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New movie idea - The Construction Minister - THE MOVIE. [Copy link] 中文

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Minister of construction Boatgill company HQ.jpg

The BOATGILL CORPORATION, HQ office building.
A large GRAIN commodity corporation.

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(In the tobacco smoke filled room of the Builders guild)

<Shadowy figure 1> "What's this about the new construction minister? What do you know about this guy Mr. Jackie Cheung?"

<Shadowy figure 2> "Nothing, he comes out from the blue. Not one within our influence! None of our favoured politicians was picked for the number 3 post in the Political Exco? Anything from your sources in the Bureaucracy?"

<Shadowy figure 3> "They are also surprise at the surprise pick from the National People's party exco committee. The coalition partners of the National Cult party agreed immediately, something about MAKING LIFE EASIER for them. Don't know what that means"

<Shadowy figure 4> "We better get the BOYS on the case"

<All at the table> "YES"

(In London, at MI-6)

<M> "What's this JAMES, this surprise at CENTRAL FEDERATION. We don't have any idea who's this new fella?"

<James Bond> "I'll get right on the job, mum"

(In Moscow, FSB headoffice)

<General Borovski> "Commissar Jolie, What's this at the CENTRAL FEDERATION?"

To be continued..........


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Ministry of construction builders guild meeting.jpg

Builders guild secret meeting

Ministry of construction MI6 chief.png

MI-6, chief M furious at James Bond

Ministry of construction Moscow.png

At FSB; Moscow. General Borovski wants answers!

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(In the home of Jackie Cheung, his mother, elder brother and sister in law surrounded him in his bed. His 2 nephew, 3 nieces were surrounded him)

<Cheung Hock Yan> "Wake up sleepy head. What's this about becoming the CONSTRUCTION MINISTER. I always thought you only join the political party as a JOKE with your friends to meet girls? Do you know there is a team downstairs waiting for you - a Internal Security Department officer, a liason from the State Secretariat and an aide de camp, two bodyguards in front of our house.  There is also an official mercedes limousine out front?"

<Jackie Cheung> "Uhhhh! (yawns) Huh? I thought I was dreaming, when Ms. Beverly Thong handed me an appointment letter to the senate, and as cabinet minister?"

<nephew, nieces> "Uncle Jackie, wow! There is a new car outside, can you let us try it out?"

<Mother Cheung> "Son, what's going on? Now we are like celebrity in the whole neighbourhood?"

<Wife of elder brother> "Congratulations, what a pleasant surprise! I just got a call from my friends saying that YOU have been appointed Construction minister. It was on morning radio this morning, and morning TV news"

(Jackie Cheung prepared himself to meet the gathered aides in his brother's home)

<AsP Mak> "Good morning Sir! I am ASP Mak Poh Yan here representing the ISD to brief you on security arrangements."
<Officer Jerry Lam> "Good morning Sir, I am Mr. Lam Kin Chook from the Construction Ministry, I represent the Director General to give you a briefing"
<Adc Chua> "Good morning Sir! My name is Adc Chua. I will help you with protocols, and we have a meeting with Prime Minister Kwok at 11am this morning at the admistrative capital.

<Jackie Cheung> "HUH?"

To be continued......


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Minister of construction team.png

Minister of Construction aides arrives at Jackie Cheung's home

Minister of construction silver mercedes official car.png

Minister of Construction new official car, strange in silver not the customary black?

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(In a motorcade to the Administrative capital to meet the Prime Minister.)

<Jackie Cheung> "Can you tell me more about the security arrangements?"

<Asp Mak> "Well, sir. We have a team of 30 officers to give you round the clock security. What you will actually see is your driver, Chief Inspector Phua and two Special Officers in the car behind. On Official ceremonial meets, you have a single outrider. The rest of the team is invisible.

If you need to call me, use this mobile phone, all the important phone numbers are in it. It's encrypted, and not traceable. Your private moblle remains private. We will make all effort to remain invisible so as not to disrupt your regular routine and work"

<Jackie Cheung> "Hmm! Does that mean the Prime Minister has a team of a hundred?"

<Asp Mak> (smiles) "Oh no, Sir. It's only appearance, 30 officers per VIP is quite sufficient. The extras you see is only for PR purpose. The Prime Minister has 4 outrider, while the Senior ministers has 1 outriders. Junior Ministers do not have outriders. The Head of State as 9 outriders.

But for security purpose, 30 per team is quite sufficient"

<Jackie Cheung> "What's about the ministry, Officer Lam"

<Officer Lam> "Well sir, you have an official residence that you can use. Liason with ministry officials can be arranged by me. You can hire an AIDE, if you so desire..........

........and I'll arrange a meeting with the Director General and your new team at your convenience."

(Jackie Cheung private mobile phone rings)

<Jackie Cheung> "Excuse me gentleman. Hello?"

<Jess Cheung> "What's that about you becoming a minister. Just heard it from my two kids at Hock Yan's house, Chun Hoy, and Chun Sum. You finally join some cult?"

<Jackie Cheung> "No, It's the MINISTER OF STATE, government; for the WORKS ministry"

<Jess Cheung> "Is this some kind of joke, you know I am working abroad and suddenly the children is so excited about limousines, security guards at the house"

to be continued......


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Minister of construction motorcade.jpg

New Minister of Construction motorcade

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