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国际会议词汇 [Copy link] 中文

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A. 会议的类型                                                                        TYPES OF MEETINGS
        群众大会                                                                        Mass meeting
        大会                                                                                Assembly
        全国代表大会(美)                                                        Convention (USA)
        大会                                                                                General meeting
        会议,大会                                                                        Conference
        外交代表会议                                                                Diplomatic conference
        区域会议                                                                        Regional conference
        大会、国会(美)                                                        Congress
        执行机构                                                                        Governing body
        理事院,行政院                                                                Governing Body
        理事会                                                                                Board of governors
        干事会,理事会                                                                Board of directors
        执行委员会,执行局                                                         (Executive) council or board
        理事会,董事会                                                                Board of trustees
        委员会                                                                                Committee
        委员会(指比较大型有固定性的)                        Commission
        小组委员会                                                                        Sub-committee
        总务委员会(联合国)                                                General committee
大会将作为全体委员会开会        The Assembly will sit as a committee of the
    (不另设部务委员会)        whole, as a general committee       
代表团团长委员会        Committee of heads of delegations
提案处理委员会        Selection committee
提名委员会        Nominations committee
指导委员会        Steering committee
调查委员会        Committee of enquiry
法律(问题)委员会        Committee of legal (juridical) questions
财务委员会        Finance committee
预算委员会        Budget committee
(财务)审核委员会        Auditing committee
议事规则(内部条例)委员会        Standing Orders committee, Rules committee(USA)
资格审查委员会        Credentials committee
决议委员会        Resolutions committee
起草委员会        Drafting committee
接待委员会        Hospitality committee Reception committee
女宾委员会        Ladies’ committee
专家委员会        Committee of experts
联络委员会        Liaison committee
工作人员委员会,职员委员会        Staff committee
协调委员会        Coordination committee
圆桌会议        Round table meeting
专家小组会议        Panel meeting
座谈会,学术报告会        Symposium
研究小组,讨论会        Study group, Seminar(USA)
讨论小组        Discussion group, colloquium
研究小组        Study group
工作组        Working party
仲裁法庭        Arbitration Tribunal, Court of Arbitration
法庭,法院        Court (of justice)
开会        To meet, to sit, to hold a meeting
定期开会        To meet periodically
每隔一定时间开会        To meet at regular intervals
休会期间        Between sessions
与别的会议重叠           Overlapping with other meetings
设立一个委员会        To set up, to establish a committee
指派一个委员会        To appoint a committee
将…委托给一个委员会,把一个任务        To entrust a committee with (to assign a task
    交给一个委员会        to) assign a task to) a committee
大会全体会议        Plenary assembly
大会        General assembly
一次会议        Sitting(UK), meeting(UK), session(USA)
一届会议        Session(UK), meeting(USA)
公开会议        Public meeting
秘密会议        Private meeting       
行政性会议(秘密会议)        Meeting in camera, executive session(USA)
正式会议        Official meeting
非正式会议        Unofficial meeting
预备会议        Preparatory meeting
开幕(式)会        Opening sitting
闭幕(式)会        Final sitting
咨询(顾问)委员会        Advisory committee, consultative committee
联合委员会        Joint committee
混合委员会        Mixed committee
联合委员会(根据对等原则组成)        Joint committee
主要委员会        Main committee
常设机构        Standing body
决策机构        Policy-making body
母体机构,上级机构        Parent body
高级机构        Superior body
附属机构        Subsidiary body
辅助机构        Auxiliary body
下属机构        Subordinate body
主管机构        Appropriate body
临时委员会        Interim committee
筹备委员会        Preparatory committee
组织委员会        Organizing committee
专门委员会        Special committee
特设委员会(暂设的),特别委员会        Ad hoc committee
调查机构        Fact finding organ
布置新闻发布的会议        Briefing meeting
有关组织        Related organization

B. 会议的筹备工作                                                                PREPARATION OF THE MEETING
1. 邀请和召集                                                                        1. Invitations and Convocations
        发出邀请参加会议的信件(邀请信)                        To address (to send, to send out)a (letter or)
                                                                                                convocation (an invitation)
        邀请派遣代表                                                                To invite to be represented
召开(紧急地)                                                                To convene, to summon, to convoke, to call
        召开非常(特别)会议                                                To convene in extraordinary (special) session
        表示收到召开会议的函件                                        To acknowledge the receipt of a letter of
        同意派遣代表                                                                To accept to be represented
        向大会报到                                                                        To register at the congress       
        有条件的接受                                                                Conditional acceptance
        委派…为代表(观察员)                                                To appoint as delegate (observer)
        被指派为代表                                                                To be appointed (designated)
        奉命代表…                                                                 To be instructed to represent…
        派遣一个重要的代表团                                                To send an important delegation
        随带专家                                                                        To bring (along*) experts
        只同意(接受)以观察员身份参加                        To agree (accept) to attend only as (in the
capacity of) observer
        本届会议(开始时,终了时)被替换(指代表)        To be replaced for (at the beginning, the end
of) the session
        …不能参加…                                                                … is unable to take part in (to attend to…)…
        拒绝参加会议                                                                To refuse (to decline) to take part in a
