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Thank You Jamie Dimon for Illegally Smashing the Gold Price Again   [Copy link] 中文

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Poodleville's Suicide

Very obviously, the poodle state is working to a deadline and not just the self-imposed deadline of the 31Mar for triggering Article 50.

Salmond said he believed that May and her cabinet colleagues had failed to grasp what was happening in Scotland and were only now waking up to the prospect that they could face three crises at once: Brexit, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
- Scotland is heading for a second independence poll. Is a Yes vote any more likely?

Add to that the loss of N. Sea oil and Poodleville's biggest goods export by value: scottish whisky.

Add to that Gibraltar.

Add to that the gambling den that is The City, Poodleville's largest export by value and where the banksters are already leaving, never to come back.

Add to that the loss of Vauxhall in favour of Opel because 10% tariffs are not viable. It's not as though Peugeot hasn't already closed down its own plant in Poodleville recently. Furthermore, most of the components are imported, whilst most of the krudmobiles are exported. Furthermore yet again, Peugeot is planning on combining platforms. Furthermore once again, Peugeot CEO, Carlos Tavares, is noted for job cuts even in France. So after 2021, if not sooner, it's virtually guaranteed Peugeot will close the loss-making Vauxhall plants at both Ellesmere Port and Luton too.

Tavares seems to have omitted mention of Vauxhall in one tweet too: "We are excited to welcome #Opel and create the 2nd largest automotive company in Europe." - Carlos Tavares #PushToPass
— Groupe PSA (@GroupePSA) March 6, 2017

- FTSE 100 falters and pound skids towards $1.22 as investors focus on flurry of M&A activity

You couldn't make stooopidity like this up! It suggests the whole Brexit palava is a scam to manipulate markets (with Mark Carney cutting rates rather than raising them) and the outcome will be essentially no change at all other than alignment of currencies for the new gold standard.

However, the poodle state is currently in a HUGE doggie death-spiral firesale of assets. It doesn't appear to be a viable quackonomy, whatever it does. The underlying reason is, of course, because it's gangster-run and being rotten to the core means everything works against it being viable.

Instead of banning bias based on species as the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kalifornia has had to do because it hosts Silicon Valley, the Tories are restoring the Grammar/Secondary Modern skool scam where the only possible reason for segregation is to hold back those sent to Secondary Modern drone skool by SECRETLY giving victims a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CURRICULUM. But this system of sad little bastardry, rigged in favour of "white, working class boys" just means they're breeding themselves dumberer too!

Of course, they made sure they had the rigged scottish referendum first before rigging the Brexit referendum. But that doesn't appear to have dissuaded the Scottish. And there were irregularities, especially in Glasgow, where the police were called in:

Of course, they made sure they had the rigged scottish referendum first before rigging the Brexit referendum. But that doesn't appear to have dissuaded the Scottish. And there were irregularities, especially in Glasgow, where the police were called in:

Of course, they made sure they had the rigged scottish referendum first before rigging the Brexit referendum. But that doesn't appear to have dissuaded the Scottish. And there were irregularities, especially in Glasgow, where the police were called in: Similarly, there was not the huge turnout needed in working-class areas of Glasgow.

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Well Duh!

First Minouche Shafik resigns. Then Kristin Forbes. Then Charlotte Hogg doubles up, taking Shafik's role as well as her own as the Bank of Poodleville's first Chief Operating Officer. Now she resigns too. Is there really that much work to do at the Bank of Poodleville, for which Mark Carney is being paid twice as much as his predecessor and Hogg and Shafik were being paid the same amount?

Hogg, we've heard, drew up the rules for Bank of Poodleville staff. Very obviously, this is because the BoP will now have the "macroprudential" role that has been touted by Janet Yellen for the FED. On the subject of her own sacking, Yellen suggests she could take a new role still on the FED's board of governors, where she too is presiding over a skeleton crew.

Hogg, meanwhile, appears to have made the most basic error imaginable; not reporting that her brother would be one of those she would have oversight of. Is this credible or a pantomime to give her a novel excuse to resign?

