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Thank You Jamie Dimon for Illegally Smashing the Gold Price Again   [Copy link] 中文

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Ahead of the four day weekend, gold jumped by $10. Is it a good time for a "reset"?
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The British Sense of Fair Play
- in "rip-off Britain"

That's in the same crock o' s*** as Rudyard Kipling's "white man's burden" or the mythical "english gentleman". Having a sense and abiding by it are two different things.

They imposed unequal treaties in lands they'd infested, such that they could literally get away with murdering the indigenous people. This is a scam that the Great Satan continues to impose with its S.O.F.A.s.

They claim any land anywhere belongs to them.

They parasite off the rest of the World with their fraudulent paper funny-money.

Here's the LBMA which runs an inherently fraudulent gold market, where the only participants are banksters:“from an initial $1,265.75, close to the spot price at the time, the auction price ratcheted steadily lower before fixing at $1,252.90 in the ninth round.
- Death Spiral for the LBMA Gold and Silver auctions?

The timestamp on the LBMA's price fix was 15:03 (10:00 EST) which is smack bang in the middle of the spike upwards for that day in the graphs I posted above. Yet the auctions repeatedly bid the price lower.

Manly refers to "liquidity" presumably meaning price-discovery. Try to buy a gold coin or bar at Chards or Bullion by Post and you'll be charged a hefty premium, which rises when demand is high (as well as a fee for selling back to them too) and highlighting how the supposedly "official" price is completely fraudulent. It's not as though the miners can charge such a premium for selling.

The exception is where you can buy and sell gold at market rates on their trading platform. A small fee is charged but at a fixed percentage. Apparently, you can take delivery of physical gold from their vaults in NY, Cesspit London, Zurich or Singapore, though I haven't tried it and if it has huge double-digit percentage fees, then it's no better than the coin dealers.

Strangely, Ronan Manly claims a similar discrepancy for silver on the Monday. But the timestamp was 12:00 (7:00 EST) for the Cesspit London Fix and it appears to align with the silver price graphs for that day.
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Poodleville is Barking-Mad in the Mid-Day Sun

A beauty contest between member states who want the European banking and medicine agencies, currently located in London, will begin within two weeks, with selection criteria to be unveiled by the president of the European council, Donald Tusk.
- Britain set to lose EU ‘crown jewels’ of banking and medicine agencies

The only way Poodleville's "monumental self-harm" makes sense is if it's all a bluff to manipulate the "Nitroglycerine" POO and EUR to parity with the "worthless paper" USD and the poodle state will rejoin the EU, either with or without adoption of the euro, which will essentially be the same currency anyway under a new gold standard. That would explain why Mark Carney cut interest rates and increased QE, which was then excused by claiming it was the BoP's "Michael Fish moment". Alternatively, the poodle state may believe it is better off outside the EU under the new monetary World order.

Richard Wolff, appearing on Boom Bust has even claimed the illegal bombing of Syria by the war criminal, The Donald, is all "theatre".

Parity allows a round numbered value for fixed weights of gold in all the aligned currencies.

I could be wrong. Perhaps the poodle state believes it can perform better without all those inconvenient restrictions such as EU laws. The state-run BBC reported on french lorries blockading roads several years ago. What they failed to mention was that the poodle state was illegally re-exporting New Zealand lamb to Europe, like the scurrilous crooks they are: Last week saw the post Brexit “Global Britain” strategy pursued headlong. Theresa May was in Saudi Arabia, Chancellor Philip Hammond in India and international trade secretary Dr Liam Fox in the Philippines.
- Post-Brexit Britain: This is what taking your country back looks like
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Fraudulent Times Acknowledges New Monetary World Order

Poodleville's professors of quackonomics don't appear to understand the difference between money and credit: Economics professor Richard Werner - who obtained his PhD in economics from Oxford, was the first Shimomura Fellow at the Research Institute for Capital Formation at the Development Bank of Japan, Visiting Researcher at the Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies at the Bank of Japan, Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Monetary and Fiscal Studies at the Ministry of Finance, and chief economist of Jardine Fleming - was granted access to study a bank's books, and confirmed that private banks create money when they simply create fictitious deposits into a borrower's account. Werner explains:
. . .
Banks create money when they grant a loan: they invent a fictitious customer deposit, which the central bank and all users of our monetary system, consider to be ‘money’, indistinguishable from ‘real’ deposits not newly invented by the banks. Thus banks do not just grant credit, they create credit, and simultaneously they create money.

- The Banking Secret that Neither Economists Nor Laypeople Know … Which Is Destroying the Real Economy (While Making a Few King)

That's BS! no money has been created, only credit. The Bank of Poodleville note even has the promise to "pay the bearer on demand", highlighting that it's a bearer bond and not money.

But a hack at the Fraudulent Times has a more accurate description.
Mingling of money and debt potentially catastrophic for regulators
- Wolfgang Munchau: Shadow hangs over control of central banking

The article admits the fraudulent perpetual motion machine of credit expansion favoured by Nobbled prize in Quackonomics winner, Paul Krugman, is no longer sustainable.

This is the astonishing conclusion of the research: “The political economy of shadow money is nothing short of radical. Shadow money erodes the Great Moderation institutional arrangement that celebrates independent central banks preserving price stability (and growth) and suspiciously demands fiscally prudent governments informed by neoclassical growth ideas.” It continues: “Co-ordination between the treasury and the central bank becomes essential.”