2. 会议进行的条件                                                                2. Conditions under which the Meeting is held
        邀请委员会在(某地)…召开下届会议                The committee is invited to hold its next
session at …
        委员会接受…政府的邀请                                        The committee accepts the invitation of the …
下届会议的日期和地点将由负责人员        The date and place of the next session will
    (局)同秘书处商洽决定                                        be fixed by the Officers (the Bureau) in
consultation with the Secretariat
        东道国                                                                                Host country
        邀请国                                                                                Inviting country
        动议(提议)本届会议休会(延期)                                To mover (propose) the adjournment (the
postponement) of the session
        动议(提议)无限期休会                                                To move (propose) the adjournment tine die
        请求增加委员会的成员                                                To request an increase in the membership of
the committee
确定委员会的权限(规定委员会的职权范围)        To define the competence (to specify the terms of reference) of the committee
草拟工作日程        To draw up the programme of work
最晚在…(时间)以前将文件交到秘书处        Documents must reach the Secretariat (be
    (发给各代表团)        available to Delegations) at the latest on the …
提交(议案)的最晚的日期(期限)        The latest date (dead line) for the submission of …
事前应有充分时间以便…         In sufficient time in advance so that …
在这个组织的总部        At the seat (the headquarters) of the organization
正式开幕式        Formal opening sitting
正式语言        Official languages
工作语言        Working languages
凡用他种语言的代表须自备翻译人员把        Delegates speaking other languages shall be
    他们的发言译成任何一种工作语言                required to supply their own interpreters for the translation or their speeches into one of the working languages
3. 聘用职员和雇员                                                                3. Recruitment of Staff-Contracts
        委派…领导秘书处                                                        To put … in charge of the secretariat
        组织秘书处                                                                        To organize the secretariat
        招聘临时工作人员                                                        To recruit temporary staff
招聘会议期间的工作人员                                        To recruit staff for the duration of the
        雇用当地工作人员                                                        To engage local staff
        就地雇用工作人员                                                        To engage staff on the spot
        解雇或裁减工作人员                                                        To second staff
        聘任的待遇和条件                                                        Terms and conditions of appointment
        临时合同                                                                        Temporary contract
        通常工作日                                                                        Normal working day
        加班                                                                                Overtime
包括星期日、例假日和旅程所需时日        Including Sundays, official holidays, and
travelling day
        一直到本届会议的最后一天                                        Until the last day of the session inclusively
一切费用可以报销                                                        All expenses paid
一切包括在内                                                                All-inclusive
按照一次总付的办法                                                        On a lump sum basis
(费用)由会议负担                                                        At the expense of the conference
按日(每天)                                                                Per diem
生活津贴                                                                        Subsistence allowance
住房津贴                                                                        Accommodation allowance
偿付旅费                                                                        Refunding of travel expenses
免付会议所在地国家的所得税                                Free of income tax in the country in which the
conference is held
        薪金预支                                                                        Advance on salary
        以当地货币支付                                                                In local currency
保留解除合同的权利                                To reserve the right to terminate the contract
        解除合同时的补偿费                                                        Compensation for termination of contract
C. 文件                                                                                        DOCUMENTS
1. 基本文件                                                                        1.Basic Documents
        宪法,宪章,规章,组织法                                        Constitution
        组织法,组织条例                                                        Constituent act
        最后决议,总结文件                                                Final act
        宪章                                                                                Charter
        盟约,公约,约章                                                        Covenant
        条约                                                                                Treaty
        章程,组织法                                                                Statutes, constitution
        公约                                                                                Convention
        宣言                                                                                Declaration
        附加议定书                                                                        Additional protocol
        协定(双边,多边)                                                        Agreement (bilateral, multilateral)
        议定书                                                                                Protocol
法典,准则                                                                        Code
规则,法规                                                                        Rules
议事规则,内部条例                                                        Rules of procedure, internal regulations
暂定条例                                                                        Provisional regulations
人事条例                                                                        Staff regulations
财务条例                                                                        Financial regulations
职权范围                                                                        Terms of reference
文件,凭证,状,书                                                        Instrument
2. 议程,决议,日程等                                                        2. Agenda, Resolutions, Programmes, etc.
