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New movie idea - The Construction Minister - THE MOVIE. [Copy link] 中文

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Minister of construction anti nukes protestors.png

Demonstrators against nuclear weapons in front of the mall that Jackie Cheung frequents!

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(Grace Wong watches the demonstration. It's not often to see such activity in this middle class neighbourhood. Then Jackie Cheung's private phone rang!)

<Jackie Cheung>"Wei"

<Hoy & Sum> "Uncle Jackie, your ADG AGR or......well, he came. He gave some documents to grandmother. Can we open it - it's titled Next week's schedule. Want us to read it?"

<Jackie Cheung> (put on phone to handsfree mode) "Yes, open it and read"

<Hoy & Sum> "Private and Confidential (opening the document) Schedule for Monday......Senate house, Tuesday, oath taking at the President Mansion, Meeting the Construction Director General, introducing the team, Wednesday - appointments with members of construction guild, relevant affiliated guilds, ministry at a luncheon"

<Grace Wong> "Wow, your reading skills have improves a lot, Hoy and Sum"

<Hoy & Sum> "Thank you auntie Grace" (hangs up the phone abruptly)

<Jackie Cheung> "Some private secretary work, huh?"

(Jackie parked the car, and walked up to the shopping mall proper)

<Jackie Cheung> "Want to have some fun, Grace?"

<Grace Wong> "Huh?>

<Jackie Cheung> "Let's run up to the cinema"

(Jackie and Grace ran in the Shopping mall, suddenly 2 people in the crowd walked quickly in pursuit)

<Jackie Cheung> "Saw that Grace! That's my 2 shadows! Very sleuth, but they are my bodyguards. Very silent, stealthy! Are they the one watching you?"

<Grace Wong> "Oh! Is it that I am also a VIP?"

To be continued.........


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Minister of construction Jackie bodyguard runs.jpg

One of Jackie ISD shadow walk briskly to catch up with the couple

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(Jackie Cheung was surprised to see that the Minister of Construction office is very luxurious furnished. He has met the Secretary General, the key officials and has been briefed on the ongoing projects, latest projects submitted by the other ministries and is now with his Ministry Aide Officer. Lam, his ADC Mr. Chua at his new office)

<Jackie Cheung> "It seems to be better furnished than the Prime Minister's office?

<Officer Lam> "Well, the Contractors did an extremely good job for the previous Minister Lim, even if it's less costly compared to the Prime Minister's office. The Prime Minister office uses a lot of high quality timber; preferable to his taste. Perhaps it's a PUBLIC RELATION image as well. He is afterall POPULARLY elected.

We can do changes or completely renovate the office, if you so wish."

<Jackie Cheung> "Why is it none of the popularly elected politicians taken up this important post?"

<Officer Lam> "Not very sure, Sir"?

(The Director General Mr. Tsui phones the Minister of Construction. His new Secretary Ms. Jolin Tsai)

<Jolin Tsai> "Hello, Minister Lim, oops, Minister Jackie Cheung office"

<DG Mr. Tsui> "Hello Jolin, Is the minister still in his office?"

<Jolin Tsai> "That was a really big pile of documents you gave Mr. Cheung, Sir. I think it will take quite some time for the Minister to digest."

<DG Mr. Tsui> "Thank goodness for computers, isn't it, Jolin."

<Jolin Tsai> "Many contracts needs approval since the fiasco with Minister Lim. I know I'll prod the Minister to go through the documents and approval. Officer Lam is with him now. Do you think he'll replace Kelly Chen and myself?"

<DG Mr. Tsui> "Well, it's up to the minister, don't you think?"

To be continued

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Minister of construction office.jpg

Jackie Cheung was surprised at the furnishing at the Minister of Construction.

Minister of construction Jolin Tsai.jpg

Minister of construction first private secretary Ms. Jolin Tsai

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(Ms. Kelly Chen, a professional civil engineer + material surveyor is the 2nd personal assistant to the previous Minister of construction. She walks into the office with Officer Lam, secretary Jolin Tsai on Jackie Cheung)

<Officer Lam> "Sir, this is your 2nd personal assistant. She will help in explaination of individual projects and any question that you may have. She has photographic memory and very useful, that pile that the Director General provided is only the index of the approvals needed. Any projects above C$1.0 million needs ministeral signature of approval."

<Jackie Cheung> "Hmmm!"

<Kelly Chen> "Good morning Minister Cheung!"

<Jackie Cheung> "How do we start, the basic projects from the various ministry (watches the index pages)- under C$5 million, C$10 million, C$100 million, C$500 million, C$1.0 billion and more than C$1.0 billion. Projects from the Education ministry, Health ministry, WORKS MINISTRY, Institutes, Transport ministry, Defense ministry, Home ministry, Agriculture, Infrastructure rural and urban federal projects"

<Officer Lam> "I'll leave you in the good hands of Ms. Kelly Chen and Ms. Jolin Tsai"

<Jackie Cheung> (looking at the computer) "Oh! that's how'd you approve a BULK of the below C$100 million budget. Recurrent works, Project development work...........

.....recurrent work approvals so far C$60 over billion, development budget about C$40 billion...........(looks up at a smilling Ms. Jolin Tsai, and a more serious Ms. Kelly Chen and look back on the computer screen, and the huge index file)"

<Kelly Chen> "Well the low budget project, recurrent is pretty simple......"

<Jackie Cheung> "Quickie approvals for a whole lot - already done TENDERED, multiple tenderer-audited-lowest bidder-highest bidder, officer recommendation....."

<Jolin Tsai> "You are quite handy with the computer, sir"

To be continued.......

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Minister of construction second secretary Kelly Chen.png

2nd Personal Assistant Officer Kelly Chen. Serious looking and very qualified.

Minister of construction pile of documents.jpg

The index of projects and recurrent works to be approved.

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