In raising interest rates for the second time in three months, Yellen denied that this was a paradigm shift. In other words, having raised rates at the slowest rate feasible, she is now forced to quicken the pace to arrive at market based interest rates before leaving office next March but is denying the imminent new monetary World order. She's even claimed that the market will set interest rates when she claims it's data dependent. But she's also claimed she's not on a pre-determined path and now with little to no change in that data since December, has raised. The only material change was that in mid-2014, the commercial banksters started lending.

In banning Grammar skools, convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, also introduced stewdent loans to create a nation of debt slaves. The return of Grammar skools in order to ration access of non-whites to yooniversity (rather than simply raising standards) suggests the era of creating debt slaves is over.

Could it be any clearer that we're moving toward a new gold standard, when the central banks will be nothing more than banks rather than manipulators of monetary policy and that interest rates will now be determined by market based rules?

The Fed has now raised interest rates three times in the past 15 months. Clearly, the period of ultra-low borrowing costs is at an end. The so-called normalisation of rates is under way.

But it is also obvious that the Fed sees the new normal as being quite different to the old normal. In the mid-2000s, Alan Greenspan’s Fed raised interest rates 17 times in gradual quarter-point jumps until they topped 5%. This time, the Fed sees rates peaking at a much lower level – about 3% – and as things stand they won’t get there until 2019.

- Stocks rise but dollar slides after Federal Reserve raises US interest rates - as it happened

Is it not obvious that Mark Carney, a former bankster, and unelected despot and war criminal, Theresa May, who was formerly at the Bank of Poodleville, have been brought in to manage the transition to the new monetary World order?

Is it not obvious that Fosun buying 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza and ICBC buying Barclay's "state of the art" vault in Cesspit London, means they're going to be settling trade in gold?

Is it not obvious that all the attempts to herd the sheeple out of gold and into red-herrings such as silver and buttcoins means gold is going to be revalued "measurably higher" as Alan Greenspan says and far higher than Jiminy Rickards claims? Isn't that why the gold bugs, soon to get their wish are desperately trying NOT to rock the boat?

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With shares clearly in "a big, fat, ugly bubble", as war criminal, The Donald, correctly pointed out, here's some propaganda encouraging suckers to take the Shyster of Omaha's advice:
He reports that over those nine years, the index fund had an annual return of 7.1%. The funds-of-funds return has been only 2.2%.
. . .
Furthermore, according to a Bloomberg report, Harvard had underperformed its peers over the whole previous five years, with an annual return of 11.2% compared with Princeton’s 14%, Yale’s 13.5%, and MIT’s 13.2%.
. . .
The numbers presented in the very same Berkshire Hathaway letter show that over the nine years of Buffett’s bet so far, while the S&P 500 index fund’s return was 7.1%, Berkshire Hathaway’s own return was only 6.2%, almost a percentage point less.

- Warren Buffett’s (often ignored) advice to mega-rich investors

Firstly, it's a switcheroo to take one year's performance from the yooniversity endowment funds, though, as I understand it they DID underperform over the longer term.

Secondly, as the above article admits, the Shyster of Omaha has had only a modest 6.2% return. When the propaganda rags point to the 20%+ performance of Berkshire Hathaway, they mean it's share price bought by suckers rather than the performance of the company.

Finally, all have underperformed gold, aka "cold, hard cash" and therefore the safest financial asset of all. So the risk reward/ratio ALSO beats all the above.

As the Shyster of Omaha correctly states, you shouldn't invest by the rear-view mirror. Shares are in a bubble, whilst gold has HUGE upside potential as the petrodollar is clearly over and they're clearly moving to the only viable option which is a return to the classic gold standard.

And here's one of the more reliable sources of BS, the zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense: Traditional valuation metrics based on earnings and forward revenues don’t apply to tech companies that often don’t have earnings, and sometimes don’t have revenues. So investors have to rely on less reliable runes: a visionary founder, the number of people using a product, a piece of intellectual property.
- Tech investors should beware fake unicorns

Try telling Peter Schiff that one. He'll bust a gut laughing. The article even goes on to list several hopefuls that didn't pan out.

Even though the DJIA is defying claims that there's no upside potential by breaching 20,000 and then 21,000 in quick succession, the only way to take advantage of that is by selling anyhow! There's certainly no point in holding US shares for the dividend yield. Avoid this bubble until it's crashed, however long that may be.