For such a vague and abstract claim, you would have thought it belonged in the Abstract rather than the Conclusion. The truth is the petrodollar is over and only gold can replace it, except as genuine money rather than as a debt instrument for middle-eastern oil.
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More Flagrantly Illegal Market Rigging

The propaganda rags all peddled the announcement of a surprise General Election in Poodleville as the reason why the "nitroglycerine" POO rose against the "worthless paper" USD. Yet there is no clear reason why. The closest is a weak claim that having a large majority would mean she wouldn't be caught between pleasing EU negotiators on the one hand and poodle parliament on the other. Yet, it's obvious that she has zero leverage over the EU who even have an incentive to punish the poodle state.

Another alternative is that the surprise election, which they previously denied, is a distraction from the imminent Great Satan goon & thug shut-down ten days later, having hit the debt ceiling.

What's for sure is that the anglo/zionist propaganda has recently become particularly rabid in a seeming attempt to confuse where they can't convince.

But gold started the day rising higher before markets opened in Poodleville. As soon as they DID open, the gold price was smashed. This carried on until the afternoon fix, when gold hit a nadir and then as the gold price recovered in "worthless paper" USD and rose to about $1,292, it was beaten back measured in "nitroglycerine" POO. So an alternative explanation is that the banksters were on the wrong side of the trade on gold because they can't print it out of "thin air" as they do other financial instruments.

The announcement of the General Election, on the first work day after the Easter break, then, provides cover for the illegal manipulation allowing the banksters to close their, hitherto, losing position. That would require that the banksters knew beforehand and probably before any such market-moving announcement.

The General Election wasn't due until 2020.

If I'm right, the "nitroglycerine" POO will gradually fall back against the "worthless paper" USD.

Despite Ronan Manly claiming there was an anomaly in silver the previous week but which I couldn't see from the graphs, as gold rose in "worthless paper" USD, silver held steady. On normal days when the prices of both are manipulated, they move in lock-step.
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Seven Extra-Ordinarily Good Reasons Holding Gold Is A No-Brainer

Whenever, you read the propaganda rags, especially a fascist rag such as the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense, the bad advice invariably recommends shares, mutual funds or deposit accounts with really low rates of interest. The justifications are lame, vague and make little sense. Alternatives are simply not mentioned. Attacks on gold, are lame or just straightforward lies, like the time the zionist DTN claimed the price had fallen in "nitroglycerine" POO in a year when it had rocketed such that there was zero chance that the propaganda rag had, say, picked a bad start or end for the year's performance.

Here's seven reasons, each extremely good, for holding gold.

1) Paper funny-money is a promise for precious metals which they've already defaulted on. A "nitroglycerine" POO promises to "pay the bearer on demand the sum of" x pounds of Sterling silver. That's one Tower pound or 11¼ Troy ounces of silver. But the Bank of Poodleville defaulted a long-time ago, so the paper is completely worthless. Precious metals are the safest of all financial assets.

2) The huge debt levels in the West guarantee currency debasement, so you want to avoid paper funny money and all assets which are derivatives of paper funny-money such as shares and bonds. The debasement will be reflected in a higher gold price.

3) Given paper funny-money is likely to be devalued and shares, bonds and real-estate are all in huge bubbles, only commodities are a safe place to be at the moment.

4) The end of the petrodollar strongly suggests gold will be the new reserve currency, resulting in a huge revaluation of gold higher. Already Fosun has purchased 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza with the World's largest vault in NY and ICBC has purchased Barclays state of the art vault in Cesspit London.

5) Given the huge trade deficits in gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states, only a HUGE revaluation of gold higher would, temporarily solve their debt problems. This would explain why the poodle state has not sold its gold reserves and Greece is even buying gold. It would have to be soon too, because the poodle state is haemorrhaging cash to fund its current account deficit. If it stopped balancing the current account with the capital account, the "nitroglycerine" POO would collapse.

6) The Great Satan and France defaulted on Germany's gold in 2013 and continue to do so. So you know the market is tight. India has repeatedly attacked her own gold market to restrict imports. The miners, meanwhile, have fake hedges, selling gold forward to keep prices low. But all this means is that nations such as China and Russia get to buy gold at rock bottom prices.

7) Gold is barely at the cost of production.
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Peak BS
- Goldcore becomes silver core

Just as GATA has become SATA, Goldcore has become Silvercore.

Last week, before the surprise snap general election announced in Poodleville, Silvercore noted that the Tuesday afternoon gold fix was $12 below the spot price at the time. It then claimed that the same had happened for silver the day before. Yet, whereas the discrepancy for gold was clear to see, I could see no discrepancy for silver.

Whilst the Great Satan and Paris have defaulted on Germany's gold and gold ETFs were raided for a third of their holdings when the price was illegally smashed in 2013, silver ETFs saw a 2.4% increase in holdings even as the price of silver was ALSO smashed by a similar amount. In other words the banksters didn't have to raid silver ETFs. Neither is India's various taxes and currency banning tactics aimed at silver.

Peru has just posed another 12% fall in silver production – Peak Silver is here.
. . .
The world’s second largest silver producer, Peru, has reported a 12% fall in February’s silver production to 323.1 metric tons, from the same period last year.
. . .
Both GoldCore and SRSrocco have been bringing the issue of Peak Silver to the word’s attention.
. . .
Concern regarding Peak Silver has yet to impact the silver market in a material way.

- Silver Production In 2nd Largest Producer Peru Has “Huge Decline”

So Peru's silver production has fallen from 367.2 to 323.1 or 44.1 metric tons. But global production is tens of thousands of tons!!!

So that's a microscopic reduction which Silvercore uses as evidence of peak silver!!!!!!
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