   临时议程                                                                        Provisional agenda
        (最后)审定(通过)的议程                                Approved agenda
        见于议程                                                                        To appear on the agenda
        列入议程                                                                        To include in the agenda
        议程项目                                                                        Item on the agenda
        其他事项                                                                        (Any) other business
        工作日程                                                                        Programme of work
        会议日程表                                                                        Daily programme of meetings (sittings)
        时间表,日程表                                                                Time-table, schedule
        决议,提案                                                                        Resolution
        (联合)决议草案                                                        Draft (joint) resolution
        草案初稿                                                                        First draft, preliminary draft
        其他供选择的(反)建议                                        Alternative (counter-) proposal
        建议                                                                                Recommendation
        仲裁书                                                                                Award
3. 报告,备忘录等                                                                 3. Reports, Memoranda, etc.
最后(总结)报告                                                                Final report
初步报告                                                                        Preliminary report
临时报告                                                                        Provisional report
临时报告                                                                        Interim report
总、月度、季度、半年、年度报告                        General, monthly, quarterly, six-monthly,
annual report
        多数(少数)报告                                                        Majority, minority report
        行政工作报告                                                                Administrative report
        财务报告                                                                        Financial report
        关于工作活动的报告                                                        Report on the management, the activity
        情况报告                                                                        Information report
        事实报告                                                                        Factual report
        专家报告                                                                        Expert report
        工作进展情况报告                                                        Progress report
        附加的文字                                                                        Addition
        附加条款,附款                                                                Rider
        附件                                                                                Appended documents
        表                                                                                        Table
        一览表                                                                                Synoptic table
        图式,(大张)图表,图解                                        Diagram, Chart, Graph
        统计                                                                                Statistics
在报告中说明、提到,列入报告之中        To state, to mention, to include in a report
        备忘录                                                                                Memorandum
        备忘录                                                                                Aide-mémoire
        工作文件                                                                        Working paper
        照会,函                                                                        Note
        概况                                                                                Survey
        声明,发言                                                                        Statement
        摘要                                                                                Abstract
        参考意见(咨询意见)                                                Advisory opinion
        意见,评论                                                                        Comment, commentary
        将文件编号                                                                        To give a reference number to a document
        文件分类                                                                        Classification of documents
        机密文件                                                                        Confidential document
        私人文件                                                                        Private document
档案                                                                                Archives
4. 会议记录,公报,新闻稿,记录                4. Minuses, Bulletins, Press releases, Records
做记录                                                                                To keep, to draw up the minutes
   截(列)入记录,记录在案                To place on record in the minutes
   经证明无误的抄本        Certified true copy
   (每日)公报        (Daily) Bulletin
   会议的正式会刊        Official Journal of the Conference
   会议的正式记录        Official records of the Conference
   新闻稿,公报        Press release, communiqué
   通知,通函        Circular letter
   通函(通知)各代表团        To circularize delegations
   记录        Record
   摘要记录(纪要)        Summary record   
逐字记录        Verbatim record
5. 代表名单等        5. List of Delegates, etc.
   发言人名单        List of speakers
   分发出席名单        To circulate an attendance list
   拟具、确定、并列名单        To draw up, to fix, to establish a list
   房间分配图        Plan of the premises showing the allocation of rooms
6. 文件的章节细目        6. Subdivision of a Document
   第一、二、…册(编、卷)        Book I, II, etc.
   章        Chapter
   节        Section
   条        Article, section
   段        Sub-section, paragraph
   款        Sub-paragraph
   项        Sub-subparagraph
   小节        Sub-section, sub-heading
   分述,分列                                                                        Breakdown
序言        Preamble
动机说明        Motivation
(序言中)叙述理由部分        Whereases, Recitals
实效部分,实质条款        Operative part, substantive provisions
脚注        Foot-note
边注        Marginal note
交叉索引        Cross-reference
标题        Heading
小标题,副标题        Sub-heading
附录,附表,附件        Appendix, schedule, exhibit
附件        Annex
表格         Form
调查表,问题单        Questionnaire
抄本        Copy
原本        Blue-print, master-copy
副本        Duplicate
清稿        Fair copy                       
倒数第二        Penultimate, last but one
倒数第三        Antepenultimate, last but two        
倒数三行        3 lines from the bottom
正面        Obverse, from side of the page
反面        Overleaf, back side of the page
编号        Reference number
顺序编号        Serial number
约束性条款        Mandatory provision
任选条款(非约束性条款)        Permissive provision
条文范例        Standard clause
免费条款        Escape clause
7. 修正案,补遗,勘误                                                        7. Amendments, Addenda, Corrigenda
修正案        Amendment
对修正案的修正案        Amendment to an amendment
相应修正案        Consequential amendment
改动        Alteration
增加,增加的部分        Addition
插进,插文        Insertion
删除,删文        Deletion
补遗        Addendum, addenda
改正笔误        To correct a clerical mistake
勘误表        Corrigendum, corrigenda
订正        To rectify
订正        Rectification
补充        To supplement
8. 草拟,复制,分发        8. Preparation, Duplication, and Distribution
草拟、起草文件、备忘录等        To prepare, draw up, draft a document, a memorandum, etc.