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Steve Cohen, the infamous billionaire hedgie who plead guilty to insider trading back in 2013 and paid a record $1.8 billion penalty, has never been shy about offering up his opinion on the lack of real trading 'talent' in New York.

Speaking at the Milken Institute Global Conference last May, Cohen said “Frankly, I’m blown away by the lack of talent...It’s not easy to find great people but we whittle down the funnel to maybe 2 to 4% of the candidates we’re interested in...talent is really thin.”
. . .
As Bloomberg points out, Cohen's family office, Point72 Asset Management, is currently analyzing years of trading behavior of top traders in an effort to replicate the type of bets that allowed SAC to massively outperform the broader markets for years.
. . .
Of course, no matter how good Steve's A.I. software becomes, we suspect it will never be able to match the returns of his former SAC team because it will always lack one critical component, namely the ability to call up Dell insiders and get a sneak preview of quarterly, that's real 'talent'.

- Steve Cohen Developing A.I. To Replace Expensive, Talentless Traders

What kind of clown/crook has to analyse his OWN firms data for clues on how to trade?

Although the fictionalised movie of the exploits of Jordan Belfort, with echoes of the movie Wall St., had Matthew McConaughey's character claiming that no one knows what's happening in the markets, the likes of the Shyster of Omaha and war criminal, George Soros probably have a reasonable understanding, though war criminal, Soros, has also been fined for insider trading too, whilst the Shyster of Omaha's purchase of Berlington Santa Fe as Keystone XL was blocked is probably insider trading too.

War criminal, The Donald, for example is obviously correct to note that the Great Satan shares market is a "big, fat, ugly bubble". The main support for this bubble is the institutional banksters playing with the money of the "muppets" and hoping to draw in as many suckers as they can.

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Straightforward Lies

Asset manager M&G has calculated that, if left in a piggy bank, inflation since 1983 would have corroded its buying power to the equivalent of 32p.
. . .
If the £1 had been invested in shares in 1983 and tracked the rise in the FTSE all-share index, it would have had a value of £11.66 by the end of 2016, after allowing for inflation.
. . .
This investment in shares would outstrip investing in gold, which would have had a real value of £1.05 by the end of 2016, and a cash savings account (real value of £1.33).

What a £1 coin could have made since 1983, state-run BBC

The claimed rate of inflation is about 3.39% a year. Yet gold and oil are up five fold measured in "nitroglycerine" POO since the start of the millennium. The claim is a lie! The Great Satan monetary base has inflated from $200bn in 1980 to $4.4trn today averaging 9.8%.

1983 is soon after the one day spike to $850 an ounce in Jan80. Both this date and the selection of the All-share index are obviously cherry-picking too. Even taking that peak as the starting point, the rise (measured in "worthless paper" USD) would be to £1.36 against the 31Dec16 $1,159.1 afternoon fix price. So the £1.05 claim is clearly a lie even if you apply their claimed 3.39% inflation against the annual inflation in the supply of gold which is roughly just below 2%. The Poodle has only devalued against the "worthless paper" USD in the interim.

The claim of £11.66 is almost certainly a lie, especially as it cites after inflation.

Even if all the above statistics weren't a pack of lies, you wouldn't want to invest in shares at the moment as they're clearly in a "big, fat, ugly bubble" and offering a negligible dividend yield, so there's not even any point in holding them.

What's annoying about the child-raping skanky old-farts at the state-run BBC is that they can't even make their lies plausible.

Here's some more BS: "Homes cost more than seven times income", state-run BBC.

That comes after years of the propaganda rags all claiming it was a much lower ratio. Recently, unelected despot and war criminal, Theresa May, blurted out that it was eight times average income according to their own statistics, which could be lies anyway. Do the child-raping skanky old-farts not know whether it's sever or eight or nine?

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Straightforward Lies
- out and out crooks defaulting every which way they can

China's government, corporate and household sectors have huge amounts of debt
- Be prepared: Asia braces for impact of more US rate rises, state-run BBC

As Jan Psaki was asked when she claimed the Great Satan had a "long-standing" policy to support democracy, how long is "long-standing"?

