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Chinese media lambaste US hacking allegations   [Copy link] 中文

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IF you have somethin that valuable then you need to kno how to protect it at all time not just waitin for the chinese/somebody to slip in your door  {:soso_e114:}{:soso_e113:}{:soso_e128:}
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I hear the Chinese are also behind the recent hacking of the Burger King twitter account.
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I see your point, Youknowhat. however, would you say the same thing is the US army had a unit whose job was to hack into Chinese companies (or the government)?

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I think Mr Obama and his people want to create noise away from their self's so they can divert attention from their mismanagement, you know the old "smoke and mirrors" routine.  

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I've read the full Mandiant report

Believe it or not, the mandiant site appears to be hacked too

China has been caught red handed. The evidence for involvement at the highest levels is compelling.

(beast ex machina)

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First deny
Then justify

What next?
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