审议、研究、审查、仔细研究文件        To consider, study, inspect scrutinize a document
使几种文本取得一致        To secure conformity between the texts
修改报告使它符合于目前情况        To bring a report up-to-date
一篇草拟得很好的稿子        A piece of good draftsmanship
全部或部分复制        To reproduce in full or in part
复制,打印        Reproduction, duplication
原文        Original text
校样,长条校样        Proofs, galley proofs
有限制分发,普遍分发        Restricted, general distribution
保证文件的分发        To ensure the distribution of documents
9. 国际约章                                                                        9. The International Instrument
缔约国,缔约各方        The contracting parties
为参加公约的一员        To be a party to a Convention
公约签字国        Signatory to a Convention
草签         To initial
立法行为        Legislative action
规则(条例,规章)        Regulations
条款的范围        Scope of a provision
加入公约        To adhere to, to accede to a Convention
加入(公约)        Accession
批准公约        To ratify a Convention
有(无)保留        With (without) reservations
接受书        Instrument of acceptance
交存批准书        To deposit the instrument of ratification
本(公约)继续开放,一切国家均可签字        The … remains open to all States for
    和表示接受        signature and acceptance
将条约登记        To register a Treaty
将正本送存档案库        To deposit the authentic text in the archives
开始生效        To come into force, into operation
适用、实施某一公约        To apply, to put into effect a Convention
实施公约的规定        To implement the provisions of a Convention
公约原定有效期间        Initial term (of a Convention)
违反规定        To infringe the provisions
违反行为        Infringement

D. 会议的组成                                                                        COMPOSITION OF A CONFERENCE
1. 参加者                                                                                1. Participants
代表团团长        Head (leader) of delegation
(首席)代表        (Chief) delegate
全权代表        Plenipotentiary
常任代表,常驻代表         Permanent delegate
会员(国)        Member
当然会员        Member as of right
代表        Representative
终身会员        Life-member
全权会员,正式会员        Full-fledged member
有表决权        With a right to vote
无表决权        Without a right to vote
互选的会员        Co-opted member
副代表,代表人员        Alternate, deputy, substitute
(法律)顾问        (Legal) adviser
技术顾问        Technical adviser
专家        Expert
代表团专家        Expert attached to a delegation
观察员        Observer
审计员        Auditor
地位        Status
以官方身分        In an official capacity
以非官方身分        In an unofficial capacity
以私人身分        In a private capacity
以顾问身分        In an advisory capacity, as a consultant
当然(委员等等)        Ex officio
正式被指派,正式受权        Duly authorized
出席,到会        To attend
出席,到会        Attendance
会籍(会员资格)        Membership (status of member)
会议的组成        Composition of the Conference
缺席人员        Absentee
代表        To represent
代表权,代表        Representation
担任职务        To occupy a post
担任…        To act as …
同等数目的代表        Balanced representation
按比例代表        Proportional representation
按地域分配        Geographical distribution
三方面(制)        Tri-partite
三,四,五国        3, 4, 5, Power …
在(理事会)中担任理事        To serve on (a Board)
参加某委员会为委员        To sit on a Committee
代表证书        Credentials
全权证书        (Full) powers
指示,命令        Instructions
豁免        Immunities
特权        Prerogatives
优惠        Privileges
享受优惠        To enjoy privileges
特派新闻记者        Accredited journalist
2. 主持人                                                                                2. Officers
赞助人,各誉委员会        Patrons, Committee of Honor
会议的主持人,主席团人员        Officers of the Conference, Bureau
职务        Office
负责人员        Holder of an office
名誉主席(会长)        Honorary President
年序最长的会员、委员        The Senior Member
资格最老的会员         The Oldest Member
会长,主席        President, Chairman
会长(职),主席(职)        Presidency, Chairmanship
主席(女)        Madam Chairman
主席(在会场称呼用)        The Chair
临时主席        Interim Chairman
副会长,副主席        Vice-President, Vice-Chairmanship
副会长(职),副主席(职)        Vice-Presidency, Vice-Chairmanship
报告人        Rapporteur
任期        Term, term of office
在职        To be in office
连任        Renewal of term of office
轮流担任                                                                        Rotation in office
卸任(主席等…)        Retiring, outgoing (Chairman, etc…)
前任(主席等)        Past (US), former (GB) (Chairman, etc.)