Only the corporate sector in China has an outsized debt load and even then, given the rate of growth, which is far higher than the claimed 6.7% (just look at Alibaba's turnover) such debt would, then, be justified.

Debt in the gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states, however has accumulated over decades and is used for consumption not for production.

Furthermore, some of the propaganda rags have admitted that a large proportion of the so-called capital outflow from China is merely firms re-structuring their debt in renminbi. So they've paid back their "worthless paper" USD denominated loans. This is with the ECB and BoJ imposing negative interest rates on banks with excess capital. In other words, the theme is supporting the "worthless paper" USD as the Great Satan racks up $1trn+ annual deficits, mostly in QE, which one senior FED official admitted was the "greatest backdoor Wall St. bailout of all time". It's where the goons & thugs gift free Great Satan bonds to the banksters to recapitalise them for the new gold standard and the FED buys them at way over 100c on the dollar.

And here's more of their corruption and lies: Mr Mnuchin added he had been "very clear that we do believe in free trade but we believe in balanced trade".
- G20 finance ministers drop anti-protectionist pledge

That's self-contradictory.

All the gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states have HUGE deficits, far larger than debt in China on any measure and unlike their propaganda, I can specify that it's ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE higher. So they have to inflate to default on their debts via inflation. But this means they run HUGE and seemingly permanent trade deficits, especially as no one wants to buy their krudware.

War criminal, The Donald, has accused other nations of "cheating" despite none of those accused being thieved nations and China of being "the biggest trade cheater in the World" despite the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika having the most WTO complaints against it. He also fails to specify how they're supposed to be cheating. Very obviously, this pre-empts his own cheating and reneging on promises with the removal of the no-protectionism pledge at the G20 summit. War criminal, The Donald, previously reneged on $40m of a $640m loan from Deutsche Bank, claiming they were responsible for his bad investments and he has also reneged six other times by filing for bankruptcy. Already double-dealing by having the Taiwan Relations Act contradicting its "One China" agreement, war criminal, The Donald, then suggests re-negotiating it and then NAFTA too.

They're bankrupt and as Dagong rating agency states, "insolvent" and desperate, which is why they've selected this crook as POTUS and with his predecessor even robbing the sheeple on the highways. Already, they're extorting cash out of everyone; even Navinder Sarao who they're trying to shake-down for $38.4m as well as kim dotcom. They only fined Gangster Motors $12m for killing over 100 people with the faulty ignition switch, which they knew about for over a decade. In both cases, Sarao and Dotcom have not violated any domestic freakin' laws!!

AND, they accumulated this debt with the "worthless paper" USD funny-money in the first place, forcing oil-exporter to accept it at the point of a gun.

They also cheat Asians by imposing a white-supremacist, apartheid 12.2% quota, thieved America, defaulted on gold (the biggest default in all of history) and plagiarise with the Echelon and Five Eyes spy rings with the NSA having a mandate for industrial espionage, continue to have a slave system disguised as a prison system, whilst smearing everyone else's goods and STILL THEY CAN'T FREAKIN WELL COMPETE!

Disgusting cabal of crooks!

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More Herding Out of Gold
- could they be more obvious?

The Federal Reserve’s pledge to stick to its dovish outlook on U.S. monetary policy has fueled a rally in precious metals and silver usually beats its more valuable peer in a rising market.
- Silver Seen Climbing Faster Than Gold as Yellen Wakens Bulls

If these crooks could make such predictions with any accuracy, they wouldn't have to be thieving, lying banksters. And, of course, the best they can do is say during a "rising market", meaning silver will fall faster during a falling market.

But as the statutorily required warning says, "past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns". Picking one anecdote whilst ignoring the fact that central banks have stocked up on gold for the new gold standard is obviously deceptive. It's unlikely silver will be used for international trade because, with the lower price, they'd have to store absolutely HUGE amounts of silver.

That "dovish outlook" is as the Great Satan RAISES interest rates. One article has claimed that this is because inflation is about to take off, whilst another article noted that the commercial banksters started lending in mid 2014. That would mean the rate rise is supposed to offset the effects.

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