using to try and thieve it's way out of debt, having thieved it's way into debt with it's fraudulent, "worthless paper" USD in the first place, since war criminal, Nixon, defaulted on gold payment in 1971. Just how low can these gangsters sink!!!????

Buttcoins are imaginary coins backed by nothing and nobody; the same two tailors who fashioned the emperor's new suit of clothes in Hans Christian Anderson's story. Only a fool would pay high prices for them or ANY price for them, unless they're Satoshi Nakamoto (probably the CIA (aka Murder Inc.) which is also responsible for virtually all illegal narcotics in the World).

We know the krapto-currency scam is supposed to funnel funds towards the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika. Mt. Gox was based in Japan but was founded by an Amerikan, Mark Karpelès.

Whilst both Occupied Japan and Occupied Korea have regulated buttcoins (which some buttcoin peddlars have mis-reported as making them "legal tender"), the Great Satan has regulated to block ITSELF from interferring: ("US Lawmakers Draft Bill 'Protecting' Cryptocurrencies From Government Interference"). This means anyone in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika can LEGALLY manipulate krapto-currencies. That "anyone" being "Spoofy" (probably the CIA).

China has now banned Imaginary Coin Offerings because they're so obviously fraudulent. Like lotteries (aka a tax on the stupid), there are a small number of winners out of the, now, $150bn imaginary coin market, but HUGE numbers of losers. As max. Kiester says, you always give the suckers a little back so they don't go away thinking they're losers. Even buttcoin peddlar, max. Kiester, has admitted no one uses buttcoins to buy things. But he then claims it's because the imaginary coins are a "store of value".

Mohammed el-Erian has also admitted that buttcoins have diverted cash away from gold, which is one of their main purposes. With India no longer blocking imports of gold, the banksters need an alternative way to reduce demand for gold. But it's still up 17.5% ytd (10.4% in "nitroglycerine" POO), vastly outperforming the Shyster of Omaha's krappy 6.2% over the last nine years in his bet with Protege Partners and which is also underperforming the market.

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