3. 秘书处                                                                                3. Secretariat
总干事        Director General (General Manager)
副总干事        Deputy director General
秘书长        Secretary General
副秘书长        Assistant Secretary General
执行秘书        Executive Secretary
行政秘书        Administrative Secretary
名誉秘书        Honorary Secretary
司库,会计        Treasurer
司库(会计)办公室        Treasurer’s office       
会议的秘书、文书        Secretary, Clerk of the Conference
高级职员        Officials
会议的职员        Conference officer
顾问        Consultant
(技术)顾问        (Technical) adviser
法律顾问        Legal adviser
行政处        Administrative Services
翻译处        Language department
负责文件人员        Document officer
新闻处        Press department
新闻官        Press-officer
报导处        Reporting services
摘要人员,记录        Precis-writer
会计室        Accountant’s office
速记人员        Verbatim reporters
打字组        Typewriting service, pool
油印组        Mimeographing roneographing department
分发        Distribution
招待员        Ushers
失物招领处        Lost property department (office)
问询处        Information desk
4. 会场布置        4. Equipment of the Hall
会议厅,大厅,会场        Hall, conference hall, main hall
会场内部        Body of the hall
主席台        Platform
木槌        Gavel
铃        Bell
座位        Seat
讲台        Rostrum
扩音器        Loudspeaker
放大器        Amplifier
送话器,话筒,麦克风        Microphone
耳机        Earphone
表决指示牌        Vote indicator
票箱        Ballot box
贵宾席        Distinguished strangers’ gallery
新闻记者席        Press gallery
公众旁听席        Public gallery
小间,箱子        Booths
小会议室        Committee room
前厅,休息室        Lobby
公告栏        Notice-board
存物柜        Locker
分信箱         Pigeon-hole
衣帽间        Cloak-room

1. 表决或选举的目的和条件        1. Purpose and Conditions of a Vote or an Election
把问题交付表决、进行表决        To put a question to the vote, to proceed to a vote
请表明态度        Please signify
宣布表决(投票)开始        To declare that the voting has begun
参加表决、投票、选举        To take part in a vote, a ballot, a poll
(我们)已足法定人数        The quorum is reached, we have a quorum
检查是否已足法定人数        To ascertain that there is a quorum
指派正式成员、代理人        To appoint a regular member, a substitute
补缺        To fill a vacancy
授命连任        To renew the term of office, the appointment
延长任期        To extend the term of office
接受连任        To accept the renewal of one’s term of office
提议分开(分别)表决        To move that a separate vote be taken
要求逐条表决        To ask for a vote article by article
表决整个动议         To vote on the motion as a whole
2. 表决的方式和方法,选举的程序        2. Forms and Methods of Voting, and Electoral Procedure
表决,投票,参加选举         To vote, to cast a vote, to take part in an election
弃权        To abstain
赞成票        Affirmative vote
反对票        Negative vote
投反对(不同意)票        To cast a dissenting vote
一致同意        Unanimous vote
一致通过        Carried unanimously
不经辩论的表决        Vote without debate
鼓掌通过        Approval by acclamation
举手表决        Vote by show of hands
口头表决        Vote by “yes” and “no”
起立表决        Vote by sitting and standing, rising vote (USA)
无记名投票        Secret ballot
唱名表决        Vote by roll call
唱名表决(须登台表示意见)        A vote by roll call at the rostrum
代理投票        Vote by proxy
通信投票        Vote by correspondence
组成一个选举团        To be constituted as an electoral college
表决票,选票        Voting slip, voting paper, ballot paper
投票入票箱        To deposit a voting paper in the ballot box
必要的多数        The requisite majority
以特定的多数(四分之三,三分之二        To elect by a qualified majority (three
    多数)选出         fourths, two thirds majority)
以绝对(简单)多数选出        To elect by an absolute (a simple) majority
以相对的多数选出        To elect by a relative majority
(按特殊票权)分配(所得)多数        Distributed majority
出席并投票的会员的多数        The majority of members present and voting
大会会员的多数        The majority of the members of the assembly
就单个侯选人进行选举        Voting (ballot) for a single candidate
就整个侯选人名单进行选举        Voting (ballot) for a list of candidates
按比例的代表        Proportional representation
当选票额        Electoral quotient
一次投票        Single ballot
连续投票        Successive ballots
不投票的主席        Non-voting Chairman
有表决权,有权投票        To be entitled to vote, to have the right to vote
被取消表决(投票)权        To be deprived of the right to vote
行使表决(投票)权        To exercise the right to vote
对所投的票加以说明        To explain one’s vote
担任侯选人        To stand for election
提名        To nominate …
支持某一个提名,支持(某人)的侯选资格        To support a nomination, a candidature
保持、撤销某人的侯选资格        To maintain, to withdraw one’s candidature
同意担任侯选人,接受提名        To agree to be a candidate, to accept nomination
送交提名名单        To present a panel of nominees
声明某一侯选提名是可以接受的,不可以        To declare a candidature receivable,
接受的(符合规则,不符合规则)        irreceivable (in order, out of order)
有被选权,有被连选权,无被选权        Eligible, re-eligible, ineligibility
有被选权,无被选权        Eligibility, ineligibility
与职务不相称        Incompatibility of duties
3.        表决或选举终了                                                                3. Conclusion of the Vote or Election
指派计票人        To appoint tellers
实行表决        To go back upon a vote
停止、延期、中断表决(投票)        To defer, postpone, interrupt a vote (a ballot)
宣布表决(投票)结束        To declare the vote (ballot) closed
改投他票        To change one’s vote
经声明的弃权也将计算在内        Declared abstentions will be reckoned, taken into account
未填写的选票(无效的选票)将不计算在内        Voting papers left blank (null and void)will not be reckoned, taken into account
点票,计算票数        To count the votes
检查表决结果        To check the result of the voting
否决,行使否决权        To veto, to impose a veto
4.        宣布结果                                                                        4. Announcement of the Result
报到(登记)的会员        Registered members
投票的会员        Members voting
票数        Number of votes
已投的票        votes cast
有效票        Valid ballot papers
空白票        Blank ballot papers, voting papers
无效的票,废票        Ballot papers null and void
宣布当选        To declare elected
以年长当选        Elected on grounds of seniority
抽签        To draw lots
票选无结果        The ballot is inconclusive
票数相等        Equality of votes, a draw, a tie
无结果的表决        Inconclusive vote
投裁定票,投决定的一票        To give a casting vote
动议是以12票对9票通过,2票弃权        The motion is adopted, carried, by 12 votes to 9 with 2 abstentions
动议被否决        The motion is rejected, lost
获得多数        The majority is obtained
第一次投票表决        First ballot
第二次投票表决        Second ballot
再次投票表决        Additional ballot
宣布除两票外以一致同意当选        To declare unanimously elected less two votes
宣布以绝对(简单)多数当选        To declare elected by an absolute (a simple) majority
5.        表决(选举)的后果                                                        5. Consequences of the Voting (the Election)
接受当选        To accept an election
不接受委任、职务        To refuse an appointment an office
让给…        To yield in favor of …
请把你的票改投…        Please transfer your votes to …
质问表决结果        To challenge a result
取消所投的票        To cancel a vote
使有效,使无效        To validate, to invalidate
调查选举时的情况        To investigate the circumstances of an election
结果是最后的,不能改变的        The result is final, definitive
认定表决、投票、选举为有效        To confirm a vote, a ballot, an election
宣布某次表决、投票是最后的        To declare a vote, a ballot, to be final

F. 辩论        DEBATES
1. 辩论开始        1. Opening of the Debate
现在开会了        The sitting is open, is called to order
委员会在开会        The committee is in session, is holding a sitting, is sitting
开会        To be sitting in session
开始讨论,进行讨论        To take up, to come to the discussion, to initiate a discussion
宣布讨论开始        To declare the discussion open
复会,继续开会        To resume a sitting
继续辩论        To resume a debate
2. 主席                                                                                        2. Chairmanship
担任主席        To take, to occupy the Chair
继续担任主席        To resume the chairmanship
让副主席担任主席        To hand over the chairmanship (the Chair) to the Vice-chairman
放弃、辞去主席的职务        To give up, to renounce, the office of chairman
请发言人不要离开本题        To request the speaker to keep to the point under discussion
请对主席讲话        Please address the Chair
可不可以请你要求某代表…        May I through you ask the delegate of …
请发言人简单扼要些        To invite speakers to be brief
征求与会者的意见        To take the sense (the consensus of opinion) of the meeting
征求与会者的意见        To consult the meeting
请大会决定        To ask the assembly to decide upon
作出裁定        To give a ruling
作出最后裁定        To give a final ruling
行使斟酌行事的权力        To exercise a discretionary power
要求(主席)作出裁定        To ask for a ruling
使用主席的权力        To invoke the chairman’s authority
由主席处理,把事情交由主席决定        To be in the hands of the chairman, to leave the matter to the chairman’s decision
提请主席(注意,决定等)        To appeal to the chairman
接受主席的决定、裁定        To accept the chairman’s decision, ruling
尊重主席的决定        To bow to the chairman’s decision
对主席的裁定、决定提出异议        To challenge the chairman’s ruling, decision
驳回,宣布无效        To overrule
3. 项目的次序                                                                        3. Order of Items
(暂时)通过议程        To adopt (provisionally) the agenda
列入议程        To place on, to include in, the agenda
从议程中删掉        To delete, to remove from the agenda
改变项目的次序        To change the order of the items
遵照议程        To adhere, to stick to the agenda
确定讨论项目的次序        To establish an order of priority
有优先权        To have priority
给以优先权        To accord priority preference
绝对优先项目        First priority
重要优先项目        A high priority
更重要优先项目        A higher priority
次重要优先项目        A lower priority
要求把某事当作紧急事项处理        To ask that a matter be treated as urgent
一般辩论        General debate
对专门问题的辩论        Debate on special question
开始程序问题的辩论        To open a debate on procedure
开始讨论实质问题        To come to the substance (the merits) of the matter
进行讨论条款        To proceed to the discussion of the articles
其他事项        Any other business
把某一问题跟…分开来        To separate a question from
搁置        To set aside
排除、抛弃        To exclude, to discard
安排各次会议的时间表        To fix the timetable of the sittings
4. 给与和取消发言权        4. Granting and Withdrawal of the Right to Speak
我请…(发言)        I call upon, I give the floor to, I recognize (USA)
我请发言人停止发言        I direct the speaker to discontinue his speech
我要求发言        I ask to speak, I ask for the floor (USA)
发言        To take the floor (USA),to address the meeting
我既然在发言…        Since I am speaking, since I have the floor (USA)
如果让我继续发言        If I may be allowed to continue
把自己的发言机会让给        To give up one’s turn to speak in favor of, to yield to (USA)
我放弃发言权        I waive my right to speak
参加辩论        To intervene in a debate
要求发言机会        To ask to be heard
登记发言        To put one’s name on the list of speakers
发言登记已经截止        The list of speakers is closed
限制发言时间        To restrict, to limit, the time accorded to speakers
保留以后再答复的权利        To reserve one’s right to answer at a later stage
在座席上发言        To speak from one’s place
走到讲台上去        To go up to the rostrum
在讲台上        To be at the rostrum
从讲台上走下来        To come down from the rostrum
正对话筒讲话        To speak into the microphone
5. 执行议事规则,先例        5. Enforcement of the Rules of procedure, Precedents
应用议事规则        To apply the rules of procedure
遵守议事规则(习惯,传统)        To adhere to the rules of procedure (the custom, the tradition)
服从有关…的规则        To submit to the rules governing…
合乎规则,符合规则的要求        To conform to the rules, to comply with the requirements of the rules
要求遵守规则        Call to order
提醒规则的条款        To recall, remind of, the terms of the rules
解释规则        To interpret, to construe, the rules
违犯规则        To commit an infringement
指出对规则的违犯、破坏        To note an infringement, a violation of the rules
暂停、放弃对规则的适用        To suspend, to waive the rules
除规则第…条不在此例外        By exception (derogation) to article … of the rules
在权限以外越权        Ultra vires
对权限提出疑问        To challenge the competence
自称有(无)权        To declare oneself to be competent (incompetent)
援引先例        To invoke a precedent
避免造成先例,惟恐造成先例        To avoid creating a precedent, to fear that a precedent might be created       
依据(参照)法理学        To refer to the jurisprudence
参照现存有惯例        To refer to existing traditions
参照原文        To refer to the text
6. 辩论                                                                                        6. The Debate
委员会要讨论一个报告        The committee has a report before it
发表演说(讲话)        To make, to deliver, a speech (an address)
表示意见        To make a remark
我国政府指示我…        My Government instructed me to …
我国政府授权我…        I am authorized by my Government to …
以个人名义(身分)发表声明        To make a personal statement (in a personal capacity)
我以…身分发言        I speak in my capacity of …
表示同意前一位发言人的意见        To express agreement with the previous speakers
打断一个发言人的话(在发言中插话)        To interrupt a speaker
回答插话的人        To reply to the interrupters
离开本题        To depart from the question
一个试探性的(不成熟的)建议        A tentative suggestion
关于(根据)…的建议        On the proposal of …
这样做合乎规则吗?        Am I in order?
我收回所说的话        I withdraw what I said
提出一个附带的问题        To raise an incidental matter
提出一个先决问题        To raise a previous (preliminary) question
提出一个在讨论继续进行前必须加以        To raise a question which must be solved
    解决的问题        before the matter can be pursued further
提出书面问题        To put a written question
考虑到        To take into consideration
考虑到(不考虑)所提出的反对的意见        To take (not to take) into account the objection raised
我建议把这件来信从记录中删掉        I move that the communication struck (expunged) from the record
我建议我们对这件来信置之不理        I move that we take no cognizance of the communication
不受理        To refuse to entertain
拒绝考虑(一个论点,等)        To refuse to take into consideration (an argument, etc.)
提出原则性的反对意见,在原则上反对        To raise an objection of principle, to object in principle
否决、不理反对的意见        To overrule, to disregard an objection
采取主动,带头,倡议        To take the initiative
有倡议权        To have the initiative
拒绝带头        To refuse to take the initiative
认为某一条款(建议)已经失去时效        To consider an article (a proposal) as obsolete
援引某一条款        To invoke an article
认为某一建议根本无效        To consider a proposal as null and void
共同商量        To consult together
为澄清某一点        On a point of clarification
在技术(名词)问题上        On a technical point (USA)
征询法律意见        To request a legal opinion
一个法律问题        A legal issue
发动调查        To cause an investigation to be made
下令调查        To order an enquiry       
进行调查        To make an enquiry
下令进行专家检查(反检查)        To cause an expert examination (counter-examination) to be made
接受、同意专家们的意见        To accept, to endorse the opinion of the experts
对专家的资格(权限)提出疑问        To challenge the qualifications (authority) of the experts
对专家的结论提出异议,加以拒绝        To contest, to dispute, to reject the findings of the experts
通过某一个建议、草案、条款、报告、        To adopt a proposal, a draft, an  article,
    修正案        a report, an amendment
修正(更改)一个建议、草案、条款、        To amend (to alter) a proposal, a draft, an
       报告、 修正案                                                        article a report, an amendment
提出书面修正案        To present (submit) an amendment in writing
反对一个建议        To oppose a proposal
由多数决定        To leave it to the decision of the majority
将一个声明载入记录        To note a statement, to place a statement on record
声明已经注意到        To acknowledge a statement
我要求把我的…记录在案        I want to be on record as having …
援引本人的话        Reference was made to me
载入记录,记入会议记录        To place on record, to record in the minutes
把未宣读的发言稿列入记录        To read into the record (USA)       
注意到某一个辞呈        To take note of a resignation
沿用紧急程序        To apply the emergency procedure
7.  动议和决定                                                                        7. Motions and Decisions
提出提案、对案        To make, to move, to table (UK) a proposal, a counterproposal
提出决议草案        To submit a draft resolution
实质性动议        Substantive motion
替代的决议        Substitute resolution
提出修正案、提案草案、对案        To present an amendment, a draft proposal, a counter-proposal
进行二读        To proceed to a second reading
提出程序问题        To raise a point of order
赞成(反对)提案        To take a stand for (against) a proposal
提出信任问题        To put the question of confidence
附议,支持一个提案        To second, to support a proposal
反对一个修正案、决议、提案        To oppose an amendment, a resolution, a proposal
宣布接受(不接受)一修正案(动议)        To declare an amendment (a motion) receivable (irreceivable)
可接受性        Receivability
不可接受性        Irreceivability
延期决定,暂不决定        To postpone, to adjourn, to put off a decision
接受一个修正案(决议,提案)        To accept an amendment (a resolution, a proposal)
把几个修正案(决议草案)合并起来        To merge together several amendments (draft resolutions)
撒回提案        To withdraw a proposal
无限期搁置动议        To table a motion (USA)
对动议作出决定        To take a decision upon a motion
暂时决定        To decide provisionally
不经辩论作出决定        To decide without any debate
立刻决定        To decide forthwith
取消决定        To rescind a decision
这个动议符合程序吗?        Would this motion be in order?
8. 维持秩序                                                                        8. Maintenance of Order
维持会场秩序        To maintain order in the hall
扰乱辩论        To disturb the debate
造成混乱        To cause a disturbance
请发言人遵守秩序        To call a speaker to order
列在议程末尾        To place at the end of the agenda
转入下一个项目        To proceed to the next business
延到下一届(次)会        To postpone, to adjourn, to the next session (sitting)
送交主管的委员会        To remit to the appropriate committee
停止辩论(会议,讨论)        To suspend the debate (the sitting, the discussion)
决定暂停(结束)辩论        To decide to adjourn (to close) the debate
休会        To adjourn, to stand adjourned
休会到第二天,休会一星期        To adjourn to the next day, to a week’s time
给以考虑的时间        To grant time for reflection
中断辩论(会议,讨论)        To interrupt the debate (the sitting, the discussion)
暂停、延期辩论(会议,议论)        To adjourn, to postpone the debate (the sitting, the discussion)       
无限期休会        To adjourn sine die
辩论的结束        Closure of the debate
警告        To give a warning
要求遵守秩序        To call to order
被提醒遵守秩序        To be called to order
逐出会场        To expel from the hall
以武力驱逐        To expel manu militari
通过指责决议        To pass a vote of censure
决定驱逐        To decide to expel
交给警察当局        To hand over to the police authorities
禁止进入会场内部        To forbid access to the body of the hall
下令会场里(旁听席上)的人退出会场        To order that the hall (the gallery) be cleared
能进入会场内部        To have access to the body of the hall
维持秩序        To maintain order
9. 辩论结束        9. Closure of the Debate
决定延期、休会        To decide to postpone, to adjourn
动议结束辩论        To move the closure
就结束辩论作出决定        To decide on the closure of the debate
结束辩论        To close the debate
闭幕词        Closing speech
大会申谢        Vote of thanks
(最后)闭会        To adjourn (finally) the meeting

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